40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

Best classic 70s movies

A list of best classic 70s movies is the one thing that may never lose its importance among those who were in that 70s era. This article includes 40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch. These movies were the most loved ones in the 70s. Also in today’s time, people find these movies to recall their beautiful memories while watching such masterpieces.

The 1970s was the time when moviemakers had to face many challenges while creating a complete 100 minutes video or film. That was quite challenging and a very new task for many as the film industry was just stepping towards perfection. The industry is still carving its path towards perfection, but now the movies are at the next level, and in the 1970s, it was only trying to meet people’s expectations. Therefore, filmmakers presented many masterpieces in front of the viewers, and because of which people gradually became crazy about movies. Now it might be clear that all the craze among viewers for movies started developing in the early 70s. So, among 100s of masterpieces of that vintage era, here are the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch.

These 40 best 70s movies were winning hearts in their times, and they are so well prepared that they can be known as evergreen movies. Therefore, read on to know the best-picked movies of the 1970s that are worth watching on weekends and that too with family.

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Viewers’ favorite movies like Rocky, Stalker, Jaws,  Chinatown, and many more have grabbed their places on the list. With an amazing storyline, energetic cast, and a lot of excitement of fans, here are the movies of the late 20th century. These 40 Best 70s movies are ranked from 1 to 40. Also, every movie is amazing as these are the best ones picked from many. This list is on the basis of the people’s interests.

40. The Paper Chase

The paper chase is one of the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. The Movie was out on 16 October 1973 in the USA. The Director of the exciting Movie is James Bridges, and it has some awards like Academy Award for best supporting actor for its cast.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

The paper chase

The story revolves around an institution where a boy who is a law student has a girlfriend. However, the boy discovers that his girlfriend is the daughter of the toughest teacher there. Now, the story takes a viewer through different dramatical scenes. Overall the movie is amazing for one who needs drama as their preference.

39. Grease

Grease is a movie filmed in New York City, and it was out on 13 June 1978. Randal Kleiser was the Director of the 1 hr 50mins movie. Moreover, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard were some of the famous faces among the cast of the movie.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch


The movie has a pinch of Romance and a lot of dramas. The story is that Dany and Sandy fell in love with each other while vacationing in Australia. However, they moved on to their paths and split as they thought that they might never meet again. But, fate didn’t accept this.

38. MadMax

This movie is worth watching, so it easily made into the list of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. Madmax was out on 12 April 1979 in Australia. It was an action movie and also eligible to be called a Sci-fi movie. This 1hr 28 mins movie is Available on netflix too for people of modern times.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch


Further, the Director is George Miller, and George Miller and Byron Kennedy wrote the story.
The story has a lot of action with several heated battles and revenge. It is a good example of a complete action movie. Also, it good fits with the 70s years.

37. Murder on the Orient Street

Now, after an action movie, let’s have a mystery thriller. Murder on orient street is next on the list of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. The movie was out in 1974, and it is a mystery thriller. Further, the writers of the movie are paul Dehn, Agatha Christie, and Anthony Shaffer.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

Murder on the Orient Street

The movie is based on the year 1935, and the month is December. Also, there is a mind-blowing Detective, Hercule Poirot. He is called to solve extraordinary dilemmas behind murders.

36. Superman

Superman is the next on the list of  40 Best Classic 70s Movies. It was once a very popular name among kids and others also. It became popular after the release of Superman on 25 December 1978. The Director of the Movie was Richard Donner, and John Williams gave the music to the movie. Furthermore, Pierre Spengler was the producer, and Mario Puzo gave the storyline.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch


In the movie, a scientist has a weird name, Jor-El. He launches his infant son, Kal-El on the Earth. The kid is then raised as Clark Kent. Also, he has some supernatural powers which he uses to save the world from the negatives.

