20 Intresting Fairy Tail Facts You Did Not Know

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The fairy tale series is a Japanese shonen anime that has popularity in the anime industry. The story is written by Masashi Sogo and has seasons 9 with a total of 328 episodes. In the manga there, were total of 63 volumes have been published.

Natsu Dragneel, who is the main protagonist, starts his journey to learn wizard skills by fighting and completing the Missions to find Igneel, who is an adapted father; moreover, he is a dragon. Lucy Heartfilia, a wizard dragon, joins the fairy tale guild on the journey.

The adventures go along, and some members join the guild along their journey with different skills and magic abilities for each member. Most of them have dragon-type abilities. The battles continue with criminals, dragon slaying, and destroying the Zeref, who is immortal and has deadly Demon powers. Grimoire Heart guild is the ancient evil guild with the most magical and deadly evil powers.

Acnologia, who is an ancient dragon, attacks them after the war between the grimoire heart guild and the fairy tale guild, but Mavis Vermillion casts a spell on the fairy tale guild as a defense shield which stops them for about seven years.

The story continues with several adventures where space dwarfs, time travels, Dragon Slayers, and magic abilities which cast spells happen all the time. With different skills and powers, we can see various arcs and episodes with unique plots which have all types of genres like comedy, romance, action, and others.

Fairy tail
Natsu, Happy, and other guild members (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The series is available to watch on netflix, Crunchyroll, and other platforms like Hulu. This is a quick Here recap of the series, which is pretty much interesting because it is one of the epic Shonen anime series that people have loved to watch till now. Without any delay, let’s get into the most interesting facts about the fairy tale series as follows.

1. Zeref’s true identity: The older brother of Natsu Dragneel 

The story makes a new interesting twist where we all know about the true identity, which is that Zeref is the older brother of Natsu Dragneel. Zeref is a powerful Dark wizard who lived for hundreds of years with Immense dark powers and immortality. His motives were unknown previously, but the story continues with the revealing of the true Nature and identity of Zeref.

Zeref’s true power (Credits: Crunchyroll)

We know that he is not that evil. He only got cursed by the ancient with immortality and ancient evil powers. Zeref is an Antagonist, and Natsu Dragneel is one of the main protagonists in the series and one of the members of the fairy tale guild.

The twist takes a huge plot that changes the assumption of the people, the Zeref, which is often considered an evil and dark wizard in the series. But eventually, people understand Zeref’s Nature from his past life and find his true motives for Zeref.

2. Mavis Vermillion possesses Fairy Heart

Mavis Vermillion is a protagonist in the anime and Manga series fairy tale. She is also the guild master and one of the founders of the fairy tale guild. We know that the fairy heart is the most powerful weapon, and it is used as the ultimate power source in the Fairy Tail anime series. Eventually, in the series l continues the reveal of the fairy heart is revealed, and we all know that the fairy heart is in the body of Mavis Vermillion.

Mavis Vermillion-Fairy's Heart
Mavis Vermillion-Fairy’s Heart (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Having the fairy heart, it is difficult to live, which is having more cursed powers and having immortality. More here, sacrifices and hardships faced by having the fairy heart as her actual physical heart.

3. Masked Mystogan is Jellal Fernandes

As we all know, Mystogan is a member of the fairy tale guild, and he always wears a cloak and a mask to cover his true identity. This is later revealed as he is Jellal Fernandes, who appears to be a mysterious person and never reveals his identity.

Mistogan true identity
Mistogan true identity (Credits: Crunchyroll)

People thought Jellal Fernandes had died during the war with the fairy guild, but he survived and continued his true motives, to end the dark magics and Aton for their sins. He is a mysterious member of the fairy tale guild. He has several mysteries and m other Twists, which have been solved in the continuation of the series.

