20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You That You Should Watch!

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You That You Should Watch

Weathering With You is one of the best anime movies that blends the fantasy and slice-of-life genres incredibly. The film is directed by none other than the renowned director and film creator of all time Makato Shinkai. Ever since the movie “Your Name” came to light, Makato Shinkai is known for creating a masterpiece that mixes fantasy and romance and not forgetting the unbelievable visuals shown throughout his movies.

Weathering With You is just another Makato Shinkai creation that is in the top 15 in the list of anime movies box office in Japan. Just as the name of the movie suggests, Weathering With You features a girl named Hina who could manipulate weather and a boy named Hodaka, who are both runaways. The film will tell you an incredible journey of the two characters who grow close to each other as the movie progresses, with an ultimatum at the end of the movie.

This anime movie is a popular one, and fans are always looking for similar anime movies to watch, like Weathering With You. With that being said, we have gathered a total of 20 different anime movies like Weathering With You that you will love watching as much as you loved Weathering With You. The anime listed below are in random order. Here are the 20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You That You Should Watch!

1) The Garden of Words – A relationship that might not be true in real life

Starting the list of 20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You, we have Shinkai’s other anime film, which has only a run time of 46 minutes, The Garden of Words. Similar to the weather ambiance in Weathering With You, you could say that The Garden of Words is similar to the movie if not the inspiration for the former movie.

The story is about a student who aims to be a Shoemaker and a teacher who is in her late 20s and lost in life. The two bond with each other and share their lost feelings, which displays a relationship that might be perplexing in real life.

2) Summer Wars – Sci-fi Simlarity

Weathering With You anime movie has some of the best blends of Sci-fi elements that are showcased in the movie. Not very similar to the movies but Summer Wars, a 2009 film, brings out an awesome blend of slice-of-life plus Sci fiction with an unexpected family drama that is worth giving a try.

The story follows a nerd named Kenji and a girl named Natsuki, who invites the former to her grandmother’s birthday party as a pretend boyfriend. But thing starts to change, and Kenji will need help to save the trouble in both the digital and real world.

3) I want to eat your pancreas – Watch this movie to cry

If you clearly wanna flooded with emotions and start to sob like a child, this anime movie is awesome and will make you feel things that you have never felt before. While the title of the movie at first glance may seem weird and horrific, it is based on a Japanese myth which is that if you eat your lover’s organic part, then it will heal the same part of your body.

The movie follows a boy when he discovers a diary of one of his classmates and learns that the holder of this diary has a pancreatic disease. The two bonds over the girl’s disease and will have you on a journey to make you cry.

4) Into The Forest of Fireflies’ Light

What if I told you that you touch the person with that you have strong feelings forever even though you can see them? This is the plot of Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light, a short 45-minute anime film yet very impactful in which a girl named Hotaru, when she was just a child meets a spirit named Gin in the forest.

Although Gin is a spirit, he appears just as any human does and wears a fox mask. A curse that will make Gin disappears forbids Hotaru to touch him ever, but both of them grow close together upon their meeting every summer.

5) When Marine Was There

When Marine Was There has a similar vibe to Weathering With You as it follows the same drive to the movie, which is magic and the growing relationship of the characters with the emotions kicking in the end. It is a studio Ghibli-presented anime movie, so it is worth giving this movie a try for its classic animation that the studio brings.

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You

WHen Marine Was There Anime!

6) A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice, also known as “Koe no Katachi” is one of the most watched anime films of all time, which is presented almost on every platform. Weathering With You gave the viewers a lot of emotions, but the main emotion that anime displayed was love.

A Silent Voice also features several emotions from Bullying, guilt, denial, and redemption, the movie has all of it. The movie will make you feel things while displaying the moments in the character’s life that impacts their lives.

7) Your Name

Your Name also goes by the epithet “Kimi no Nawa” is a revolutionary film that is considered the best movie by film creator and director Makoto Shinkai. I am are sure that 90% of the viewers who have watched Weathering With You must have already watched Your Name way back. However, if you have not watched it already, then you should watch Your Name as it has been said that Weathering With You was inspired by it on top of the small cameo of the main characters of the movie.

8) Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a type of movie that will grow on you as time passes in the movie. The movie follows a love story which is fiction at the start of the movie then narrates the story of the children who are part human and part wolf in the country area of Japan.

The story is unique, and while the story won’t grow on you, which is highly unlikely, I am sure that the classic animation of the movie will. By the end of the movie, I am sure it will make you feel the choices that you never made or never followed what you felt.

9) Patema Inverted

Fans who are familiar with the work of the film creator and director Makoto Shinkai think that Patema Inverted is also one of his films due to the elements that the film presents.

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You -

Patema Inverted Movie Poster!

In a fictional world where humanity is separated by either a living underground world or above ground world, Patema from the underground finds herself in almost falling into the above-ground situation where she meets a boy named Age and a beautiful adventure occurs.