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35. Eraserhead

Eraserhead – a name must be heard before. This movie was best known for the creative storyline where henry faces several problems. He marries a woman who was already pregnant with a baby of someone else. After the birth of the kid, the life of the couple takes a lot of turns. Eraserhead

EraserheadAlso, the kid isn’t normal. It is a creature somewhat like a lizard. The amazing movie was out on 19 March 1977, and the Director of the Movie was David Lynch. Frederick Elmes Herbert Cardwell was responsible for cinematography. Moreover, David Lynch, Fats Waller, Peter Ivers was responsible for the music in the movie.

34. American Graffiti

Next on the list of 40. is American Graffiti. It was a movie with drama and fun. Also, its purpose was to carve a smile on every viewer’s face. The Movie was out on 1 August 1973 in the USA. George Lucas was the Director, and Francis Ford Coppola was the producer.

American Graffiti

American Graffiti

Further, this movie gained a huge amount of $140 million. The movie was a huge success but couldn’t make its way towards the top position of the best 70s movies. Still, as many people loved the storyline and humor in the movie, it is among the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies.

33. Carrie

A movie with a pinch of drama and several horror scenes was out on 3 November 1976. The Movie was Carrie, and because of its popularity, it grabbed a place among the list of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. Brian De Palma was the Director, and Pino Donaggio gave the music to the movie.



In the movie, there is a 17-year-old girl, Carrie, who is humiliated after a prank on a prom night. She feels ashamed, so she uses her telekinetic powers after the incident. Even she discovered the powers in the party only.

32. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The movie, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, was out on 15 August 1975 in the UK when it garnered $170 million. It was a huge success, just like others on the list. Jim Sharman was the Director of the musical Movie. Also, Richard O’Brien did the screenplay.

the rocky horror picture show

The rocky horror picture show

With several strange twists and turns, the lead character plays their part perfectly. Brad and Jennet, who are in the lead roles, are struck on the road in the night because of a punctured tire. Further, they take shelter in a castle, and they face a lot of weird happenings.

31. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

With a different story, The Texas Chainsaw massacre is here won the list with several horror scenes. This movie is enough to run chills down the spins. Further, Tobe Hooper is the Director of the Movie. It garnered around $30.9 million on the box office, and that’s a huge amount for any 70s film.

The Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas chainsaw massacre

There is a chainsaw-wielding Killer who kills everyone who comes into his eyes. His psychopathic family also helps him in this horrible activity. Moreover, 5 friends find themselves in this trouble, and the story revolves around them.

30. National Lampoon’s Animal House

The animal house sounds fun, right? But is it exciting to live there? Well, it will be sure when one visits there. Here comes the next movie on the list. that is National.

National Lampoon's Animal House

National Lampoon’s Animal House

It was out on 28 July 1978 in the USA. John Landis is the Director of the comedy classic. Elmer Bernstein handled the music part. Moreover, Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, and Chris Miller wrote an amazing movie. It garnered around $141.6 million on box office.

29. The Omen

The Movie was out on 6 June 1976 in the United Kingdom. Richard Donner did an outstanding level of work and put his good efforts into this movie. As a result, this movie garnered around $60.9 million only in the United States and Canada. David Seltzer wrote the movie and gave a story that can be a hit.

The Omen

The Omen

It is a horror movie and has a mystery to solve. There is a married man in the picture who agrees to switch his stillborn baby with a different infant. Also, the infant is an orphan. But fate has something else for them.

28. The Warriors

A gang whose name is “The Warriors” is the core of the movie. It revolves around this gang. They have an aim to kill a gang leader who is uniting other gangs of the city. Thus, it’s an action movie with a mystery. To know the mystery, one needs to watch the 1hr 32mins long movie.

The Warriors

The Warriors

The movie is one of the best 70s movies and was out on 9 February 1979 in the USA. Walter Hill is the Director of the Movie, and Barry De Vorzon gave the music. Furthermore, the movie was a hit as it gained a huge amount that is around $22.5 million, in the late 70s.

