15 Best Sasuke Uchiha Cosplays That Had Us Daydreaming


I keep emphasising how much the anime community has grown over the years. Manga books are dominating American comics, and comic conventions are getting swept in by a large number of anime and manga fans. When I say the community has grown, I do not merely point out the number of people who have taken to anime as a mere option of entertainment. I also refer to the number of people who have taken to full-time cosplaying as a means of livelihood and because within these characters and cosplaying, they have found their passion. Cosplayers have grown in numbers, and today, there are so many popular faces among them, like Hakken Ryou and Fukuro. People love cosplaying characters from popular anime, and the Naruto series’ Sasuke Uchiha Cosplays are extremely common among passionate cosplayers.

Cosplaying is an art. It’s not only about stepping into the clothes of a character but also adapting to their personalities. I find cosplayers very fascinating, and it’s always fun to checks an anime character’s cosplays after finishing an anime. Watching an anime character brought to life in the flesh is something that I will never stop finding intriguing. The popularity of Naruto Shippuden is not unnoticed. Check out these amazing Sasuke Uchiha Cosplays that will blow your mind!

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ProSetisen is a cosplayer from Ukraine who has created quite a bunch of impressive content on Deviantart. His Instagram handle goes by ProSetisen, but his actual name is Stan. ProSetisen’s Sasuke cosplay is an amazing creation. While we do not know much about the inspiration behind it or the story of how the young cosplayer came across it, all we can say is the cosplay looks pretty good. In fact, it is also one of the top most popular posts on Pinterest when it comes to Sasuke Uchiha cosplays. Other than his cosplays, ProSetisen’s art is also worth a lot of praise. You can always check them out on Deviantart or his official Instagram page. 


ProSetisen: Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay.

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Sha Sha

If you didn’t like Sasuke Uchiha enough already, Sha Sha’s arrived with one of the best Sasuke Uchiha cosplays to make you simp for the character wholeheartedly. Their picture was clicked by the Ukrainian photographer, kirawinter, in the CD7 Convention, and it has made us go gaga all over it. The details on their costume are to fall for, and the cuteness in their face is to die for. Sha Sha also did a Prussia and Shizuo cosplay previously. 

Sha Sha Sasuke Cosplay

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Sha Sha.

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KumaQi’s Sasuke Uchiha cosplay is easily one of the best we have seen so far. The cosplay rightfully portrays the intense and coldness in Sasuke’s character as Kishimoto has intended it. For those who are unaware, KumaQi is a popular cosplayer for China who has brought many characters to life by cosplaying them to perfection. Some of the other cosplays done by them also include Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen) and Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan). However, their Naruto Shippuden cosplays left us absolutely stunned. From the amazing make-up to perfect cosplay, this is the dreamiest Sasuke we could ask for!

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by KumaQi

KumaQi’s Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay.

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Japanese cosplayers will never stop amusing us. One cosplay we had the opportunity to witness was Touga. While we do not know much about the cosplayer except only their name, we can confirm that they did one of the best Sasuke Uchiha cosplays ever. I love how the picture delivers everything we could ask from anyone portraying the shinobi from the Uchiha Clan. People who love Sasuke will be completely satisfied with what Touga has put forward in their cosplay. The ambiance surrounding the personality is truly mesmerizing and worth appreciating.

Cosplayer Touga

Sasuke Uchiha: By Touga.

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Migo Mir

Migo Mir’s Levi Ackerman cosplay broke the internet once. Their cosplays are always unique and accurate. The Levi Ackerman cosplay by Migo Mir was featured on several popular pages and even praised by fans worldwide. However, this was not the outstanding cosplay that the cosplayer had nailed. Every cosplay that Migo Mir has done stands out in its own way. But can we take some time and appreciate this outstanding Sasuke Uchiha cosplay? The cosplay has so many things I would love to compliment and so many things that left me awestruck. In case you don’t know about this cosplayer, Migo Mir is from China and has done several amazing cosplays. You can check them out on their Instagram handle that goes by the username @migo.mir.

Migo Mir Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha by Migo Mir.

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Rihito Kun (or Lyon)

Japanese cosplayer who goes by the name Rihito Kun on her boys’ cosplay account (username @gaooooo_ri) on Instagram attempted a Sasuke Uchiha cosplay, and we are more than impressed by what we see in the results. She creates both male and female characters using her skills. As for her Sasuke Uchiha cosplay, the character came out extremely cute, and we can feel the preciousness of her creation very well. While in some of her Sasuke cosplays, we see the hot side of the character exhibit quite a lot of sexiness, in other pictures, she adds a very adorable pair of cat ears, and we are completely melting with the pose she does. Rihito Kun’s Sasuke Uchiha cosplay was not only one of the best but also one of the most unique cosplays we have seen and loved!

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Rihito Kun

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Rihito Kun.

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Kao Ru

A cosplayer from Germany who goes by the username @kaoruux on Instagram displays outstanding skill in cosplaying. Their Sasuke Uchiha cosplay is worth mentioning among the best Naruto Shippuden cosplays. The cosplay dates back to 2019 but stands on the list of the bests to date. While the cosplay in itself has been done very well, let’s take a moment to appreciate how well it has been pictured to fit the character. The back view gives away a very aesthetic feeling to the frame that somehow reminds us of Sasuke’s cold and tsundere nature. I would easily rate this cosplay with full stars if there was a chance. 