4. Natsu, who is a Demon Seed

Natsu, who is also known as the brother of Zeref, who is an Antagonist and immortal dark wizard, does an experiment on Natsu and implements a Seed in him that consists of demon powers and ancient dark powers. The twists were not imagined and but the plots in the series were revealed with an interesting and different story.

Dragon Seed-Natsu
Dragon Seed-Natsu (Credits: Crunchyroll)

As we all know, Natsu and Zeref are brothers, but most interestingly, they are included in the mystery which is revealed during the series. The story revolves around the Natsu, who possesses his true demon form and wields dark magic. He is one of the powerful mages and guild masters we see in the Anime series Along their journey.

5. Igneel the Dragon loves to cook

Igneel is a dragon And adopted father of Natsu, and he loves to cook, which is pretty much seen throughout the series, but the unique style of his cooking can be appreciated. By using his fiery breath, he cooks delicious meals within seconds of time.

Having a huge appetite like Natsu, it isn’t easy to cook, but he will cook delicious meals often in the series when he is with Natsu, which means during his childhood days with Natsu because, after that, he left due to other reasons.

Igneel and Natsu caught pig
Igneel and Natsu caught a pig (Credits: Crunchyroll)

He is often surprised by his culinary skills and unique varieties of dishes, but the series made an interesting plot with the cooking skills and the perfection in the cooking. The series got some funny and interesting plots from different times, and Igneel’s cooking is also one of the mentioned in the series.

6. Mavis makes Pranks

Mavis Vermillion, who is a co-founder of the Fairy Tale guild and the master of the guild, often makes some funny things in the guild, which makes us laugh, and it looks as interesting and fun to watch. Some pranks happen all the time in the series, and with Mavis’s pranks and funny things, the series made more fans and popularity.

Mavis Vermillion
Mavis Vermillion – doing funny things (Credits: IMDb)

Her soft and kind behavior makes the guild funnier. By including other members of the guild, the pranks were increased and made fun of together. Pretty much interesting to see Mavis do pranks. Her pranks make her a prankster.

We all know she has a Fairy heart, which makes her the most powerful wizard and immortal being that type of. Their personality and her funny things make us believe she is not that much the most powerful character in the guild.

7. Irene Belserion’s ability to Swap Body Enchantment

Irene Belserion is an unknown and mysterious character in the fairy tale series; her abilities are more interesting, which reveals after some twists and unique plots in the series. Her abilities swap with the body and enhance her skills to use her powers. Her powers are very different from others. It can be used in the battling in the series.

Irene Belserion
Irene Belserion (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Her cruel Nature and dark magic powers from her character make a Powerful character in the series. Moreover, she also has connections with the Kingdom of Fiore and the origin of the Dragon Slayer magic. It reveals her true identity of her in the series and makes the twists in the series.

8. Gray Fullbuster’s fear of bugs

Gray Fullbuster is a member of the fairy tale guild. As the story continues, some funny things often happen in the series. We eventually know Gray Fullbuster is afraid of bugs which makes us So much fun, and he has a strong aversion and fear of small insects like bugs.

Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster’s fear of bugs (Credits: Crunchyroll)

He showed his fear in various episodes and arcs in the Fairy tale anime and Manga series. When scenes come with this type of situation, he always does comedy and always does these kinds of things, which makes him in an awkward situation. Sometimes he makes humor with other types of methods, but interestingly he always looks funny and makes us laugh with his abilities.

9. Laxus is an Animal Lover

Laxus Dreyar is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. After disbanding the Fairy Tail guild, he joined the Blue Pegasus Guild. He looks like a dangerous man, but he has a soft side for animals. He has a loving Towards Nature, and moreover, he has positive Nature toward thunder-type and lighting-type animals.

Laxus Dreyar
Laxus Dreyar (Credits: Crunchyroll)

People always think he has a rude Nature, but he has a soft spot and is kind and towards the animal species and Nature. Don’t think about his looks, but when we see the series, we will encounter some episodes and arcs where something kind scenes and beautiful scenes. These types of Scenes added more affection and kind Ness in the series.