27. Blazing Saddles

Blazing saddles movie grabbed its place in the top 40 best classic 70s movies with its outstanding storyline. John Morris and Mel Brooks gave their best to the movie. John provided the music, and Mel directed the whole movie. Further, the Movie was out on 7 February 1974 in the USA. Michael Hertzberg was the producer.

Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

The movie revolves around a corrupt politician who has a wish to evict the whole town. The movie is the best combination of comedy, and it is completely in the western style. Furthermore, People in the 70s enjoyed this movie a lot. As a result, it is on the list.

26. Dirty Harry

The Dirty Harry movie is just opposite to its name as the movie was remarkable. Many people just loved the film because of its thrilling storyline and amazing songs. Lalo Schifrin gave the music to the movie, and Don Siegel was the Director. It made $36 million at the box office and was a hit at that time.

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

The story of the movie starts in San Francisco, where a police detective ignores his companions and bets innocent lives. His main aim was to capture a terrorist. The movie is a perfect combination of action and thrill.

25. Deliverance

Deliverance is a 1972 movie that was out on 30 July in the USA. Director was John Boorman, and Dueling Banjos gave the song. It made $46.1 million on the box office that was a huge figure for 70s movies. Moreover, Ned Beatty played Bobby Trippe, Burt Reynolds played Lewis, Jon Voight played Ed Gentry, and Ronny Cox played Drew Ballinger.



These four men lived in the city and were desperately preparing for a weekend canoeing trip. They were playing to visit a river in Georgia’s backcountry. Further in the story, they encountered their worst experience there. The thrills in the story ranked the movie on the list of the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies.

24. Halloween

Halloween is a very exciting festival for people around the globe. So, here is a movie to make the festival more thrilling. Halloween is a movie that was out on 25 October 1978 in the USA. It is a Horror movie that can easily give a thrilling experience to any viewer.



John Carpenter is the Director of the Movie, and Debra Hill is the producer. Moreover, the movie is of 1 hr 31 min and can let the audience hold on to their position until the movie gets over. The movie is worth watching as it made $60–70 million on the box office and made its way in the top 25 movies in the best 70s movies.

23. The Outlaw Josey Wales

Was it worth putting the outlaw Josey Wales on the list of top 40 Best Classic 70s Movies? Well, it was because of its unique and creative story. Josey Wales, who is the lead character in the story, moves towards the west after the civil war. He met new people who were settlers, and he helped them. The settlers wanted protection, and they thought that no one could help them better than Josey Wales.

The outlaw josey wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The movie has war scenes in it. Thus, the Director Clint Eastwood and the music provider Jerry Fielding did their best to create art out of their talents. Moreover, people still love watching this movie even in modern times that is because of the amazing story.

22. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory is a family-friendly movie. Every age group can watch it 100 times, and they won’t find a single scene objectionable. Further, it is a movie based on fantasy and imagination. It can be the best fit for the position of 22 among the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies as people loved the creativity of the story.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Mel Stuart is the Director, and Gene Wilder played Willy Wonka. Furthermore, Peter Ostrum played Charlie Bucket, Julie Dawn Cole played Veruca Salt, and Paris Themman played Mike Teavee. Now, let’s have a look at the story. There is a factory owner who allows 5 children to in a chance of unlimited chocolates and sweets forever. When Charlie enters the factory with the children, a disaster befalls, and the group finds themselves in trouble.

21. The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain movie was a matter of objection when it was out for viewers. Many viewers showed their anger for this movie as this movie showed people naked. However, the theme of the movie wanted naked people. So, the story was that there was a Mexican master who was leading a christ figure. Also, he guides other disciples to a mountain of immortal wise men.
The Movie was out on 29 November 1973 in the USA. Alejandro Jodorowsky was the Director of the film. Further, it gained $95,858 at the box office after reissuing.

