35 Movies Similar to American Pie That You Need to Watch

Shes out of my league

The American Pie sequence is one of the most well-known teen sex comedy franchises ever created. Young performers such as Sean William Scott have had their careers launched by this series, and well-known actors like Chris Klein and Eugene Levy have made a comeback.

Teen sex comedy was revitalized by the film, and the subgenre hasn’t been the same since. Seeing films like American Pie may indeed make you yearn to be a teenager once more and bring back memories of the days when getting girls was the main priority.

In the comedy “American Pie,” four senior high school males agree to lose their chastity before the year ends. Their schemes frequently go hilariously wrong as they attempt to maneuver their entry into the hearts of a number of their peers. One tries one final time to score with the attractive international exchange student and ends up with a band member who uniquely plays the flute. While the other is so desperate that he employs someone to provide him with a “reputation.”

The movie surpassed everyone’s expectations; it made $235.5 million at the box office despite having an $11 million beginning budget. A list of 35 films that are similar in style is provided below for all the lovers who enjoy watching this kind of humor.

1. Scary Movie

No horror movie, high-school sex sitcom, action movie, or even spoofs of spoofs goes unspool in the riotous comedy SCARY MOVIE, which comes from the joyfully deranged brains of the Wayans Brothers.

SCARY MOVIE out the pop-culture spoof with a no-holds-barred onslaught on the most well-known imagery and talked-about scenes from recent movies, television shows, and ads, defying the basic concept of good taste. The movie mocks many teen movie tropes from every genre, firing jabs at iconic moments from Scream, Sixth Sense, Matrix, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Blair Witch Project.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

After a gorgeous high school classmate gets killed, a gang of mistaken teenagers learns there is a murderer among them. Of course, all of the actors playing the misguided teenagers are between the ages of 20 and 30.

Cindy Campbell, the main character, and her group of stupid pals, comprising Buffy, Brenda, Bobby, Greg, Shorty, and Ray, must defend themselves from harm—and that intrusive reporter Gail Hailstorm, who simply won’t leave them alone! As the storyline develops, a slew of grisly and comic surprises rips the roof off the anticipated plot twists and transforms them into something hilarious and twisted.

2. She’s Out of My League

Kirk, a regular guy, is astonished by his good fortune. Even though he’s locked in what seems to be a dead-end profession as an airline security agent, Molly, a wealthy and breathtakingly attractive babe, falls for him despite all odds. Kirk is in awe. His family, friends, and sometimes even his ex-girlfriend. Though he’s the first to say, “She’s Out of My League,” he now needs to find out how to make the relationship work.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

The new R-rated romance movie She’s Out of My League sits midway between the two extremes of excruciating funny and funny. The film, a knockoff of Knocked Up, is two hours of forced conversation and funny comedy about an uncomfortable young man who gets a much hotter girlfriend.

3. Euro Trip

One of the naughtiest and silliest films comparable to American Pie is Eurotrip. When Scott Thomas’ fiancée abruptly dumps him, he is motivated to fly to Germany in search of his pen buddy, whom he considers “the love of his life.” It has all the elements of a classic teen sex comedy: it’s funny and ridiculous.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Surprisingly, most of the ensemble consists of unrecognized actors and actresses, yet the performance is outstanding. While we can’t entirely call the narrative original, Eurotrip takes practically every cliché and cliche about Europe and exaggerates it to absurdity in a hilarious way.

4. Road Trip

Josh is a typical man who chooses to have some fun after mistaking his little fight with his long-distance partner for a split. However, his strategy backfires when his hookup tape is unintentionally sent to his girlfriend.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Josh and his buddies Rubin, E.L., & Kyle must travel from Nyc to Texas to intercept the recording. The 1800-mile trek ends up being the biggest experience of their life because of the absurd challenges and curveballs they encounter.

Road Trip has a lot of coarse sexual humor and American Pie actors (Sean William Scott). Although Stiffler’s Mum is absent, it’s still an excellent option for fans of American Pie movies.

5. The Hangover

Doug and his three pals, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, travel to Las Vegas 2 days before his wedding for an exciting and unforgettable bachelor party. In reality, the three grooms wake up the following morning unable to recall anything and unable to locate Doug. The three disoriented friends race against the clock to find Doug to bring him back to LA in time for the wedding.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Five hours before the wedding, a distraught woman in The Hangover eventually gets through to her fiancé’s groomsman and learns that the ceremony will not take place. Doug, the groom (played by Justin Bartha), hasn’t changed his mind; instead, his three buddies are unable to locate him and are unable to recall what transpired.

