35 Movies Like Starstruck That Are Worth Watching

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If you are a Starstruck stan, then you are well aware of the fact that there’s more to the list of the film fraternity. Besides some utterly cute animated shows, Disney has also had a good record of making films targeting teens. Disney has remained in the hearts of both the old and the young generation for decades now. Over the years, Starstruck has happened to gain immense popularity among its viewers, and fans are only curious to watch similar movies to feel a kick in their fluttering hearts.

A Disney creation, Starstruck is a comedy musical based on Christopher Wilde, a young pop star. This movie takes the audience deeper into the roots of fame and highlights the downsides that one has to sign up for free when chasing a life of fame and popularity.

Directed by Gillian Armstrong, Starstruck features two sisters who dream of becoming the recognized faces of the world, but in an attempt to chase their dreams, they happen to bump into the realities of life, following which they realize that life is anything but a bed of roses even for celebrities.

Working as a barmaid in a pub that barely had any chance of surviving, Jackie Mullens wanted to kiss the crown of success and fulfill her dream of becoming a star someday. Angus, Jackie’s crafty sister, also imagines working as a manager to Mullens. However, on one occasion, Jackie’s immaculate skills impressed the Wombats at the pub and opened a doorway to her dream.

As Angus does her very best to get Jackie in contact with the host of the band, Jackie calls it quits with her boyfriend Robbie, who disapproves of the sudden change in her. As the movie progresses further, Jackie’s new lifestyle becomes a major hiccup in her life. Her dreams fall apart, and her life changes for the worse when her love interest, Terry, turns out to be gay. As Jackie’s career takes a steep downfall, Angus devises a plan to plot the Wows and lets Jackie shoot her shot at saving her career and also the pub that her mother so dearly loved.

Besides the comical drama, Starstruck also promises an engaging love story which has made the film all the way more interesting and made it to the list of favorite teen movies. However, the good news for all the fans is that besides Starstruck, there are other movies as well that offer a similar experience. If you have not watched them already, then add these movies to the binge-watch list right away.

35 Movies Like Starstruck

High School Musical Poster

1. High School Musical (2006)

Directed by Kenny Ortega, High School Musical is a Disney original movie that witnessed immediate success after its release. This movie features two young people, Gabriella and Troy, who immediately feel a spark after their encounter at the sky lodge.

Built nominally around teen romance, High School Music had a lot more to offer than just meta and melody. The instant chemistry between the teens, which was followed by varying conjectures and multiple hurdles, also added to the show’s immediate success.

Established from the roots of multiple ingredients, High School Musical is the perfect representation of what any teen would want to be a part of. Considering the amazing content that High School Musical had to offer, it would be safe to say that this movie singlehandedly triggered interest among gen Z teens in musicals, even in the era of modern romance. 

35 Movies Like Starstruck

Camp Rock (2008) Poster

2. Camp Rock (2008)

The 73rd Disney original creation, Camp Rock, premiered for the first time on June 20, 2008, and took fans by surprise immediately through its amazing content and representation. A musical drama, Camp Rock gives us a sneak peek into the life of Mitchie Torres, played by none other than the famous personality Demi Lovato.

Young Mitchie has aspirations to become a singer, which is, however, at a standstill because of her financial conditions. In an attempt to participate in a musical event at Camp Rock, Mitchie’s mother decides to offer catering services at the camp to be able to fund the event, but things take a downturn for Mitchie when she has to pose as a helping hand to her mother. However, Mitchie, as her luck allows, bumps into Shane, who is a famous personality and is in charge of the camp. Mitchie feels an instant connection with Shane. 

In the most implausible conditions, Shane and Mitchie grow fond of each other. What does fate have in store for Mitchie, and will her relationship with Shane blossom further despite her background?

What else could be a perfect binge-watch movie if not for Demi and Jonas acting in the same frame? 