10. Rogue Cheney talks to animals

Rogue Cheney know as a simple and silent character who is also a member of the Fairy Tail guild. We often know his character in the series, but we eventually know he can communicate with all kinds of animals. He is also known as Animal Whisperer.

Rogue Cheney and Frosch
Rogue Cheney and Frosch talking (Credits: Crunchyroll)

He gained his ability by training under Skiadrum, who is a quiet skilled person. During the time of his training, he gained several skills like dark and shadow manipulation, and eventually, he gained power through his dragon Slayer training which can communicate with any animal.

His kind and soft personality made him know the language of the animals, which he pretty much loved. During his free time, he always goes to the forest or Animal places Like the zoo and hears their stories and communicates with them.

11. Gildarts’ unknown strength

Gildart is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, but no one knows his true strength. While the series continues, True power will be seen, but he is one of the s class members and in the guild, which makes him not one of the strongest. But he becomes the strongest member of The guild.

Gildarts’ true strength (Credits: Crunchyroll)

His attacks like crash magic and skills, which includes thinking power and combat skills, eventually revealed his powers which make him a great mage in the fairy tale world.

This can be considered as the most interesting thing because, in the fairy tale guild, everyone has different powers which are hidden in the series, but the true Nature and the strength they have can be seen in the series by continuing the story. So he has the ability to achieve anything with his willpower. Another fun fact is he looks like Shanks in one piece. 

12. Natsu gets Sickness

Natsu Dragneel who is the main protagonist in the Fairy Tail anime and the master of the Fairy Tail guild. During the series, we notice that he gets Sickness, whether he is on the boat, train, or any other transportation. It makes that scene most Hilarious, where he always gets sick, and others get fun.

Natsu gets to see Sickness
Natsu gets to see Sickness (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Whenever he ends up on a journey, he turns green and makes comedic faces, and the guild members get fun during the journey. Moreover, the journey is always makes enjoyed because of Natsu’s reaction, but not for Natsu. Natsu didn’t get any enjoyment or entertainment on the journey. These type of scenes and plots makes the series more entertaining mangetout a huge fan base.

13. Juvia Lockser has a crush on Gray Fullbuster

Juvia Lockser, who is a mage in the Phantom Lord guild, loves her guild, but being the competitor of the other guild, her feelings towards the Gray Fullbuster, who is a mage in the Fairy Tail guild. After abandoning the Phantom Lord guild, she joins the Fairy Tail guild. Her bond and relationships with Gray Fullbuster became stronger.

Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster
Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Eventually, we see they both make a beautiful connection. Her blushing over Gray can be seen as comedy and entertainment to watch. But it is only one-sided love, which later became two side love. Being fellow guild members, their connection and Romantic scenes can be caught, which makes the series more interesting to watch, which adds romantic Ness to the Fairy Tail anime series.

14. Benizakura sword resembles Gintama 

Benizakura is a sword that is wielded by Erza Scarlet in the Fairy Tail series. It resembles and has significant features when compared to its abilities. Erza Scarlet has been a member of the Fairy Tail guild since her childhood. She has several swords, which she uses pretty often in battle in the Fairy Tail anime series.

Benizakura – sword (Credits: Hulu)

In the Gintama anime series, we often see Swords that are Wielded by different strong people and have unique powers. In fairy tail also, the similar Benizakura sword, which is a Nodachi with similar attributes and unique abilities, reminds us of Gintama. We see this type of resemblance which happen all the time in the anime series, but due to this, we can remember and remind our old memories and anime characters.

15. Erza has a fascination with armor

Erza Scarlet who is one of the guild masters in the Fairy Tail guild. She has a wide range of love, And she is always fascinated by new armor and new weapons. She always stores her weapons and armor in her dimension pocket. She has a wide range of collections and she can easily. Change s her outfit, which is used under different situations. She can wear battle Armor when needed, and she can wear fashionable dresses when she likes.

Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet has different types of swords (Credits: Crunchyroll)

She uses Requip magic to wear Armors she wants. She had different types of armor and swords, which had unique skills and different abilities like defense armor and attacking weapons which she used pretty often sometimes.

16. Natsu has a huge appetite: He even eats fire

Natsu has a huge appetite, and he eats anything because he always fights with his full strength and has incredible strength, which we see throughout the series.

Natsu and Happy Eating
Natsu and Happy Eating (Credits: Hulu)

He pretty often eats food that is prepared by the guild members of the Fairy Tail guild. But he can’t hold back his appetite, so he even eats fire, which can’t hurt him because he possesses fire dragon power.

Moreover, his partner Happy, who is a cat, also big and huge appetite. They both end up being food fighters which reminds us of the other anime characters we love. This kind of thing makes it Hilarious in the Fairy Tail anime series.

17. Fairy Tail would have ended earlier

Fairy Tail manga which is written, I would have ended earlier Because I thought only releasing the first volume. Later it became more popular, which he didn’t believe. But a huge fan base with outstanding success is unbelievable. It can be seen where all the volumes attracted the audience.

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail manga volume 0-63 (Credits: IMDb)

Writing From only one volume to a total number of 63 volumes where it got different plots. Moreover, in the manga, the Twists and violence are more when compared to the anime series. We can expect some similarities between the anime series and the manga series.

He has given so much gratitude towards the fans by making more sequences and series for making the Fairy Tail series more popular and successful, which got fans’ attention and interest towards the series.

18. Elfman has a “MAN” Obsession

Elfman, who is a mage in the Fairy Tail anime series, by looking at his character and personality, appears like a tough guy and does not have a soft personality. He always says a common word at the end of every sentence, which pretty much looks cool and sometimes weird.

Elfman, if you’re a man, then you’re a man (Credits: Crunchyroll )

He often says MAN when it comes to calling their names or transforming into animals, which he refers to as the manly panther, Manly bull. When he says the MAN word every time, he thinks it is cool, but being his muscular personality, he became looking like a weirdo. As it says, it makes some comedic and hilarious sometimes being in the Fairy Tail guild.

19. Happy’s Fish Obsession

Happy is a talking blue cat that is different from others and a loyal companion to the Natsu, who is a guild master in the fairy tail guild. They both end up being good friends. Happy loves fishes where. They catch fish by fishing. Both Natsu and Happy are together pretty often.

Happy has a huge appetite like Natsu, and we can think of them as food partners. Being a cat, their friendship never got any issues because all members didn’t care about the species. More of the guild members are pretty much dragons and have Dragon abilities.

Happy eating fish (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Happy often shares food with others because he loves sharing and due to a lack of interest or being busy, the guild members didn’t have that much appetite when compared to Natsu and Happy.

It gives beautiful scenes in the Fairy Tail anime series from these kinds of moments, which are caught pretty often. They catch different types of fish, and the chefs who are good at cooking and have skills cook them delicious meals. 

20. Cana Alberona, a Queen of Gambling

Cana Alberona who is a mage in the fairy tale guild and a Heavy drinker. Her unique personality makes her beautiful. She is good at gambling which makes her confidence in gambling as Powerful as her strength. Unlike Tsunade in the Naruto anime, Cana’s skills in gambling were outmatched by all guild members in the Fairy Tail series.

Cana Alberona
Cana Alberona (Credits: Crunchyroll)

She uses her magic abilities to cheat in gambling if necessary, but sometimes she also gets broke due to heavy drinking and prediction. Later we know that she controller her gambling abilities and drinking habits because of the sake of the guild members.

One thing is different in Cana’s personality, which is she never gets drunk, Even though she drinks full of herself. We don’t know that secret yet, but it is entertaining to watch if her gambling abilities don’t work, and she uses her full magic abilities to cheat and sometimes gets caught.

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