12 Reality Shows Like Tex Mex Motors To Watch

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A bunch of people forms a team to turn the vintage and old cars that cannot run again and turn them into classy vehicles that are unrecognizable. A show called ‘Tex Mex Motors’ is here to blow your minds away. 

A reality show released in 2023 is turning this theory into reality by taking up old and rusty vehicles and turning them into new models, which you will definitely be shocked to see. These people have opened their shop near the US Border, and they together go in search for finding some vintage models that are not of use anymore. Sam Maloof

Tex Mex Motors (2023) (Credit: netflix)They bring them to El Paso, which is a place in Texas, to customize these cars and motorbikes and change their look completely. This is the best automobile reality show to watch this year. Their main goal is to create a net worth of $250,000 in just four months, to see whether they can continue their business or not. These guys are Junkers and turn every car as if it’s a piece of jewelry.

You will fall in love with these car scouts and their cars. The way they design each and every bit of it is a view that you cannot miss at any cost. Their determination to turn these cars into something unique is commendable.

The location where they go to pick up cars to customize is Mexico, which is known to be the goldmine of cars that are undervalued these days. You should definitely add this to your watchlist. This show is available to watch exclusively on netflix

After watching Tex Mex Motors, you will need some more entertainment shows which are based on automobiles and their customization. Here are some geared recommendations like Tex Mex Motors to watch.

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Roadkill Garage (2016-)

A popular automobile series that was released in 2016. In this show, two guys named David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich restore forgotten and undervalued cars, and they turn them into modern-generation machines. In every episode that we get to see of Roadkill Garage, there is a specific project that they take up, and it can be any kind of car.

They face a lot of difficulties and challenges while transforming their project cars; the process of forming the best machine is something to look out for in the show.

Both of them do every project together. From collecting the parts to repairing each and every bit of it, this show has got it all. You also get to gain a lot of knowledge from the show as they tell you everything about cars, and if you are not even a big fan of cars, you will still find yourself binging this show. A knowledge powerhouse with visually appealing car graphics is all you need as a car lover. 

David Freiburger
Roadkill Garage (2016-) (Credit: amazon Prime)

From sharing tips and tricks with the viewers, this show has come a long way and consists of a package of entertainment as well as education which you cannot miss out on. We get to see tools by which the car is customized and transformed, which is really cool. 

Later in this show, David and Steve take road trips as well and go to various automotive events to see how people around the country are changing the car revamp game. They both have also given a blend of humor in the show so that you stay entertained till the end of every episode.

They both have set a vibe to the show and have been doing it for years now. They even take up those car projects where there is no hope that this car can ever be of use on the road, but they accept these challenges and turn a scrap car into a perfectly running and functioning car. This show was first aired on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel, but now you can watch it on Discovery+.

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Full Custom Garage (2014-)

A television show which was released in 2014 portrays vehicles getting customized and restored in a way that has never been thought of before. They are turning what people would call “a dump” and turning it into art that is modern and creative. Ian Roussel, who transforms these cars, takes up a challenge every day, and he has a duty to give his client the best car, which is beyond their imagination. 

He gives some amazing custom creations, which are tough to find anywhere else. Roussel is not just fixed on cars; he can transform anything, be it a car, motorcycle, or boat; he has got it all covered!

He is a traditional kind of person and has his own skill set of crafting, so when the traditional mixture and modern customizing meet, you very well know what will happen. We get to see different clients in the show having their expectations for their customization, which is fun to watch. And Roussel has the pressure of giving what the client demands.

Ian Roussel
Full Custom Garage (2014-) (Credit: Ian Roussel)

In the show, there is a beautiful thing that we see: Roussel brings up different painters, pinstripers, and other talented people so that they can help him make the design look perfect. This show has made the vehicles look like a painting which is rare to find these days.

If you are a true car enthusiast, then this show is definitely for you as you get to learn so much, and at the same time, you also get to know about different designs, the process of metal shaping and welding, and ideas portrayed by everyone in the show.

The show is a journey of the best designs to come out while forming something huge. You are in for a thrilling and exciting journey, and after watching Tex Mex Motors, this should be on your list. This show is available to watch on YouTube TV.

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Garage Squad (2014-)

This is a reality show which was released in 2014 and consisted of a group of members who help people to restore their cars. This show is kind of different from others as they all help the mechanics who are available on weekends, and they do not have time in their busy schedules or resources to transform or customize their cars so that they can ride a cool car.

In the show, we get to see new car owners every time and how they want their cars to look. So, they all get together to form a plan, map it down, and then get to work, and they identify the best things that can be done with a particular type of model, as all models vary a lot from each other. This show will teach you a lot.

Heather Storm
Garage Squad (2014-) (Credit: Super Genius)

This show is all about teamwork and how their creativity is put in every episode and all their ideas just forming a brilliant car and the restoration of it is a work of art. The work that they carry on in every episode involves mechanical repairs, then the framing up of the body, paintwork, and lastly, giving it a finishing touch by interior designs to make the vehicle look cool.