35 Movies Like Starstruck

Greek Charming Poster

3. Greek Charming (2011)

Based on a novel, Greek Charming bagged the title of being the fifth movie with the largest views for a cable show just days after its premiere. This movie highlights how popular Dylan’s life takes a turn for the worse after she lets her classmate sneak into her personal life and have everything on record.

Woodlands Academy recognizes Dylan Shoenfeld as the school’s princess. What might appear as the perfect lifestyle to most people, the perfect boyfriend, the best of friends, and the bag people can’t stop admiring, is, however, a false vanity when the F-List guy, Josh, convinces Dylan to let him record her life in return for his favor. But when Dylan’s status comes to a halt after her famous boyfriend dumps her, questions about her survival as the queen of Woodlands Academy arise.

With her name and fame in line, how Dylan stands back on her feet with Josh’s help is the main plot of this story. Will Dylan be able to sew the missing parts together and have a happily-ever-after?

35 Movies Like Starstruck

Single by Contract Poster

4. Single by Contract (2010)

A German language movie, Single by Contract is a heart-warming movie featuring Lila, who finds herself head-over-heels in love with Chris, who, on the other hand, has pledged to remain single for his entire life.

To keep his guard up in front of untold immature fans, Chris decides to remain explicitly single. However, when he bumps into oblivious Lila, his decision takes a backseat following the immediate connection that the duo feels. 

To make a movie from a plot as amazing as this is undoubtedly a work of art, and fans are only full of praises about how this story builds up eventually and gives the characters the true ending that they deserve.


Another Cinderella Story Key Still Poster

5. Another Cinderella Story (2008)

Directed by David Santo Stefano, Another Cinderella Story features Selena Gomez as the lead actress and is a sequel to the 2004 film, ‘A Cinderella Story. 

Another Cinderella Story takes us into the house of Mary Santiago, who is ill-treated by her cunning stepfamily. However, to break the monotonous fate of her life, she lives her dream of dancing with Joey, her idol, at the masquerade ball that her school had organized. As Mary rushes back to her home before her curfew time, she leaves behind a Zune, which could be the only way through which the famous Joey Parker could reunite with the girl of his dreams.

Set in the modern era of romance and music, Another Cinderella Story is a remake of the classical story of Cinderella with hints of romance and modernity. If you are still a Cinderella fan by heart, this movie has to be on your must-watch list. If you have not watched it already, what is stopping you?


Read It and Weep Poster

6. Read It and Weep (2006)

Rated as one of the best Disney movies, Read It and Weep is based on a novel by Julia Devillers. The plot follows the life of Jamie, who is inherently shy but grows up to develop an alter ego that brings permanent changes to her life.

Young Jamie has never been too fond of her school, considering how infamous she was. However, Jamie resorts to her journal, which helps her take a temporary break from the realities of life. In her journal, Jamie pictures Isabella who is Jamie’s alter ego and is more confident and self-assured. 

When Jamie accidentally trades her journal as school homework, she quickly becomes the center of attention as her books start getting nationwide recognition. Trapped in a whirlwind of a completely new lifestyle, Jamie’s alter ego becomes a part of Jamie’s character, which, however, causes her to detach herself from the rest of the world.

As she gains more fame, she is caught in a dilemma as to what is more important to her: Her stardom or her friends?


Twitches Poster

7. Twitches (2005)

A Disney production, Twitches features the twin sisters Tia and Tamera, who got separated right after their birth. However, from the powers they gained from the father, the two sisters are better off together, and their combined strength and magic could fend off any iniquity.

It is on their 21st birthday when the Mowry sisters find their way back to each other and realize how powerful they could be as a team. What made the show a hit was the superb acting skills portrayed by the twins and, of course, the amazing plot, without which the movie would not have made it to 27 million views just days after its premiere.

Following the success of part one, a sequel for the show was also ordered, which was released on October 12, 2007. 


Avalon High, a Disney Production

8. Avalon High (2010)

Based on the book by Meg Cabot, Avalon High is a Disney Original that made it to the screens in 2010. A perfect blend of modern story and primitive imagination, Avalon High deals with typical high school problems, which are escalated to the point of discovering legitimate supernatural connections.