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20. The Last Picture Show

The Last picture show is a movie with a lot of dramas. In the story, there are some schools students, seniors, and their best friends who live in a town in Texas. One of the boys, Duane is dating a local girl named Jacy, whereas the other boy, Sonny, has an affair with his coach’s wife, Ruth. As life passes and the boys grow up, and Duane gets into the army, whereas Sonny gets into a local business. The story revolves around their life and shows how they are struggling with their life.

The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show

Peter Bogdanovich is the Director of the Movie, and Robert Surtees is responsible for the cinematography. The Movie was out on 22 October 1971 in the USA. Moreover, it fetched around $29.1 million at the box office. The film is good at its place on the list of 40 best classic 70s movies because of the love it received from it’d viewers.

19. The Young Frankenstein

The movie is about the life of young Frankenstein, who inherits his grandpa’s castle. There he finds a book that a several complicated experiments. Later, he starts reworking on those experiments, and the story starts with this. Also, the story has several twists and turns which keep the viewers engaged. So, this is how this movie made its way to the list of the top best 70s movies.

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks is the Director, and the talented John Morris gave the songs to the movie. Also, the Movie was out on 15 December 1974 in the USA. The movie is a Sci-fi piece, and the makers tried their best to portray a sci-fi movie.

18. The Exorcist

There is a young girl, Regan, who plays with an Ouija board. After playing with it, the girl shows weird behavior. She started acting horribly because of which her mother had to call two priests. They confirm that Regan is in the control of the demonic entity.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

The Exorcist

The movie is a horror masterpiece, and people showered their love on it when it was out for the public. It was released on 26 December 1973, and William Friedkin was the Director of the Movie. Furthermore, it gained $441.3 million at the box office, and it was a huge success for the entire team.

17. Jaws

Jaws was another amazing artwork of the makers and should be there among 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. The story of this remarkable thriller movie is that there is a police officer or chief. He, along with a Marine scientist and a fisherman, activate themselves to save the ones living on a quiet Island. This island is Amity, where a shark is terrorizing the inhabitants, and the team mentioned above wants to save them from this wild creature.



The movie was a complete success for the makers and was out for the audience on 26 December 1975 in India. Furthermore, Steven Spielberg was the Director of the Movie, and John Williams was responsible for the music played in the movie.

16. Stalker

Stalker is a sci-Fi movie that can confuse or put one into a dilemma about whether he understood something. Still, people admire the movie a lot as the movie is a complete package of drama, thrill, and Science, of course.  Although the language of the movie was originally in Russian still people around the globe watched it with English subtitles. Hence, it is on the list of Best 70s movies.



The movie was out on 25 May 1979, and Andrei Tarkovsky is the Director of the film. Moreover, Eduard Artemyev is responsible for the music used in the movie, and Alexander Knyazhinsky is responsible for the cinematography. 

15. Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon is a movie based on the 18th century. There a man named Barry is portrayed as a very lucky man as he gets into a relationship with a widow. This widow is not a normal lady as she is among the richest woman in society. Barry cheats the society and hides his identity. He then comes in front of everyone with the identity of the woman’s dead husband.

Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon

Now, the story has beautiful romantic scenes and lots of dramas. The romantic movie was out on 1 January 1975 in the USA. Stanley Kubrick was the Director, and John Alcott, the name behind the cinematography.

14. The Deer Hunter

Another unique story on the list of 40 best classic 70s movies is ”The Deer Hunter”. The movie is based on the US-Vietnam war. Three friends joined the army for Vietnam, but the enemy forces caught them. Later, those friends somehow escaped, but all their efforts went into vain as they were separated. After this, they were caught again. Overall, the movie has war-like situations and is full of actions and of course, includes a story.


The movie was out for people on 23 February 1979 in the USA, and Michael Cimino is the Director of the story. Stanley Myers gave the music to the movie. Further, with the love and support of the audience, the movie fetched an ”academy award for the best picture” award to the makers.