6. The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door received negative reviews when it was first released in 2004, but it has since developed a cult-like following. Because the movie’s narrative is something that most males only ventured to encounter in their wildest imaginations as children, it became a favorite, especially among boys. Watching the film is sheer escapism.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

One of the few teen sex sitcoms that consistently follows its intended course is A Girl Next Door. A normal high school kid who lives next to an extremely attractive girl in a new neighborhood falls in love with her. But when he learns that she was a well-known pornstar in the past, everything goes south.

This film is humorous, thought-provoking, and occasionally even moving. While viewing this movie, pay attention to the character’s facial expressions; they have amazing subtlety.

7. Dude, Where’s My Car?

Two inept stoners named Jesse and Chester embark on a search for their automobile after forgetting where they left it when they get up one morning after a night of partying. Along the way, they run into several individuals, including a transsexual dancer who is pursuing them for a bag full of stolen money, their irate girlfriends Wilma and Wanda, whose house they vandalized, and an angry street gang.

There are much more similarities between Dude, Where’s My Car? and Dumb and Dumber, as well as Beavis & Butthead in comparison to The Crazy World of Laurel & Hardy. It glorifies illicit drug usage, needless violence, and obsessive sexual behavior (reading any anti-drug themes into Jesse and Chester’s weed-obsessed lives would require a badly disconnected case of circular reasoning).

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Jesse and Chester give their partners presents from the aliens as the movie comes to a close. The presents are enchanted necklaces that make the girls’ breasts enlarge.

8. Old School

The plot of Old School centers on three buddies, Mitch, Bernard, & Frank, who wish to recapture their college years by starting a fraternity near their alma institution.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Their interpersonal connections start to deteriorate as they make an effort to fit in with college students while ignoring their adult tasks and responsibilities.

And if that weren’t bad enough, the evil dean of the college is attempting to ruin their good time. Prepare to chuckle uncontrollably as you watch this coming-of-age drama about folks who have already passed on.

9. Grind

Four ambitious young amateur skaters named Eric Rivers, Matt Jensen, Dustin Knight, as well as Sweet Lou Singer (Joey Kern) are portrayed in the 2003 American comedy film Grind as they attempt to break into the world of professional skateboarding by performing insane pranks in front of pro skateboarder Jimmy Wilson.

10. Can’t Hardly Wait

In the movie can Hardly Wait, a bunch of pals resolve to get stoned and banged after their exams in the movie can Hardly Wait. Naturally, the strategy fails miserably.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

This teen film is intended for younger people and does not appeal to adults ones. You shouldn’t expect the film to have any deep philosophical messages because its only goal is to amuse the audience, which it succeeds at.

Can Hardly Wait confirms its standing as one of the top films like American pie with a terrific supporting cast and an engaging narrative.

11. Superbad

You know you’ll be in for a real treat when a comedy film stars Seth Rogen, Emma Stone, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, & Christopher Mintz-Plasse (as the renowned McLovin).

The story of three high school geeks is followed in Superbad, which immediately gained cult status. Seth & Evan, who hoped to boost their chances of finding love before graduation, arrange a party.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

What is the essential component of a successful high school party? Booze! Their scheme undoubtedly fails, especially when they encounter two bored police officers.

The premise isn’t creative, but it’s still humorous throughout. The main characters provide excellent performances. It’s without a doubt among the finest films like American Pie.

12. Animal House

The film is noteworthy because it is the originator of the university frat house comedy subgenre, even if it and Animal House seem to be on opposite extremes of the humor spectrum.

It is the amusing tale of a fraternity house full of wild partygoers and oddballs that frequently wreak havoc on college campuses. They have to defend their fraternity from arrogant frats if they want it to survive. They already have a lot going on, but then they run into significant problems with the dean of the college, who wants to put an end to them.

13. Neighbors

In the television series Neighbors, young parents Mac and Kelly struggle to become parents after the birth of their first child, Stella.

A prominent collegiate fraternity called Delta Psi Beta, commanded by Teddy & Pete, leases the house next door, making their life much harder with the incessant partying. As if attempting to maintain a sleeping pattern, among other concerns, wasn’t difficult enough.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

The couple informs the police about their new neighbors, which sparks a full-scale prank war that escalates to risky but funny heights.

14. The 40-year-old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin is among the rare films like American Pie that managed to win over reviewers thanks to its original plot, endearing cast, and memorable one-liners.

The successful salesman Andy Stitzer in the romantic comedy movie gets teased by his closest friends for being a virgin till he was 40 years old.

Will he have the guts to burst the cherry when he eventually finds himself in love with Trish, a single mother, or will he stay a virgin for all of eternity?

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Trish and Andy have a straightforward yet fascinating relationship in the film, which adds to its appeal.

15. Not Another Teen Movie

As it mocks the tropes and cliches of the type, you hate to adore, “Not Another Teen Movie” has no compassion. Join Chyler Leigh’s Janey Briggs (an aspiring artist who is teased by her peers for sporting glasses, a ponytail, and paint-covered overalls) and Chris Evans’ Jake Wyler (an all-American football player who makes a foolish wager to turn Janey into prom queen) in a risqué romp featuring a variety of twisted interpretations of well-known teen protagonists and teen movies.