When a young teen finds herself in a completely new environment, she plays a major role in the reincarnation process of King Arthur. Directed by Steward Gillard, Avalon High could be a perfect watch for youngsters on a Sunday evening over pizza and ice cream. Don’t you think?


Jump In Movie Visual

9. Jump In (2007)

Having premiered for the first time on January 12, 2007, Jump In is a Disney Original featuring Keke Palmer and Corbin Bleu. The plot is built around Izzy Daniels, who is an aspiring boxer and has his eyes set on the Golden Glove, which is as dear to him as it was to his father.

However, Izzy’s dreams take a significant shift when Mary, who secretly likes him, offers him to play the replacement in a Dutch tournament, following which he discovers a newfound interest in rope jumping besides realizing his true feelings for Mary.

Disney has a history of delivering beautiful movies that are particularly targeted toward teens. Jump In is no exception and should be on everybody’s list.

35 Movies Like Starstruck

Spectacular! Movie Poster

10. Spectacular! (2009)

A brilliantly portrayed movie, 2009’s Spectacular! Aims to offer a positive outlook toward self-confidence. Finding the best relations out of the most unanticipated situations has remained the movie’s basic idea. Transitioning from a self-absorbed young adult to someone with more maturity and calm, Spectacular was quick to win over the hearts of the fans as soon as it dropped out.

When wannabe rockstar Nikko gets his heart broken twice on the same day, he gets a chance at life when Courtney comes with a proposal. Nikko quickly turns down the offer but changes his mind when Courtney offers him fifty percent of the prize money.

With dollar signs in Nikko’s eyes, he joins the group but eventually, he warms up to them. However, as the show progresses, Nikko can be seen undergoing character development which makes the die-hard audience fans of Nikko. A typical storyline with predictable twists, Spectacular! Still made it to over a million views and has been loved by all!


Zapped Poster

11. Zapped (2014)

Directed by Peter DeLuise, ‘Zapped’ revolves around a young teen Zoey who has trouble getting accustomed to her new school after her widowed mother remarries and moves to a new town and, of course, into a big family.

After encountering a horrid day at school, Zoey decides to spend the rest of her day using an app that is meant to control dogs. However, things change for the better when she accidentally drops her phone into the dog food. The app changes from being a dog controller to a man controller, which does freak Zoey out, but she decides to make full use of that and take charge of her own life.


Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana

12. Hannah Montana (2009)

Based on the TV series of the same name, Hannah Montana is an American musical film that is filled with laughter and adventures.

The all-time favorite ‘Hannah Montana’ takes the audience on a trip both into the personal life of Miley and the professional life of Hannah. As Miley has a hard time switching between her two personalities, she prioritizes her fame over her relations. With a myriad of emotions and genuine feelings, the audience feels personally attached to the characters of Miley and Hannah.

A perfect teen drama, Hannah Montana could be binge-watched any day and anytime!

35 Movies Like Starstruck

A modern Cinderella Story – Rags

13. Rags (2012)

A 2012 movie, Rags is the modern Cinderella story with switched gender roles. Having aired on TV on May 28, 2012, Rags immediately became a super-hit because of the exceptional representation of reversed gender roles in a world that still runs in patriarchy.

Two worlds absorb into one when poor and unfortunate Charlie meets Kadee Worth, a rising popstar on the street, and his life changes for the better. When aspiring Charlie and frustrated Kadee bump into each other, they find answers to their questions and have all that they had been in search for- a platform, a voice, people to hear them, and most importantly, one another.

35 Movies Like Starstruck

Let It Shine Poster

14. Let It Shine (2012)

Let It Shine is a Disney Production that features Cyrus, who is an aspiring rapper but unfortunately, he lacks support from his father and friends. When Cyrus enrolls himself for a concert under the title ‘truth,’ he accidentally sends in Roxie Andrews, who happens to be a childhood friend of his.

