50 Best Korean Variety Shows That You Should Check Out

Top 50 Korean Variety Shows

Variety shows are the heart and soul of television, be it anywhere across the globe. Despite the emergence of OTT platforms and web series, variety shows have not lost their essence and demand in many countries, including South Korea, which is a country that has overseas popularity in variety shows as well besides K-pop, K-grub, and K-beauty.

Indeed, Korean variety shows have been the heart and soul of the country’s entertainment industry. There are many shows that have gained popularity across the globe in this type of content, but not all the content is as good as it should be to entertain one with all its capability. While people tend to love K-drama and K-variety shows a lot, this industry has given a decent amount of elite and epic hits so far. All these hits make the South Korean entertainment industry popular and money through it.

That is simply why Korea has its foreign exchange coming from entertainment more than import and export. It isn’t wrong to say that South Korea has a good hand in shifting culture and business to more entertainment specific. In this blog, we will discuss all the Korean variety shows that are must-watch for you in today’s time, depending upon the relevant entertainment they provide.

The Running Man

Despite being a little ridiculous, The Running Man is quite an interesting Korean variety show for your entertainment. The show has been primarily created to make you laugh by hook or by crook. This show involves loads of crazy missions for the host and the guests that are ridiculous but fun to perform and watch.

the Running Man
the Running Man (Credits: SBS)

The successful completion of given challenges ends up rewarding the rightful party, whereas the failure to do so holds one accountable for a punishment. This 90-minute show is way more interesting, making the time fly by.

The Running Man has also featured many popular celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Stephen Curry, which depicts the popularity of this show. The Running Man currently stands at a fantastic rating of 9.1 out of 10 on IMDb, making it a show worth your time.

Two Days One Night

Two Days One Night is an indeed twisted piece of variety show that you might enjoy a lot. The series holds quite an intriguing piece of entertainment to it with all that it offers to the audience. Being a game reality TV show, it ought to have an interesting amount of games to the series for the MCs and the guests.

2 days 1 night
2 days 1 night (Credits: KBS2)

The basic premise of Two Days One Night includes a group of six men traveling the country of Korea all around and indulging in cheerful events, tourist spots, and activities while also playing various crazy challenges, including jumping into frozen lakes, sleeping on cardboard boxes, and much more.

This variety show from South Korea will not fail to entertain you even a tiny bit. Two Days One Night currently stands at a crazy rating of 8.9 out of 10 on IMDb, which totally shows how great it will be in entertaining you, indeed.

The Zone: Survival Mission

The Zone: Survival Mission is a well-crafted, keen variety show from South Korea that features huge celebrities from the country in a series of various sketchy challenges that are given by an AI chatbot to complete. All the given challenges are way too absurd, and watching them in the process of it is another thrill to enjoy.

The zone survival mission
The zone survival mission (Credits: Star)

This variety show indeed gets us to feel multiple varieties of emotions and feelings that will get you to go crazy for the show. The hosts of this Korean variety show include Yu Jae-Seok, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kwan Yu-ri, who all are determined to make it to the end of each challenge.

These challenges include the search for life-saving water in a haunted hospital, the recreation of childhood games over a shaking suspension bridge, and much more. This show is an extreme example of thrill which is why it is currently rated about eight stars out of 10 on My Drama List.

New Journey To The West

New Journey To The West is one of the best content there is in the genre. This series is worthwhile, indeed. This variety show, besides all the other ones in the market, holds a certain story to it that it dwells. What is more interesting is that the story of the series changes every single season.

Hence, New Journey To The West is a lovely show to enjoy. Based on a Chinese novel, the show initiates with the concept of seven occult dragon balls landing in different regions across the world, which the cast of the series has to find through various challenges and games as they travel around the world to get the dragon balls.

New Journey To The West
New Journey To The West (Credits: tvN)

The games get harder and harder to do and more serious as time passes by, while each season gets more and more competitive as per progression. New Journey To The West has been rated a great 8.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb, therefore, making it a must-try show to enjoy.