16. Porky’s

Without mentioning the film that popularised the teen sex comedy subgenre, our list would be incomplete. This film served as an influence for the American Pie series. This movie lacks class since the characters don’t act logically, and the narrative doesn’t make much sense.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Everyone will find this movie to be somewhat of a guilty delight since it transports them away to their glory days in college, especially individuals who were teens in the 1980s.

Four college males who are determined to lose their chastity are followed through their mishaps in the film, even if it involves breaking into prostitution to pay for it.

The guys devise a plan to exact cruel retribution on the brothel owner, Porky, after they are caught, robbed, assaulted, and expelled.

In addition, when they find a peephole in the girl’s locker room at school, their sexual curiosity leads them into even more trouble.

17. Wet Hot American Summer

“Wet Hot American Summer,” which takes place after camp in the steamy summer of 1981, centers on a group of counselors who are all attempting to clear up their unresolved issues before the day is through. Unresolved post-traumatic stress, impending separations, and, of course, the talent show all depend largely on the minds and groynes of staff and kids alike during the whole summer.

18. Booksmart

This adolescent comedy presents a unique perspective on the tale of high school graduates who are prepared to enter the world of college while also being somewhat comparable to Superbad.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

In the movie Booksmart, two graduate best friends learn they haven’t attended any parties during their time in high school because they were too busy studying.

They decide to go to every high school graduation party before splitting off to attend various institutions. Despite the wild night of partying, there are also tender and poignant moments sprinkled throughout.

19. Blockers

Three high school seniors, Julie, Kayla, and Sam, agree to give up their chastity on prom night. Three overprotective parents, Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter, lose their cool when they learn of their daughters’ intentions. They quickly team up for a crazy and chaotic mission to stop the ladies from agreeing to any costs.

20. Accepted

In the movie Accepted, high school dropout Bartley Gaines is the victim of college rejection. He chooses to create (S.H.I.T) South Harmon Institute of Technology on an abandoned plot of land on the outskirts of his hometown to please his stern father (Mark Derwin).

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Bartley enlists the aid of his buddies to make a false school website and even hires a friend’s uncle to pretend as the dean. However, as you might expect, things spiral out of hand when additional slackers from throughout the nation claim to be accepted to the fictitious institution, resulting in a humorous and suspenseful conclusion.

21. Ted

Ted As John Bennett was a small child, he dreamed that Ted, his beloved teddy bear, would come to life. Lori, John’s girlfriend, is shocked to learn that Ted is still by his side after 30 years. Although the continual use of alcohol and marijuana by the two aggravates Lori’s irritation, she is not the one who is most disappointed in John; it could need the assistance of John’s childhood toy to finally make him mature.

22. Fast Times At Ridgemont High

In this timeless and relevant college comedy, the conventional highs and lows of a 1980s Carolina school year are exposed. Each scenario is distinct and hysterically amusing, with a few stand-alone tales scattered throughout, such as slackers vs. stiff professors, losing one’s virginity, and love triangles.35 Movies similar to American Pie 

The movie features plenty of rock n’ roll, which fits with its central themes of drugs and sex. The film’s stellar ensemble cast is great, but the dynamic music will be its biggest feature.

23. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

The tallest man on campus, he is. He controls the sauce, so to speak. He is the person that every guy and every lady wants to be. Because there can only be one monarch in the college jungle, and at Coolidge University, that king is Van Wilder.

“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” can charm, move, and disgust you in the grand tradition of comedic masterpieces like “National Lampoon’s Animal House” or “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”

24. Winter Break 

Three college seniors who have been closest friends their whole lives return home for one last wild vacation: their final winter break. All of the guys begin to doubt their friendship, their commitment to the group, and their plans as one of the guys take home his new girlfriend.

25. Revenge of the Nerds

Gilbert and Lewis, two geeky college students, are forced out of their dorm after the Alpha Betas, who have accidentally burned to the ground their own fraternity home, seize the structure.

Gilbert, Lewis, and their other nerds move to a dilapidated house after the institution makes the freshman dwell in the gym. The nerds plan their retaliation after being continually humiliated by the Alpha Betas, lead by jock Stan.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

26. Sex Drive

Ian, a high school slacker, aspires to become a man. He meets a woman online who offers him the intercourse of his lifetime, but there’s a catch: he needs to travel to Knoxville to experience it.

Along with his two closest friends, Ian takes his homophobic, macho, and arrogant older brother’s G.T.O. and sets off to meet this enigmatic “Ms. Tasty” like every other hyperactive adolescent.