13. Rocky

The next Movie, Rocky is based on the ambition of a boy named Rocky who wants to get back his self-respect. He is a small-time boxer who gets an opportunity to fight with a champion. Now, this champion is a popular and experienced heavyweight, so Rocky has to take this challenge for his self-respect. Also, he prepares for this and fights with that heavyweight person.



The movie was out on 21 November 1976 in the USA, and John G. Avildsen was the Director of this ambitious movie. Also, Bill Conti added music to the pictures. Further, the makers made $225 million in the 70s, which is now equivalent to 1.09 billion.

12. Taxi Driver

Another Drama movie is Taxi driver on the list of 40 best classic 70s movies. This movie has a lot and lots of drama with a unique storyline. In this Movie, Travis is an ex-marine and Vietnam veteran who is a taxi driver in New York City. The complete story is all about his heroic moves and smart mind’s actions. Overall, people loved the movie, and even if anyone from modern times watches it, then he might also admire the movie in the same way as 70s people did.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

The movie was out for everyone in 1976 in the USA on 8 February. Martin Scorsese is the Director, and Bernard Herrmann took the task of adding music to the movie. Further, it gained $28.4 million at the box office in the times of 70s.

11. Chinatown

40 Best Classic 70s Movies without ”Chinatown”? It’s nearly impossible. This movie includes crime and mystery. Some people in this movie are indulging in creating a mystery or crime, and some are indulged in solving the case and mystery. This kind of movie is always evergreen because of the uniqueness in the content. Further, if we talk about the story, then it is quite interesting as here, a lady hires a detective so that he can spy on her husband. The detective solves matrimonial cases so it can be best known that the lady is doubting on her husband that he might be having an affair outside the relationship.



Furthermore, the movie was out on 20 June 1974 in the USA, and Roman Polanski was the Director of this amazing mindful Movie. Also, Jerry Goldsmith gave the music, and Robert Towne wrote the film. The makers also won awards for this amazing classic of the 70s.  

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10. The Sting

The Movie, The sting was remarkable and one of the most popular movies of the 1970s. Hence, it is on the list of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. Here, a team of Swindler Johnny Hooker is all set to take revenge. He is a ruthless leader of the team, and the team’s aiding is the responsibility of a Conman, Henry, who evaded the FBI.

The Sting

The Sting

Further, the movie was hit in 1973. It was out for everyone on 25 December 1973 in the USA. Goerge Roy Hill was the Director of the movie, and the featured song was through ‘The Entertainer’. Furthermore, the movie made $159.6 million at the box office that was certainly a huge amount in the 70s.

9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

As its name and pictures say that it might be an intense movie, but it isn’t. It is an intensively humorous movie with lots of war-like costumes. Likewise, the makers have perfectly tolled the medieval times in the movie without hurting any sentiments as every scene in the film is fictitious even the story is also fictitious. Hence, viewers love the movie even in modern times, and as a result, they made the movie qualified enough to get a place among the top 10 out of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If we talk about the Director, then he is none other than Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. The movie made $5 million at the Box office. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin wrote this interesting piece. Furthermore, Mark Forstater and Michael White produced the movie. 

8. A Clockwork Orange

A clockwork orange is a science fiction crime movie with some pinch of drama in it. Alex is a psychopathic delinquent who is a criminal and is imprisoned. He did murder and rape, but as he wants to lessen his sentence, he creatively uses his mind, and the movie goes on.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

A Clockwork Orange

The movie was a hit when it was out for people, and it gained $114 million at the box office. It was out on 13 January 1972 in the UK. Stanley Kubrick is the Director of the Movie, and the cast too became popular with this film. Thus, it was worth putting it on the list of 40 best classic 70s movies.

7.  Apocalypse Now

Another best one on the list of 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. Apocalypse Now was an award-winning movie and won some awards like Academy Award for the best cinematography. It was out in the cinemas on 15 August 1979, and the Director of the Movie was Francis Ford Coppola. Also, the music was from Carmine Coppola and Francis Coppola.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

Apocalypse Now

The movie garnered $31 million at the box office and was a huge success for the team. That is because the 70s were the initial years for the development of the entertainment industry. Moreover, Apocalypse Now movie has action, and several scenes in it are of combat which makes it more interesting.