Kaoruux Sasuke Uchiha

Kao Ru cosplays as Sasuke Uchiha.

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Russian cosplayers Shin and their friends did an amazing Naruto Shippuden cosplay. Shin, who represented Sasuke, was a mesmerizing sight. The sharp jawline complimented the Mangekyo Sharingan contact lenses. Previously Shin has also cosplayed other characters like Itachi Uchiha, Madara, and Zuko (from the Avatar series). If you are an aspiring cosplayer, Shin’s cosplays are something one can look up to. They are creative and skillful. I love how Shin makes Sasuke’s cosplay look so beautiful and warm. This was indeed one of my favorites on this list.

Shin cosplay

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Shin.

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Another cosplayer from Russia, Al makes Sasuke look like an action figure that came to life. Al, who goes by al_alrish as his username on Instagram, is a highly underrated cosplayer. He is from Russia with some really epic skills. Other than the really amazing Sasuke Uchiha cosplay, he has also done some other awesome characters. His Bakugou and Deku cosplays (from My Hero Academia) are very attractive as well. What struck me most in Al’s Sasuke Uchiha cosplay was how stunning it looked in the peaceful white background. The photography, along with the amazing makeup and costume, make the entire frame a sight to behold. 

Al cosplayer

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Al.

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Zayn is a 32-year-old cosplayer from Germany whose Sasuke Uchiha cosplay made us nod our heads in appreciation. The cosplay is different from everything generic we see in Naruto cosplays. He presents us not the Sasuke we see in Naruto but Sasuke as an adult from the Boruto series. From what we see, Zayn pulled off the costume and the hair extremely well, giving life to adult Sasuke. His cosplay reflects Sasuke’s cold looks. If I were to give my opinion, this truly looks like Sasuke walked straight out of the anime!! You can see more of his work on his Instagram account (livai.lle).

Zayn cosplayer

Zayn: Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay.

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Italian cosplayer, Sascia’s Sasuke Uchiha cosplay is special for several reasons. For starters, the cosplayer did not just put on any costume. They sewed the costume’s base many years ago. Sascia has successfully done several cosplays. In fact, they are not just a cosplayer but also a cosmaker. Coming back to the Sasuke Uchiha cosplay, it came out absolutely amazing. The costume they made themselves looks very impressive too. The make-up in it makes Sasuke look strong and undefeated, as Kishimoto had intended. I love the way the picture has been taken outdoors that just adds up to the overall beauty of this cosplay and adds a spectrum of reality to it.

Sascia cosplay

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Sascia.

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This Sasuke Uchiha cosplay came from (pronounced Wei Lan RAN), a Chinese cosplayer who has done several cosplays from different anime shows and manhwas. This includes Zoro from One Piece and Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan as well. 未岚RAN is surprisingly good at making every character look super gorgeous. The same can be said about Sasuke. 未岚RAN puts their skills in action and gives us a gorgeous version of Sasuke that any simp would love to dream about. If you loved this cosplay, you would also love other cosplays from 未岚RAN that they have uploaded on their Instagram handle.

WeiLan Ran

未岚RAN: Sasuke Uchiha.

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Cain’s Sasuke Uchiha cosplay dates back to 2018. Once again, this photograph of his cosplay brings back every intense Sasuke scene that filled us with several strong emotions. Cain is a Russian cosplayer who also has skills as an artist, photographer, and 3D modelling. Most cosplays from Cain are dark. It strays away from the idea of “being cute” and makes sure that the pictures carry a level of deep emotions in them. From the very first look, I have loved the seriousness in Cain’s pictures and continue to do so. Instead of simply posing and flaunting the costume and makeup (which, for the record, look amazing), they get into the character and go for an in-depth portrayal of the characters they play. This, in my opinion, is a very interesting and brilliant quality they have as a cosplayer. 


Cain Cosplay: Sasuke Uchiha.

You can find more pictures of their Sasuke Uchiha cosplay on their Instagram handle.

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Zhenya, who goes by the username @bizarrecoser has many talents. Cosplaying and wig making are two that we especially appreciate. Zhenya’s cosplays are mostly dramatic and enigmatic enough to steal your heart. Along with cosplaying the characters wholeheartedly, I love how Zhenya adds little details of their own, which makes their cosplay quite unique and fun to admire. The Sasuke Uchiha cosplay was indefinitely one that definitely made me smile a big smile. First, Sasuke looks absolutely stunning in this cosplay. Second, the Mangekyo Sharingan fits the look so perfectly. Although it may look pretty cool in the anime, Sasuke’s hair is not one that everyone can carry. Zhenya, on the other hand, carries the wig extremely well without looking ridiculous and actually looking cool.


Zhenya: Sasuke Uchiha.

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A Thai cosplayer, Thames, makes Sasuke Uchiha look like every bit of the gorgeous piece of treat we had imagined him to be. Yes, Thames’ cosplay looks that good. From the hair to the costume, Sasuke Uchiha’s look looks cold and intimidating, much like how the character’s personality. A lot of things in this cosplay make it one of my favorites. You can find them on Instagram and check more of their other cosplays out!!

Thames malerose

Thames: Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay.

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