30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold That You Must Watch

Dracula Untold 2

Dracula Untold, the 2014 fantasy horror action movie that had Luke Evans as the lead, became a huge box office hit soon after its release. However, the movie received reviews from critics. But audiences simply loved this movie! Especially fans of the Vampire Dracula genre.

The story of Dracula Untold revolves around “Vlad Tepes,” a young prince who decides to make a deal with the devil and turns himself into a vampire in order to gain power and protect his kingdom from the clutches of the tyrannical Turkish army.

For all those who loved and enjoyed this Dracula, Vampire action movie, and are looking for some recommendations of movies that are like Dracula Untold, then we have brought you a list of the 30 best fantasy horror action movies just like Dracula Untold

30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night is a vampire horror thriller whose story is centered around a small town in Alaska, where during the winter, the night remains for 30 days, covering the whole area with darkness for over a month. While the town’s people are busy preparing for the winter, completely unaware of the fact that a group of bloodthirsty vampires has been waiting for this moment, and when the night arrives, the town gets attacked, leading to endless horror and a fight for survival.

30 Days of Night is a movie that often gets neglected by a lot of horror fans because it’s not popular. But trust me, once you watch this film, you will understand why this vampire-themed horror movie deserves more recognization.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Vampire From 30 Days Of Night

Van Helsing

Based on the works of the famous Irish author Bram Stoker. Van Helsing is a gothic horror action movie that tells the story of Van Helsing, played by Hugh Jackman, who must unravel the sinister plan of Lord Dracula & must stop him from taking control of this world.

It’s a dark action-adventure movie that has lots of elements similar to Dracula Untold, like the elements of dark magical power, gothic horror & Draculas. If you are someone who loved watching Dracula Untold, then I would highly recommend you this movie.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Count Dracula


Daybreakers story revolves around dystopian earth where the earth has been taken over by Vampires. These vampires survive by creating a human farm, from which they extract human blood and feed on it. But as the human population starts declining, it raises concern among the vampires, & it’s when Dr. Edward “A Vampire” (Ethan Hawke) meets a group of human survivors who give him the hope to create a cure for this disease and end this vampire nightmare forever.

Day breakers is a dark, thrilling action movie that imagines the world of vampires in a unique way. Something which you won’t see often. If you loved Dracula Untold, then I would highly recommend you to watch Day Breakers.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe from Daybreakers


The Blade is a dark horror, superhero-action movie. Blade follows the story of “Blade,” a half-human & half-vampire. In a world where vampires live secretly among humans, preying & killing humans for their blood. Now it’s up to Blade, who wages war against these vampires to save mankind.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Wesley Snipes from Vampire Movie Blade

Bram Stokers Dracula

If you are someone who is into Dracula horror movies, then you must not miss this Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece Dracula. Based on Bram Stoker’s novels, this dark horror movie follows the story of Dracula (played by Gary Oldman), who tries to seduce a barrister’s fiancé for his own greed and spreads horror and terror in the city. Dracula is filled with chilling horror, terrifying scenes, dark horror elements, and some brilliant performances. Making it a must-watch for every horror fan.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Gary Oldman

Nosferatu The Vampire

Another classic horror drama about vampires & Dracula, this Werner Herzog’s version of Dracula tells the story of count Dracula & the terror he brings to this world. Nosferatu is widely considered a classic and is one of the best Dracula movies of all time. If you loved Dracula Untold am sure you will love this movie.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch


Hotel Transylvania

Well, if you got a little bored by watching these live-action adaptations of Dracula, then let me introduce you to this animated version of Dracula, which isn’t a horror movie but a family comedy movie.

The story focuses on Dracula, who gives up on terrorizing people and instead opts to open a vacation hotel for various monsters & terrifying creatures, so they can just forget their daily lives and enjoy their vacation peacefully. It’s a family-friendly Dracula movie with lots of drama & comedy. It’s definitely a refreshing addition to this list.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Count Dracula From Hotel Transylvania

I Am Legend

What will you do if all the human life on earth has come to an end & now they have turned into terrifying vampire-like creatures, and you are the only living human on planet earth? The story follows Robert, “a scientist” played by Will Smith, and he is the last human survivor on earth with no other companion except a dog.