The best part of the show is that the people who come to get their cars restored all have their own personal stories and their connection with the vehicle. They have some emotional stories with their vehicles, which are very wholesome to watch and listen to.

As with other shows, this show will also add to your knowledge which can be put to use by the viewers in some cases. This is a show where you get to know a lot about cars and their modifications. If you wanted a show with car restoration and also some heartwarming stories to hear, this show should be on the top of your watchlist. The reality show is available to watch on Discovery+

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Rust Valley Restorers (2018-)

This is a show which was released in 2018 and is about the adventure of a group of people who are car enthusiasts and who do their work in British Columbia, Canada. Mike Hall, who is a car collector, is on a mission with his team to restore and sell those vintage vehicles to potential customers.

The team of Mike Hall is called Rust Bros Restoration, and they work in the Rust Valley. In the Rust Valley, there are vehicles that are buried, or they are hidden somewhere. So, every episode of the show has a different kind of project, which is why it feels like an automobile adventure. Searching and making it the best automobile ever. In the show, every vehicle has its own story, which is a delight to watch for all car enthusiasts.

Shafin Shoaf
Rust Valley Restorers (2018-) (Credit: Mayhem Entertainment for History)

After making the best cars, they try to make a profit out of it so that they can move to better and greater projects. We, in the show, get to see how humans are connected to their vehicles, and everyone has their own story. Everyone has a sentimental attachment to their cars which is portrayed beautifully in this show.

The show discovers various rare parts, then tackles the rusty components, which is challenging for Mike and his team. But, there are moments where you feel so wholesome when there is entertainment and humor when Mike’s team is having fun. The best thing is that they all enjoy the process.

The show showcases the views from Rust Valley, which has a very scenic beauty and different kinds of automobile cultures as well. It is an empowerment process for the old automobiles, which are junk, and these guys take them onto the road. Once the designs are ready you won’t believe that it was really a piece of junk by looking at the old pictures. The show is available to watch on netflix.

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Shorty’s Dream Shop (2022-)

This reality series was released in 2022, and there is a guy named ‘Shorty’ (Javier Ponce), who, with his team, takes up vintage cars and transforms them into cool hot rods. We can tell by the name of the show how cool Shorty’s work might be. His crew is amazing at his work. Shorty and everyone on his team are really creative.

This show is about the American dream and how all of them are following and working towards that dream. They want to build the best cars and prove themselves right, as Shorty says that he wants to bring the dream to reality and do projects one at a time. His shop is located in Dallas, Texas, and he is an expert in painting cars.

Javier Ponce
Shorty’s Dream Shop (2022) (Credit: Back Roads Entertainment LLC)

In one episode, a 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible is brought, and the car is really important to him. When a car is brought to Shorty, he does not care about the money; he cares more about what he will be delivering to his client. And when the car gets customized, you will be shocked at how good-looking it is. The massive changes that he brings to the cars are a thing to watch.

Shorty has been working on cars since he was a 12-year-old kid, and now he helps others to form their dream car. This show is about passion for cars and kids who dream of building sleek cars. Honestly, you do not want to miss out on this one. This show is available for rent to watch on amazon Prime Video.

Iron Resurrection (2016-)

A great reality show which was released in 2016 and is a hit today. The story in the show showcases a team at Martin Bros Custom and how they restore and customize different kinds of classic and vintage vehicles. The team is based in Texas, where they do all the mechanic stuff, and it is a journey about passion and crafting the best thing for the client.

Joe Martin is the leader of the team, and he is a born builder and has some amazing skills. When put to the test, you will get to see the best results. These guys are not limited to one type of automobile; they even take up trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

All the episodes which are aired till now have a different kind of story. With every kind of vehicle comes an emotional and heartwarming story that the clients have.

Amanda Martin
Iron Resurrection (2016-) (Credit: MotorTrend TV)

The team of Joe Martin handles everything with him, from mechanic stuff to painting and metal work; they have got it all. They all are creative and the best in their field. Their creativity is reflected in their work very clearly.

The show also gives us behind the scenes about the transformation process going on and gives you insight into each and every part that is being put to use to create the best automobile. Any car enthusiast would be thrilled to have access to so much knowledge by only watching a tv show.

This show has made us believe in teamwork and what teamwork can do to create something big. This is like art and wheel combined together, and it is rare to see. The team has its tactics and dynamics, which are put together to form the restoration process. An amazing show which is available to watch on Discovery+.

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Fantom Works (2013- 2019)

This is a show which was released in 2013 and ended in 2019 and was made by Tim Prokop and Peter Rees. The story is about a team at Fantom Works who is famous for their work in customizing automobiles. Their shop is located in Norfolk, Virginia. The crew faces a lot of challenges while restoring the vintage vehicles which they are given by the clients.