When Roxie decides to up in life and hold on to the glory which he received by accident, Cyrus offers to help him, but soon things change when Cyrus beings to realize his self-worth and decide to no longer stand in the face of defeat. He tries to convince his father that hip-hop has a future. 

What happens next is for you to find out. Have you watched it yet?

Movies Like Starstruck

Cloud 9 Key Still

15. Cloud 9 (2014)

Directed by Paul Hoen. Cloud 9 is a sports drama that also gives equal space to love and romance. When Kayla drops from her snowboarding team and is forced to undergo training with the former champion, the two develop an unacknowledged feeling towards one another.

While Kayla undergoes stringent training sessions to get her stature as a snowboarder back, Will decides to put Kayla’s commitment to the test and builds a training regimen for her.  

As the movie develops further, both Kayla and Will help each other overcome their biggest obstacles and become an inspiration for one another. A cute love story stemming from the roots of modern romance, Cloud 9 is certain to take you on a trip to Cloud 9!

Movies Like Starstruck

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure Funky Visual

16. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure (2011)

A spinoff of the High school musical, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures is directed by Michael Lembeck and appeared on the screens for the first time in 2011 featuring Asley Tisdale. 

When Sharpay accepts the offer of going to New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a star, her father puts before her a condition that she very hesitantly accepts. Thinking that the celebrity world is all glamorous and easy money, Sharpay sets out on her journey to New York but soon realizes that she has only subscribed to a dog-eat-dog lifestyle.

However, her life is on a steep downslope until she comes across an indeed very charming Peyton, who immediately gets impressed by Sharpay and helps her overcome her glamorous miseries.


Halloweentown High Poster

17. Halloweentown High (2004)

A third segment of the famous Halloweentown series, Halloweentown High, is another Disney Original that took fans by surprise as soon as it premiered on October 8, 2004.

One does not have to necessarily watch the previous parts to get the hang of what might unfold in the third installment. The heart of this movie is Marine Piper, who, besides being a high school student, is also a witch. However, as it turns out, Halloweentown is not just any town but a magical one away from the eyes of the commoners. 

When Marine convinces the council of Halloweentown to grant other students the to participate in the real world, little does she know that she only signed up for what was not a part of her plan. With the magical students joining the school as foreign exchange students, the situations are only going to get jeopardized.  

If a dash of magical madness sounds intriguing to you in a movie typically meant for teenagers, then Hollweentown High is a must-watch for you.

Movies Like Starstruck

Radio Rebel Visual

18. Radio Rebel (2012)

Based on Shrinking Violet, Radio Rebel is a 2012 television movie that received positive feedback from all Disney fans. Directed by Peter Howitt, Radio Rebel features a shy teenager who is harboring a secret. As timid as she might appear in her high-school days, Tara is a DJ who is not just confident but also a voice to many.

The world feels a little more fascinating for Tara every time she puts on her DJ headsets. However, when her stepfather finds out about Tara’s little secret, he immediately shifts her to a more decent place which appears to be Tara’s studio. Life had only started feeling unreal when scheming Principal Moreno called off prom, and all the students accused Tara.

Switching between two personalities is never easy, but Tara does it all. A simple movie with no complications, Radio Rebel, besides being entertaining, also delivers a message concerning how peer social pressure can cause students and youngsters to succumb to uncalled compulsions.

Movies Like Starstruck

The Suite Life Movie visual

19. The Suite Life Movie (2011)

A comedy fiction, The Suite Life Movie is built on a beautiful relationship encircling siblings. Based on the TV show, ‘Suite Life on Deck,’ the ‘Suite Life Movie’ has done complete justice to the characters, considering how every character stayed committed to their roles and did not lose themselves in the shamble. 

The plot follows Cody, who bails on Bailey and joins as an intern at a research firm, leaving Bailey furious. Zack, on the other hand, lands himself and Cody in trouble when he loses the equipment at the submarine worth billions. As things only keep getting messier, the twins team up and find ways to get themselves out of the stumbling blocks.