Together they both try to survive the vampire apocalypse while trying to figure out a cure for this plague. ‘I am Legend’ is a beautiful atmospheric horror thriller. It has action, drama, suspense, great CGI, and above all, it’s entertaining. Do check out this movie if you liked Dracula Untold.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Will Smith from the horror movie I Am Legend


When a group of skilled mercenaries gets abducted from different parts of the earth and are thrown on an unknown planet, where they discover that they are being used in a hunting game by an advanced alien hunter race, it’s a high-octane action thriller that relies heavily on sci-fi and horror instead of relying on fantasy elements and tries to show the fight between the human race and the alien race.

Apart from the classic Predator movie, which starred Arnold, all other Predator movies suffered terribly at the box office and received several harsh reviews from critics but not this one. It’s a highly entertaining movie that will keep you on your edge till the very last moment.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch


The Predators(2018)

Well, you can call this 2018 version of Predator a sequel, or if not, they are all from the same “Predator movie” universe. The Predators follows the story of a young genius boy who accidentally activates a highly advanced alien technology, which sends a signal to an advanced alien creature, and he lands on earth, bringing chaos and death to whoever crosses his path.

Now it’s up to a group of misfit soldiers who must fight this alien & save their planet. The Predator is an action-packed movie with lots of gore and violence. The presence of a superior alien race is kind of similar to that of the presence of Dracula in Dracula Untold. It’s a highly entertaining movie, and sure you will enjoy it.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Action scene from The Predators 2018

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter reimagines the legendary American president, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, as a secret vampire hunter who fights dangerous vampires and tries to protect the country from falling under the cruelty of a vampire race. It’s an action-packed movie with some of the best-choreographed fight sequences. Although you may find its screenplay a bit dragging, overall, it’s a good entertaining, dark fantasy action movie.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Blade 2

A sequel to the hit vampire action thriller. It’s the 2nd installment in the Blade franchise. Blade 2 follows the story of Blade, who teams up with the vampires in order to fight a bigger threat known as “Reapers,” who wants to destroy both humans as well as vampires. The 2nd installment is directed by the master of fantasy thriller movies Guillermo Del Toro.

Although this movie has received somewhat mixed reviews, the movie is directed by Del Toro, which gives us a reason to watch it, and if you previously loved “Balde,” then you should definitely try this out. After all, everybody’s taste differs, so who knows, you might just love this movie. And by any chance you enjoyed it, then you can also check out its sequel, Blade 3.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Wesley Snipes from Blade 2


Widely considered one of the best horror movies of all time. Alien follows the story of a space crew. Who encounters a strange spaceship on an unknown planet. Their life changes forever when they discover that an unknown creature has entered their spaceship and is now killing every member one by one. It’s simply one of the greatest movies of all time, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I would just say, just watch it, guys!

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Horror Movie Alien

Aliens 2

The sequel to Ridley Scott’s cult classic horror movie. Aliens are directed by James Cameron. The story of aliens is set 57 years after the events of “Alien.” Ripley, the sole survivor from the previous movie, is called back to assist a group of “Marine Soldiers” to help them terminate extraterrestrial aliens and recuse civilians from an unknown planet.

Now unlike the previous film, this time, humans are equipped with more advanced weapons & gunpowder but will that be enough for mankind? If you love the combination of horror and action, then I would highly recommend you to watch Aliens.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Horror Action Movie Aliens 2


Underworld stars Kate Beckinsale in the lead as a warrior vampire whose life is stuck in an ancient war between the Vampire and Werewolves civilizations. Where she must assist her race to eliminate werewolves forever, the Underworld is a dark fantasy horror action movie that has all the elements of Dracula Untold, like the war between 2 civilizations, elements of dark fantasy horror, vampires, etc. Do give this movie a try if you loved Dracula Untold.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Underworld Action Movie Series

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AVP: Alien Vs. Predators

A crossover movie between the cult classic, Alien franchise and the bloody action horror Predator franchise. AVP: Aliens Vs. Predators follow the story of a team of archeologists & mercenary soldiers who are on a mission to explore an ancient temple, only to realize the fact that they are stuck in a war between two of the most ferocious alien civilizations.