6. Scenes From a Marriage

The movie Scenes from a Marriage might be on a topic that seems to be heard about a lot of times in the modern era. But, raising the problem on the television screens and cinemas was something very new in the 70s. So, the story begins where a married couple was having a great life together. But, things turned upside down when the happily married couple filed for a divorce as the male got involved with another woman.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

Scenes From a Marriage

The movie was out for everyone on the screens in 1973. The producer was Lars-owe Carlberg, and the writer was Ingmar Bergman. Moreover, the leads of the Movie were Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, and Bibi Anderson.

5. Alien

Aliens are one of the top mysteries around the earth. But, the makers tried to a story with an alien. So, here comes the movie on the list of 40 best Classic 70s movies, Alien. The story begins when a crew of a spacecraft finds unfamiliar signals from a planet. Therefore, they left earth to investigate it. However, nothing went on according to their plan as an alien attacked them. Also, the alien later invades the ship.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch


The movie was released on 6 December 1979 in India. The Director of the marvelous creation was Ridley Scott. Also, the story was from Dan O’ Bannon and Ronald Shusett.

4. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Beginning of the star wars? Yes, the legendary sequels of stars wars began in the early 70s. However, Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) made its way into the hearts of movie lovers. The Movie was a sci-fi movie, and a sci-fi movie has always attracted every age group. Hence, the movie ranked among the best 70s movies.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

Star Wars: Episode IV- a New Hope

The film was out in cinemas on 1 July 1978 in India. George Lucas was the Director, and John Williams cared for the musical part. Also, Gary Kurtz was the producer. Further, this movie fetched a very huge amount than any other movie in that decade. The figure was $775.8 million in the 70s.

3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is a movie that revolves around a prison and prisoners. There is a prisoner, McMurphy, who hates to work in prison. Thus, to escape Labour, he fakes insanity, and because of which he is then moved to another ward. They move them to a special ward where they imprison mentally disturbed people, and they authorized a cruel nurse to McMurphy. The cruel nurse, Ratched tortures him, and he has to rise under her custody.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Furthermore, the Director of the Movie was Milos Forman. Also, the movie won many awards, including the “Academy Award for best actor in a leading role”. Now, because of the creativity in the story and the great acting, people loved this picture, and it made its way among the top 40 best classic 70s movies.

2. The Godfather II

Just like the 1st part, Godfather, the second part, Godfather II, was also a hit, and because of the love received by the movie, it ranked among the 40 Best Classic 70s Movies. Here, the story begins and shows that the head of a mafia family has handed over the entire empire to the youngest son of the house. He then increases the criminal activities of the family. However, he gets indulged with some other don, and he is unaware of the upcoming challenges.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

The Godfather 2

The movie was a hit, and it was out in cinemas in 1974. It fetched $48-88 million at the box office. Also, the Director was Francis Ford Coppola, and Nino Rota looked after the music part.

1. The Godfather

According to the viewers, Godfather was the best movie in the complete decade. The story has many ups, and down till 2hr, 55 min movie ends. Hence, it is on top of all the other best 70s movies. Don Vito Corleone is a criminal who is the head of a mafia family, and he has a great empire built on his own. He decided to hand over the empire to his youngest son as he thought that his son can handle it better. But, he didn’t know that his decision was going to be fatal for the family. With a completely new concept for the 70s, the movie was overall a masterpiece with a good story and great acting skills of the leads.

40 Best Classic 70s Movies to Watch

The Godfather

Furthermore, the movie was out in the cinemas on 24 March 1972 in the USA. Also, the Director was Francis Ford Coppola, and the mindful writer was Mario Puzo. The movie was a great success for the entire team, and people might love it even in modern times.

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