The team is led by the founder and owner, Dan Short, and takes up the American and European projects. In this show, you will get to see American muscle cars as well as European classics and also military vehicles. Every episode has a different vehicle which is interesting to see, and we get to learn about various models of vehicles and gain knowledge about their parts. We get to know unknown facts about automobiles.

Dan Short
Fantom Works (2013-2019) (Credit: Dan Short)

Dan Short has an amazing story as to why he started doing this. He was in the army, and later he decided to make out a living from this business. Then came the presence of Fantom Works. Dan was a former test pilot. His only motive is to make his clients happy, and this reality show has a lot of drama as well, where you see clients getting angry too.

Just like Tex Mex Motors, we get to see a lot of similarities in the show. This show will make you feel the relationship of a person with his vehicle and is very satisfying to watch. if you are a car enthusiast, you should watch this for sure! This show is available for rent to watch on amazon Prime Video.

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Overhaulin’ (2004-2020)

This is a reality TV show which was released in 2004 and aired its last episode in 2020. The show has a team who are pros in customizing and mechanics. The team is led by an automotive designer, whose name is Chip Foose. This show is popular among all the motor gangs who love to watch these kinds of shows.

Every episode in the show is about the team of Chip Foose, who looks for people who want to have a complete makeover of their cars. We see that people are so emotionally attached to their cars and have a strong connection with them, and they want customization which resonates with their stories.

The twist in the show is that the team steals the car by taking off without the owner so that they can later surprise them. So, this team fulfills their dreams without telling them.

Chip Foose
Overhaulin’ (2004-2020) (Credit: Bud Brutsman)

When they bring the car to their shop, they have limited time to fix the car and make it look like a new car has been born. They have to start from scratch for every car, which is challenging for them. They go from repairing, upgrading, painting, and adding some finishing touches to changing the interior of the car.

When the cars are being customized, the owners don’t get to know until the car is ready and delivered to them. They are in the headspace in which they think the car is stolen, and a fictional investigation is done till the time the car is being made.

Later, when everything gets done, the owners are brought to a particular location, and then they get to meet their restored car. The best thing about the show is the reactions of the owner when they see their car. Some people also get emotional seeing their cars brand new. A heartwarming reality show which is available to watch on Discovery+.

Wheeler Dealers (2003-2022)

A famous reality show which was released in 2003 and ended in 2022. The show is about the adventures of the host Mike Brewer and the mechanic Edd China which we get to see in the earlier seasons, and in the later seasons, we get to see Ant Anstead. In the show, these guys buy, sell, and restore the cars and then try to sell them at a good price so that they earn some profit out of it. 

In every episode, we get to see that Mike searches for a good budget-friendly car and then customizes the car in a different way. Mike purchases the car he likes from the owner and uses his ultimate skills and mindset to improve and completely revamp the car ranging from car parts to painting.

Mike Brewer
Wheeler Dealers (2003-2022) (Credit: Motor Trend)

When he brings the car to his workshop, he shows it to Edd or Ant, who then looks upon some ideas about how the mechanism can be applied to different cars. The episodes show us each and every bit of the process-how the car restoration begins till the end. The coolest thing about the show is that you get to see how the quality of the car upgrades when the customization is done.

They try to enhance the car from 0 to 100, and then after everything, when the car is ready, they put it on sale at a negotiable price. A show with information and entertainment, this is a must-watch. This show will definitely remind you of ‘Tex-Mex Motors. This show is available to watch on Discovery+.

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Fast N’ Loud (2012-2020)

Fast and Loud is a reality TV series that was released in 2012 and ended in 2020. The story portrayed in this show is about the adventures of Richard Rawlings, who is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage. He and his team search for vehicles which are of no use and restore with extraordinary style them and sell those for a good profit. These vehicles are upgraded to the next level for sale.

In every episode of the show, we see that Richard and his Team are on a hunt to find cars that they can start a project on and modify into something spectacular. They deal mostly in classics, muscle cars, and other kinds of vehicles as well.

Once they get the car, they take it to the shop and start their work. They have skilled mechanics and designers to form an idea about what to do with the car and how it can be restored again.

Richard Rawlings
Fast N’ Loud (2012-2020) (Credit: Pilgrim Studios)

Richard and his team have a traditional concept in their mind, so they transform their cars in such a way that when someone wants to buy them, they get a combination of vintage and modern, which is rare these days to see. They work around classic cars to maintain their vintage vibe, just like Tex Mex Motors, who have the concept of traditional and futuristic ideas for automobiles so that they can form a modern classic.

We also get to see the business dealings that are done by the Gas Monkey Garage Team. And there are a lot of entertaining conversations about different models of cars which are really fun to watch. Richard and his team have a hard-working spirit, and they have one goal to provide the best experience to their clients.

For his team, clients’ vehicles are like their own vehicles, and they take special care of all vehicles. The passion for their work and dedication will keep you hooked on the show. Richard has made the show cooler. This show is available to watch on Discovery+.

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