It’s a crossover movie where you will finally get to see aliens & predators fighting each other. However, this movie received mixed negative reviews, unlike the franchise’s main films. But audiences surely loved this bloody, action-packed movie.

So if you could look beyond the critic’s reviews and want a genuine horror action movie like Dracula Untold, then I would highly recommend you to go for this movie. And if you liked AVP Aliens Vs. Predators, then you can also check out its sequel AVP2

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Aliens VS Predators Crossover Movie

Pan’s Labyrinth

Considered one of the greatest fantasy movies of all time, Pan’s Labyrinth is set during the “Spanish Civil War” where a young, innocent girl sets out on a journey to unravel the secrets & mysteries of a mythical world that secretly exists between our world.

It’s probably one of the most beautiful fantasy movies that I have ever seen. Watching this movie felt like getting transported to a completely new world, in a completely new era. I just can’t explain that wonderful feeling! If you love dark fantasy movies, then just go for Pan’s Labyrinth.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Creature From Pan’s Labyrinth


Starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role of Maleficent, the story is narrated through the perspective of Maleficent, the queen of fairies who has taken a vow to protect “the Moors” against the tyrannies of the cruel king, who once used to be Maleficent’s lover. But tragedies take place, and  Maleficent ends up cursing the king’s daughter.

The king’s daughter breaks her curse and protects the Moors forms the rest of the story. Maleficent is a beautiful, tragic fantasy film that would definitely entertain all fantasy movie lovers! This movie does a great job of transporting you into an amazing fantasy world. It’s filled with drama, romance, and adventure, which I am pretty sure would entertain you all.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Sleepy Hollows

Sleepy Hollows is one of the best atmospheric horror movies of the 90s that tells the story of “Ichabod Crane,” played by Jhonny Depp, who goes to the town of Sleepy Hollows. A small town that is haunted by “a headless horseman” who is notorious for chopping off people’s heads. It’s a brilliant gothic horror suspense movie that will definitely transport you into its creepy world of Sleepy Hollows. I would highly recommend you this movie if you loved Dracula Untold.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Johnny Depp from Sleepy Hollows

Resident Evil Franchise

When an experiment in a biological laboratory goes wrong, everyone in the facility turns into man-eating zombies, and now it’s up to a group of “special military units” to enter the facility & stop the virus from spreading to the outer world. Resident Evil is a high-octane sci-fi action thriller that often falls under multiple genres of sci-fi, thriller, action, adventure, survival, etc.

It’s a great movie for those who are looking for escapism & want something really thrilling & exciting. The franchise, in total, has six movies, although many of them have received mixed reviews. If you could look beyond reviews, then you would definitely love this movie franchise.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil


An epic war movie directed by Zack Snyder and is based on a graphic novel. 300 tells the story of Spartans, a warrior race who chose not to give up their kingdom to a tyrant ruler and waged war with just 300 Spartans against 300,000 soldiers of “God King Xerxes.”

300 is by far one of the most stylish & visually stunning fantasy war films that you will ever see. Its fight sequences will kind of give you a vibe of Dracula Untold, but trust me, Dracula Untold’s action sequences are nowhere near that of 300. It’s a must-watch movie, guy!

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Gerard Butler from 300

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The Mummy (2017)

When an Egyptian tomb is discovered in modern-day London, a team of archeologists accidentally brings a mummy back to life. Possessing powers that are beyond human imagination, the mummy brings her wrath upon this world and tries to destroy it. Starring Tom Cruise in the lead, The Mummy (2017) is a pretty good fantasy adventure movie. It has some good action sequences & overall, has a good storyline. It’s definitely not a great movie, but indeed it’s a good one.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy

The Mummy Trilogy

Probably one of the best fantasy action adventure movies from the 90s. The mummy follows the adventures of “Rick O Conell,” who, along with his family, sets on various adventures, fighting mummies, solving ancient mysteries, etc. This series is filled with lots of action, adventure, and fantasy elements. If you loved watching Dracula Untold, then you should definitely try this series out.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Original Mummy Trilogy

Clash Of The Titans

Clash Of The Titans is an epic fantasy adventure movie that tells the story of Perseus (played by Sam Worthington, the actor from Avatar) when Hades, the god of the Underworld, wages a war against gods and humans. Perseus, a half-human and half-god, was living a normal life until his family’s lives were threatened, and he must do whatever it took to stop Hades.