Knowing Bros

For all K-pop and K-drama fans, Knowing Bros is a lovely delight. This show holds much more value in the heart of the viewers than you think already. This already quite popular Korean variety show is set in a classroom where each week, a new Korean star visits the MCs of the show the classroom set to indulge in some light-hearted and witty humorous battles where they roast each other and include some slapstick comedy.

Knowing Bros
Knowing Bros (Credits: JTBC)

The sarcasm and humor of the show is the key selling point of Knowing Bros besides the immensely popular guests. Unlike all the other shows in the Korean variety industry, Knowing Bros uses verbal comedy to make you laugh instead of practical comedy. You might consider it a talk show, but overall, Knowing Bros is a beauty to watch. Knowing Bros currently stand at a popular rating of 8.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

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I Live Alone

I Live Alone is a pretty old variety show from Korea. This show is again quite different from the conventional ones as it depicts a different story and concept. I Live Alone does feature celebrities but not for a certain event or a talk show. This variety show takes it like a vlog of the celebrity where we get to see the usual life of a certain celebrity through his/her perspective.

I lIve alone
I live alone (Credits: MBC TV)

I Live Alone only features Korean celebrities that live alone on their own. Although you get to see the mundane lives of each celebrity, the series doesn’t end at that all the time. While the mundane lives of celebrities entice the audience a lot, the show also features various celebrities on the show meeting each other for an adventure across the country or the world, occasionally sponsored by the creators of the show. I Live Alone is a fun Korean variety show to watch, which is also proven by the 8.8-star rating out of 10 on IMDb.

My Little Old Boy

My Little Old Boy is an interesting take on an already popular Korean variety show named I Live Alone, where both series feature the mundane lives of celebrities and how they live a normal life like humans. This show is similarly very popular because people love to watch their favorite celebrities performing unbelievable mundane things that are a part of life.

My little old boy
My little old boy (Credits: SBS)

While the basic premise of the show is similar to I Live Alone, it majorly features actors from the country that are well above their age to marry and live all by themselves, doing mundane things and dealing with life.

The show also includes a group of mothers of the featured celebrities watching them over together which makes this show even more fun. Currently, My Little Old Boy stands at a rating of 8.1 out of 10 stars on IMDb, making it a must-try for all Korean content fans.

Great Escape

Great Escape is a Korean variety that ought to keep you on the edge of your seat. This series is one hell of a ride to enjoy. Great Escape features many Korean celebrities with hilarious personalities who together go through various challenges that are thrilling enough to get your nerve.

Great escape
Great Escape (Credits: tvN)

The show includes many mind-boggling puzzles and storylines that are mysterious enough to scare you and the indulged celebrities. While the entire show is created to give you light laughter and hilarious events to enjoy, the jumpscares, thrills, and all other such things are interesting enough to entertain you to the core. Great Escape is a lovely variety show that has been rated a good 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb, making it a must-try for thrill fans.


Workman is a cup of everyone’s tea, for sure. Majorly targeted at people who find it hard to sit for long sessions to watch a variety show, this Korean variety show has done the needful by creating a 10-15 minute long digestible variety show where the plot is as interesting as the facts about it discussed.

Workman (Credits: JTBC)

Workman features a single man, an ex-newscaster Jang Sung-kyu, who takes up different jobs throughout the series as a construction worker, pastry chef, and many others that cover all the horizons of job life. Throughout the series, he takes up various challenges of each job and entertains us through the challenges with the quick wit he has mastered to date.

Currently, the show Workman stands at a rating of 8.5 out of 10 stars on My Drama List, coming up as one of the best Korean variety shows to enjoy.

New World

New World is a bizarre show, indeed. The script of this Korean variety show on netflix is unlike any. The entire show is based on a utopian island featuring six celebrities from the country of South Korea. In their dream house, all these celebrities have to earn virtual dollars by hook or by crook in a tight span of six days, which will get harder and harder for them to achieve.