A cute and silly movie, The Suite Life might be a perfect watch on a summer evening.


The Last Song Poster

20. The Last Song (2010)

A teen drama, The Last Song is a movie based on romance and is directed by Julie Anne Robinson. Playing the role of a 16-year-0ld that tactfully couldn’t have been presented better than how Miley Cyrus did it back then. 

The Last Song portrays the life of Ronnie, who, along with her brother, decides to spend the summer with Steve, their father. Coming from a broken family, Ronnie finds her dad guilty of the separation that causes her to grow distant and withdrawn from her social life. However, her life starts taking an upturn when her eye catches a glimpse of a charmingly young volleyball champion, Will.

Eventually, Ronnie warms up to Will as she realizes he is a humble man with no signs of arrogance. The two make a surprisingly beautiful pair and win over the audience in no time with their romance and seemingly raw and mature chemistry.


Will Ryan have the 16 Wishes fulfilled?

21. 16 Wishes (2010)

Sixteen wishes starring David Hernie and Debby Ryan, is a typical movie meant for kids. There is nothing extraordinary about this movie, but the light plot, in combination with amazing acting, has made the movie one of the most loved movies among kids.

A classic fantasy movie, ’16 wishes highlights the troubles that the protagonist is faced with and further adds to the troubles when she tries to mend things. 

When her 16th birthday is right around the corner, Ryan has everything planned as she makes a list of 16 things that she needs. As frivolous as the list may seem, Ryan had her hopes up for her birthday, but to her dismay, her day started on a messy note when she found out that the unattended part of her house was being used by a bunch of wasps to build their home. However, things became relatively comfortable when excited, and hopeful Ryan got her 16 candles.

As the movie further develops, Ryan slowly realizes that even though her 16 wishes might have been granted, it did not necessarily mean a happy day for her. 


Jem and the Holograms Poster

22. Jem and the Holograms (2015)

Written by Ryan Landels, Jem and the Holograms is a 2015 production that shows the transition of a girl from being a small-town bee to a globally recognized star in no time. 

When the three sisters discover their talents, they realize the need to bring them in front of the world as some talents need to be showcased. With their minds set, they set out on their journey to create the magical lives that they had been longing for.

Three musicians with high aspirations send a wave of excitement across the globe when they finally find their purpose in life and decide to build their destiny. All they had to do was to find their voice and share it with the rest of the world. 


The Prince and Me Still

23. The Prince and Me (2004)

A romantic comedy, The Prince and Me, is a 2004 film directed by Martha Coolidge. A classic love story, The Prince and Me, is about two people, Paige and Eddie, who have a rocky start but eventually grow fond of each other. 

When Paige and Eddie decide to go to Eddie’s place for the weekend, Paige learns that Eddie is no simple man, but a man hailing from the Royal background and is none other than Prince Edvard himself. Owing to the already deteriorating health of his father, Eddie returns to his hometown, but this time he brings Paige with him and introduces her to his family of Royals.

When Paige expresses her desire to continue chasing her dream after Eddie’s proposal, Eddie plots an alternate plan to save their relationship. Hailing from different worlds, Paige and Eddie might not have the same outlook on life, but they are undeniably in love.


The Cheetah Girls Main Cast

24. The Cheetah Girls (2003)

A 2003 musical film, Cheetah Girls, features four teenagers who attend a high school in Manhattan and are on a conquest to win the talent show that the school is going to conduct for the freshers.

In an attempt to create history, these young girls come across Jackal Johnson, who is a big shot and offers to help these young girls in pursuing their dreams.

However, with a golden opportunity on their hands, the group of girls begins to face a myriad of complications that stand in their way. While Galleria turns into a self-absorbed personality, Dorinda is faced with a life-changing choice that can tear the group apart.

What will happen in this musical drama? Watch and find out right away.


Lemonade Mouth Visual

25. Lemonade Mouth (2011)

Directed by Patricia Riggen, Lemonade Mouth is another musical drama based on the novel bearing the same title. This movie takes the audience to the detention class, where five students, namely Olivia, Stella, Charlie, Wendall, and Mo, meet for the first time and come up with the decision to start their band. 