Clash Of The Titans is a great action-adventure movie. It has big-budget action sequences and adventures, from fighting with giant scorpion monsters to evil titans. This movie will definitely take you on a ride of an exciting action-adventure movie!

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Sam Worthington from Clash Of The Titans

Wrath Of The Titans

It stars Sam Worthington in the lead as the half-human, half-god Perseus. Wrath Of The Titans is the 2nd installment in the Titan series, a sequel to Clash Of The Titans. It follows the story of Perseus, who is on a mission to stop Hades & Ares, who have captured Zeus & want to dethrone him so they can rule over the world.

Just like the previous movie, Wrath of The Titans is a big-budget action-adventure movie where you will see our protagonist fighting monsters, gods, and demi-humans. It’s packed with lots of action & it’s highly entertaining. Do give this movie a try if you loved Clash Of The Titans & Dracula Untold.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Sam Worthington from Wrath Of The Titans

Percy Jackson Movie Series

Another movie franchise based on the Greek gods. But instead of presenting the story in a historical era, the makers chose to give it a modern-day touch. Percy Jackson tells the story of young Percy, whom one day discovers that he is no ordinary human, but a child of the Greek god Poseidon.

But things take a drastic turn in his life when a powerful weapon gets stolen from the heavens & Percy is accused of stealing it. Percy Jackson is a beautiful fantasy action adventure movie. It has a good story, it’s packed with action, and there is lots of adventure! I am pretty sure that whoever loved Dracula Untold would definitely enjoy this movie.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Percy Jackson Movie Series

The Lord Of The Rings

One of the greatest fantasy action-adventure movies of all time definitely has to be The Lord Of The Rings. The story is based on “Central earth,” a place where various living creatures like hobbits and demi-humans exist together, but when a powerful ancient ring is discovered that holds infinite power, enough to make you the new ruler of the world.

When dark forces set out to take control of the ring, a young hobbit makes sure that the ring is destroyed before it falls into the wrong hands. It’s an epic high fantasy adventure movie, which I would highly recommend everyone to watch, irrespective of whether you liked Dracula Untold or not.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Lord Of The Rings Movie Series

Hellboy Series

Hellboy is a dark fantasy action adventure movie directed by the master Guillermo Del Toro. It tells the story of a demon child who was born in hell and is raised by a secret agency that uses his powers to fight evil forces that exist in our world, looking for a way to take control of our human world.

Hellboy is a pretty entertaining movie. It has gorgeous set pieces, beautifully crafted action sequences & a really great concept. If you love fantasy action movies, then this movie should be on your list.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Hellboy Movies


John Constantine, a man who makes his living by exorcising evil spirits, gets dragged into a war between hell & heaven. Constantine is a really interesting fantasy action movie starring Keanu Reeves as the lead. Although the movie failed to gain much recognition from critics over the course of years movie has gained lots of love from its audience. It’s a good fantasy movie & all the fans of Dracula Untold should definitely try Constantine.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Keanu Reeves from Constantine

I Am No 4

A young teenager with incredible superpowers who is living secretly on earth finds out that his kind of human is being killed one by one by a superior alien race, and he is their next target. I Am No 4 is an action-packed sci-fi fantasy thriller that has some great visual effects and fights scenes.

Its storyline is kind of similar to that of Dracula Untold, with “superior beings living among humans” in that perspective. Overall this movie is a great watch, and I would highly recommend it to you.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

Cast Of I Am No 4

The Ritual

One of the most underrated fantasy horror movies of this decade has to be the 2017 movie The Ritual. The story is about a group of friends who decide to go on a forest trip to relive their young days but little did they know that they will be haunted by a demonic entity that lives in those forests. It’s a dark fantasy horror movie with no jump scares. It heavily relies on atmospheric horror and fantasy elements. This a movie I would highly recommend to every fantasy horror fan.

30 Best Movies Like Dracula Untold Which You Must Watch

The Ritual Movie Lead Cast

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