New World
New World (Credits: netflix)

Throughout the series, these celebrities have to indulge in various competitive adventures and challenges which will test their skills, will, and friendship because, in the end, the earned dollars will convert to real money they earn. The show includes thrilling moments, drama, and loads of laughter.

The only drawback is the occasional scripted scenes and scenarios of the show that will kill the fun of reality in the entire concept of this Korean variety show. New World is currently rated at a good 7.8 out of 10 stars on IMDb, which makes this show a reliable entertainer to watch.

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Single’s Inferno

Variety shows all across the globe are popular to be wild as hell, and South Korea is no different from the same. There are quite wide wild Korean variety shows out there in the market that has been blooming the Korean drama industry through their charm. One such show is Single’s Inferno.

Single’s Inferno
Single’s Inferno (Credits: netflix)

This show is quite interesting for a romance reality TV show which can be considered as a version of Love Island but more fun than that. The show features various singles looking for their true love on the show, and they are given the privilege of finding their love without sharing ages and professions.

This adds some sort of thrill to the mundane feeling romance Korean variety show. The contestants make their match entirely based on their personality. Currently, Single’s Inferno stands at a decent rating of 7.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

BTS: Bon Voyage

BTS: Bon Voyage is one of the most popular variety shows from South Korea that will entice all BTS fans out there in the world. Since BTS is the most popular brand bringing the most bucks to the country, this show ought to get one hooked to the show for sure. BTS: Bon Voyage is a documentary on the personal life of each member of the popular boy band BTS.

BTS bon voyage
BTS bon voyage (Credits: Naver TV Cast)

This Korean variety show is based on the boy band’s trip around the world. The entire purpose of this show is to bring the fans of the boy band closer to the band and show how they live their life since every fan loves to look at the personal life of their idol. However, this variety show is not for everyone but is still quite popular, with a rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

We Got Married

We got married is one of the most interesting and unique Korean variety shows there are on this planet. This series is different from any other variety show in the list as it contains a concept every fan roots for. With a creative as this, we got married and ought to get your attention to the roof.

We Got Married
We Got Married (Credits: MBC)

The show follows the concept of coupling two stars together as married couples for the show in a fake marriage where they have to totally pretend it and spend their entire span of time as married couples on the show. These couples are often the popular on-screen couples with crazy chemistry.

We Got Married is indeed an interesting variety show created just to provide service and give sort of an after-ever-happy scenario to the endings of popular shows in relation to the couples in it.

Masters In The House

Master In The House is a crazy hit when we talk about South Korean variety shows. This show is all about fun and comedy despite the other series holding a certain thrill to them. Masters In The House is more of a feel-good Korean variety show where five hosts of the series spend their days with the guests of the show and not a few hours.

Masters In The House
Masters In The House (Credits: SBS)

All these guests are masters of their field who teach the hosts the ways of their work in a span of 2 days, one night that ends up bringing many feelings to you, which prominently includes laughter. Masters In The House is rated a decent 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

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Boss In The Mirror

Boss In The Mirror is another very unique and interesting variety show from South Korea that has gripped the audience like glue. This Korean variety show has been created to serve relevant comedy content to the audience, specifically to the ones who work a job.

Boss In The Mirror is based around inviting bosses of different fields of business to the show where they are to examine their behavior as a boss to their employees so that they can improve their ethics in the company.

Boss In The Mirror
Boss In The Mirror (Credits: KBS2)

The show is run by Jun Hyun-Moo, and Kim Sook, who make the show fun and interesting to watch. Boss In The Mirror is indeed one of the best Korean Variety Shows, which stands at a lovely rating of 8 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

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Star’s Top Recipe At Fun-straunt

How can a cooking show be missed out when talking about variety shows from South Korea? Set in a documentary style, Star’s Top Recipe At Fun-straunt is an all-in-one package for the audience. This Korean variety show is an amalgamation of a talk show and a cooking show where celebrities entertain the audience with all their might.