Their band would be based on the machine meant for vending purposes posed right outside their detention class. A beautifully portrayed musical film, Lemonade Mouth sends across the message of being self-confident in one’s journey as it is one’s destiny that ultimately dominates how one goes about in their life.

When the five students get together, they realize that it is their destiny to form a rock band and win over the hearts of the students. With honesty and self-expression as the main themes of this movie, Lemonade Mouth was quick to conquer the attention of young adults particularly and gained immense popularity in no time.


Two teens swap their identities in The Swap

26. The Swap (2016)

Based on a novel by Megan Sull, The Swap is a teen movie that premiered on the Disney Network for the first time on October 7, 2016. The film realizes the typical crazy ideas that teens usually have and revolves around two young adults who decide to swap their lives.

Ellie is a young girl who is in the midst of a bumpy relationship with her best friend. Having to juggle between things, Ellie is only full of complaints about her life. Jack, on the other hand, has to suppress his feelings and go about in his attempt to live up to his family’s expectations of him. During a feud over the texts, both Ellie and Jack try to convince each other of their miserable lives and end up deciding to swap their lives.

While Ellie has to stand up to Jack’s rock-hard brothers and army-trained father, Jake Molloy has his own set of girl troubles to attend to. Will the pair like their new life better, or will they want to go back to being their former selves?


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in Princess Protection Program

27. Princess Protection Program (2009)

A Disney Original, Princess Protection Program is an award winner for the 2009 Choice Summer Movie. Having two superstars, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, display their brilliant acting skills in the same frame was a win-win for the movie.

This movie follows the life of Rosalinda, who is a princess but has to flee to Louisiana after her home country is under attack. Away from her home, Rosalinda gets taken into wardship by the Princess Protection Program, where she is taught to live as any teenager would. In her new lifestyle, Rosalinda makes a new friend Carter, who is intrigued by the Royal Manners and decides to learn a thing or two about the Royal courtship with the help of Rosalinda.

A beautiful movie, Princess Protection Program, highlights the fact that when two worlds collide, these young teens help each other overcome their insecurities.


10 Things I hate about you Still

28. 10 Things I hate about you (1999)

10 Things I Hate About you is a rom-com movie that was produced back in 1999 but amassed a huge fan following for the longest time with its quirky storyline and amazing characters.

This movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and portrays the temper issues that the older of the two sisters have. The two Stanford sisters have conflicting personalities. While the pretty and popular Bianca could never push her luck and fetch herself a date because of her family’s rule of having the elder one married off first, Bianca’s love interest, Cameron, comes up with what he thinks might be the perfect match for Kat.

With their relationship on the line and furious Kat’s anger problems keeping suitors at bay, will Bianca and Cameron get their happy ending after all?


The Lizzie McGuire Movie Poster

29. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

A finale of the series bearing the same title as the movie, The Lizzie McGuire movie is a film based featuring comedy and is directed by Jim Fall. 

The movie introduces Lizzie just like any usual teenager who is about to graduate from junior high but at the same time has her hopes pinned on her school trip to Rome. Her life changes forever when on reaching Rome, she finds out she has a doppelganger who is a famous pop star. 

When lurched into modeling as Isabella, Lizzie starts her journey of self-pioneering. As a whirlwind of overwhelming and shocking events unfold for Lizzie, she finds herself transforming from an awkward teenager to a mature woman.  


Be Somebody Poster

30. Be Somebody (2016)

With Joshua Caldwell as the director, Be Somebody is a rom-com that made its appearance in 2016 for the first time and conquered the hearts of many.  

This movie revolves around Jordan Jaye, who is highly ambitious and has big dreams. He is a superstar, but he hopes to live as any regular teenager should. When chased by a bunch of fans, Jordan finds himself in a hideout where he immediately befriends a small-town girl.  