10) Bubble

The Bubble is a 2022 anime movie that is present on netflix and is also very similar to Weathering With You anime film in its ambiance and animation. In a fictional world where a boy meets a mysterious girl, his life changes, and thus an adventure filled with emotions starts. Since it is easily available on netflix there is no excuse to not watch this film.

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You

Bubble anime poster!

11) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Just Like Weathering With You, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time also features a female protagonist who possesses the supernatural ability and follows their adventure throughout the movie. This 2006 anime film focuses on the girl who can go past and as the plot of the movie progresses, she has to use this power to shape a better future and help her friends.

12) 5 Centimeters Per Second

Although the movie does not feature a female protagonist with supernatural abilities, 5 Centimeters Per Second does focus on teenage love similar to Weathering With You anime film. Friends since childhood, Takaki and Akari’s friendship aka love is tested when the latter moves out of the area because of her parent’s job.

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You -

5 centimeters per second – Key Visual

The distance takes a toll on their friendship and as time progresses their relationship gets complicated and starts to slowly fade away. In addition, it turns out Takaki is also going away even further, so he decides to visit Akari in bad weather for the last time. This movie will make you cry so better grab tissues with yourself while watching the film.

13) Ride Your Wave 

Similar to Weathering With You, the Ride Your Wave anime movie features both love and supernatural ambiance and you could say “ability” which is the main motivation for the narration of the film. It features a Japanese country girl who moves to a city residing close to the sea and follows her dream to a guide and surfer. There she meets a firefighter named Minato in a fire accident and they fall in love.

However, Minato loses his life in an accident in the sea while waiting for Hinako. Depressed Hinako figures that she could summon Minato in water when she sings their favorite song. What could make Minato appear in water? Can she be with his beloved Hinako for the rest of their life like that? Find that out by watching this sweet and romantic anime movie.

14) Whisper of the Heart

This 1995 anime film should be watched by every anime lover at least once as it narrates a love for stories and strong ambition in the character’s life. Figuring out what is your goal in life is one of the hardest things in life and the Whisper of the Heart anime film portrays it wonderfully. Just like Weathering With You, it focuses on adolescent love in addition to giving us a true meaning to finding the purpose of your life.

20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You -

Whisper of the Heart Anime!

15) Typhoon Noruda

This anime movie is very similar to Weathering With You anime as it features female characters who have something to do with the weather. It also features a male protagonist who is driven toward this mysterious girl and everything in his surrounding. If you loved watching Weathering With You, Typhoon Noruda will entertain you as much.

16) A Whisker Away

While this anime movie might not feature a male protagonist who goes after the female character, A Whisker Away does feature a female character who has supernatural abilities. With supernatural powers, also comes an ultimatum that the character must make and live forever with the decision. A fantasy world and romantic development A Whisker Away are similar to Weathering With You that you should watch.

17) Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Created and directed by none other than Makoto Shinkai, Children Who Chase Lost Voices is also one of his notable works that use the same elements as the Weathering With You Anime movie does. The plot follows a lone girl shortly after her father’s demise listening to the voices from the crystal ball that her father left her while her mother works long hours.

One day, she listens to a voice she never heard before and encounters creatures almost dying but a mysterious boy saves her and thus an adventure begins in a hidden unknown world.

18) The World Is Still Beautiful

There are not much similarity between The World Is Still Beautiful and Weather in With You even though it features a character who has a connection to the weather. The plot revolves around a political marriage of the prince and princesses of the high kingdom where the latter develops a side of his own that he thought he never had. If you love romantic love stories with supernatural abilities, then it is for you.

19) Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish

Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish feature an incredible journey of the female character just like Hina’s in Weathering With You. Josee is a dreamer who is stuck in a wheelchair and spends most of her time doing indoor activities like reading books and painting.

When she meets a boy named Tsuneo, her life takes a drastic change and she decides to step out of her comfort zone and face the world ahead. The theme in the movie is also similar to Weathering With You as it follows adolescent love.

20) Suzume no Tojimari 

Suzume no Tojimari is an upcoming Japanese anime film which is directed by none other than, you guessed it Makoto Shinkai. The film creator Makoto Shinkai usually brings out his elements in new upcoming anime films every year or two. Suzume no Tojimari his latest work is scheduled to release on 11 November 2022 is a movie that you should be watching in theaters just like you Weathering With You in the theaters.

If you have missed watching Your Name or Weathering With You in the theaters, then Suzume no Tojimari is an opportunity to watch Makoto Shinkai’s work on a big screen. The plot of the movie is about a girl and boy who met by a chance and now it’s up to them to save the world from the disasters that the doors bring when they are opened.

Hope this list of 20 Anime Movies like Weathering With You was to your satisfaction and you must have found something to look forward to. Take a stroll through the Otakukart website and you will reliable information about almost anything.

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