The journey does not go as well as they had hoped, as was to be expected. The journey teaches the three members of the group a lot regarding love & life in general and is full of filthy antics and amusing misfortunes. Despite the film’s mixed reception, it remains a cult favorite and among the finest films, along with American Pie.

27. Fired Up! 

What does Fired Up’s acronym stand for? F-U! Popular college football stars Nick and Shawn prefer to get hot and steamy with the girls over getting sweaty and warm with the guys.

They then devised a scheme to join cheerleading camp rather than their summer football program (after hearing that the camp had 300 teenage females in it). How did things go so badly?

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Even though their strategy worked, they quickly experienced the happiness and difficulties of first love. A comedy film featuring clever humor, slapstick humor, and quick conversation, Fired Up is underappreciated. It’s both creative and enjoyable.

28. National Lampoon’s Animal House

Freshmen Socially shy Larry and Kent attempt to pledge to the snooty Alpha Theta Pi Fraternity but are rudely rejected. They reduce their standards to get into the infamously rowdy Alpha Tau Chi Dorm and are successful.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

The issue is that John Vernon, the college dean, has a grudge against the Deltas. The task of revoking Omega’s charter has been delegated to the organization’s president. He has placed members on “Double Secret Probation” or in secret.

29. Easy A

Olive, a fashionable teen, decides to liven up the situation when her renowned best friend presses her to talk about her boring weekend by making a small white lie about losing her virginity. Olive becomes well-known overnight, but for bad purposes, when the high-school gossip overhears the exchange and broadcasts it throughout campus.

30. The Late Bloomer 

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

Author Ken Baker’s book Man Made: A Memoir of My Body, wherein Baker tells how he first experienced puberty at the age of 27, was the source material for the movie The Late Bloomer. The amusing adaptation immerses us in Dr. Pete Newmans’ world, a successful sex therapist whose practice focuses on assisting clients in controlling their urges to mate.

He soon learns that he suffers from a long-term pituitary tumor that has prevented the beginning of puberty for 15 years and repressed the creation of testosterone. After having the tumor surgically removed, Peter experiences puberty in a couple of weeks rather than the usual years. The Late Bloomer seems to be a pleasant movie to see, despite not being a favorite with reviewers.

31. Bad Teacher

Most people consider teaching to be a noble vocation, but Elizabeth disagrees (Cameron Diaz). The foul-mouthed, inebriated lady is eager to wed a wealthy guy and give up her career. However, as her sugar daddy rejects her, she is forced to reconsider her plans.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

The next character is Scott Delacorte, an affluent and beautiful sub voiced by Justin Timberlake. Elizabeth is eager to get her hands on a fresh lunch ticket, but she will have to beat over Amy, a famous and bubbly coworker.

32. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

While high and binge-watching television, nerdy bookkeeper Harold (John Cho) & his unstoppable buddy Kumar (Kal Penn) become completely enthralled by a White Castle commercial. The two go on a late-night excursion that takes them far into New Jersey since they are convinced that there has to be one close.

Before the lads can even get close to their beloved sliders, they manage to run into rednecks, police, as well as a motor Neil Patrick Harris.

33. Van Wilder: Party Liaison

It might be challenging to be the most well-liked student in school, am I right? Van Wilder, a seventh-year senior who has no interest in graduating and spends his time attending and organizing the finest parties on campus, disagrees.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

But when his infatuation and university writer Gwen Pearson writes a piece about him that exposes his partying habits, things take a disastrous turn. He draws the wrong kind of attention as a result, and his dad’s rage even causes him to have his tuition reduced.

Watch as Van attempts numerous strategies to get enough money to cover his school and graduate despite all the diversions, a few evil opponents, and some insane sex antics.

34. Project X

Three high school students in Project X plan to host a lavish party to raise their social standing. When you can anticipate, things spiral out of control as the party becomes more well-known than anticipated. You shouldn’t watch this movie around your family or young children. There is a great deal of sex, drugs, and drama.

The conclusion is rather predictable, but nearly every other film, like American pie, is as well. Such movies shouldn’t have abrupt conclusions. Sadly, reviewers don’t much like this film, but young adults would do well to watch it.

35. Pitch Perfect

The rivalry and strange connections that develop in the world of collegiate acapella are the main themes of the college musical comedy Pitch Perfect. Beca, a young woman with enormous dreams, wants to forgo education and relocate to L.a. to start a career as a DJ, but her father won’t let her unless she gives graduation a try.

35 Movies similar to American Pie 

She thus enrolls at Barden University & quickly finds herself caught up in a fierce competition between the school’s two most renowned acapella ensembles. Becca believes it’s time to make a change for the Barden Bellas, an all-female band that has historically taken second place to the Treblemakers, an all-male band. The movie features some amazing acapella performances, excellent singing, as well as some explicit and even unpleasant moments.

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