Emily Lowe, who is an art student, lives a life opposite from Jordan, but that does not stop the pair from knowing each other. When they spend more time together, they realize they have common interests, which only is an indication of the start of something new. Over time, the two develop a beautiful bond, and as it is rightly said, ‘Opposites do attract.’


The Jerk Theory Still

31. The Jerk Theory (2009)

Released in 2009, The Jerk Story is about an aspiring musician who is a big-time womanizer. After his girlfriend dumps him for the tug, Adam decides to be a jerk since girls do not respond well to good guys, and indeed, he seems to have made the right decision when his new tricks work like a charm.

However, when Adam’s usual tricks do not woo his love interest, Molly, Adam reconsiders his principles concerning dating and brings a change in his life.

A cute movie, The Jerk Theory is a classic teen movie that can make any normal teenager root for more Adams in their lives.

Movies Like Starstruck

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

32. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

An American teenage movie, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a romantic comedy starring Lana Condor and Noah Centino as the lead characters. This part of the three-installment franchise was an immediate hit and took the fans in awe of the authenticity and genuine emotions portrayed by the characters.

With Noah playing Peter Kavinsky, he was sure to conquer the hearts of many with not just his acting but also seemingly charming looks. This movie shows us the simple life of Lara Jean, who keeps all her love letters stacked in a box until they are sent off to all her former crushes. With Lara’s life thrown into a mess, she contemplates her life choices and starts reconsidering them one by one.

In no time, Lara finds her simple life turned into a complete disaster as all of her former love interests approach her. But with so much going on with Lara, she finds one real connection with Peter, which might as well live up to her dreams of being her ideal relationship. 

A simple, heart-warming movie, ‘To All the boys I’ve Loved Before is a must-watch for anybody who loves binging on romance drama.

Movies Like Starstruck

Monte Carlo (2011) Still

33. Monte Carlo (2011)

Directed by Thomas Bezucha, Monte Carlo is an American movie featuring Leighton Meester, Selena Gomez, and Katie Cassidy, who find themselves sojourning in Paris when the group gets brushed off to Monte Carlo after one of them is mistaken as a Royal heiress.

After saving up enough to finally live their dreams in Paris, the trip turns out to be a total disaster for this group of young girls. However, when they attempt to disclose their authentic selves, things go further astray for them as they find themselves wrapped in a series of mishaps. An adventurous and comical movie, what fate has in store for these beautiful women should be on your watch list. 

Movies Like Starstruck

Prom (2011) Cast

34. Prom (2011)

A Disney Creation Prom features a group of senior students who are making preparations for their prom. However, their big day is put to a halt when an act of destruction at their school property leaves the whole place upside down. 

As every student is busy picking their dates and prom outfits, Nova Prescott is scuffling with the difficulties that just got thrown her way. However, when the principal forces a rabble-rouser student to help Prescott, she starts seeing him from a better point of view.

Will Nova have the perfect prom just like all the other students, or will the day be just like any usual day for her?

Movies Like Starstruck

The Princess Diaries Poster

35. The Princess Diaries (2001)

A comedy film brought out in 2001, The Princess Diaries, is a Walt Disney Production based on the novel by Meg Cabot. Since its release, the film was equipped with an unanticipated success crossing over 160 million dollars globally. 

The Princess Diaries is built around Mia Thermopolis, who only recently discovered her fortune and realized she was an apparent heir to her long-lost father. Hailing from San Francisco, Mia was always socially gawky and lived a very simple life with her single mother.

However, things completely changed when Mia found that her simple life was not so simple after all. Her absent father who she had no connection, had suddenly passed away, leaving her as the only heir to his throne in Genovia. To decide whether she wanted to continue living her simple life with her friends or switch to a completely new lifestyle with people at her back and call was a tough bait that Mia just got subject to.

With her mind made up, Mia moves on to learn some tips from her grandmother to actualize her princess dreams. A light movie, The Princess Diaries, could be a good watch for anybody with princess-like fantasies. 

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