Star’s Top Recipe At Fun-straunt
Star’s Top Recipe At Fun-straunt (Credits: KBS)

The show’s premise revolves around inviting celebrities to test their cooking skills. All the guest celebrities are given the task of cooking dishes for the celebrity chefs on the show, who judge their dishes and rank them.

These dishes are then listed online for sale. All the hosts and members invited to the show compete, which brings a sort of comedic relief to the show as well. The entire series is a popcorn entertainer, indeed.

Law Of The Jungle

Law Of The Jungle is a grossing Korean variety show. This series has been hitting the charts for quite some time. With the essence of man vs. wild that it holds, Law of The Jungle turns out to be a great entertainer. Created in a documentary format, the Law of the Jungle has ruled many hearts to date. The over-the-top cast and exciting people to watch going through the tough challenges of this show is indeed fun.

Law of the jungle
Law of the Jungle (Credits: SBS)

The show is based on the concept of survival in the wild, where the megastars from the Korean entertainment industry collectively go to the remote areas in the jungle with the hosts of the show, all of them who are inexperienced people in this field. The celebrities involved in the show are tested for their survival skills and real-time thinking skills.


Busted! is a show with an all-Asian cast, and the thrill associated with the show is part thought process. Each season of this variety show keeps getting grave with growing moments. The show’s genre is based all around a mystery.

Each season has its own mystery to cover. The invited guests of the show are given a task to solve a mysterious case and find the answer or culprit to the skeptical events taking place. This variety show is way better in terms of entertainment than all the other ones on the list because of the apt amalgamation of comedy with show.

While Busted! Has become a fan favorite in 2 seasons. The ratings show a gradual growth as it is rated a decent 7.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Weekly Idol

Created primarily for publicity purposes, Weekly Idol has turned out to be a money machine, after all. This Korean variety show is well-made in many ways indeed. Weekly Idol is a game show that features only K-pop stars and bands who visit the sets of this show to promote their upcoming songs, albums, or work, which is also performed on the show for fan service.


Luckily, with the primary goal of promotion, the show doesn’t lose its essence as it goes on to be a game show. It is where the contesting members of the guest K-pop bands are put through various challenging games on the show, like random dance play and 99 seconds challenge, which are quite fun to watch. Weekly Idol entertains us all with a decent rating of 7.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

The Return Of Superman

The  Return Of Superman is the only Korean variety show on the list that has the most adorable and cute cast. The concept and storyline of this Korean variety show are pretty grounded yet very interesting to watch, which also seems unique and enticing. With the adorable cast of small children and babies, this show manages to win many hearts over.

The grounded concept of this variety show is too cute and relatable for a family show. The Return Of Superman features a group of dads and some adorable offspring that are a pain in the neck.

The Return Of Superman
The Return Of Superman (Credits: KBS2)

The duo of each, father and son work as a team. Where in this show, each father is given the responsibility to take care of the child for 24 hours throughout the show’s episode(s) while the mothers get some nice rest throughout.

Watching the dads struggle to manage the kids gets more and more interesting as the show progresses, while the creative minds of the fathers get you awestruck and laughing for sure. This show has performed well and received deserving recognition with a rating of 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

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House On Wheels

House On Wheels is a unique and different type of Korean variety show that has an interesting entertainment factor to it. This series is a relief for all the viewers who love to travel and have an eye for it.

The show features many stars along its run, which makes it more entertaining in itself. With all the episodes, the show grips you harder and harder as the show keeps getting more and more engrossing.

House On Wheels
House On Wheels (Credits: tvN)

The show is based around Dong-il and his team of friends, Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jee Goo, as they travel around the country in their freshly owned trailer house. Along the road, they invite various Korean celebrities to their humble abode. The series has a lot of comedy and adventure to it, which will keep you intrigued with the show. Currently, House On Wheels is rated about 8.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Hometown Flex

Hometown Flex is another Korean Variety Show that gets you on with the traveling fever. The entire premise of this series is based around traveling the country’s various townships, cities, and places that people do not primarily know much about. This series has a lot of adventure to it and some sort of real estate content vibes.

Hometown Flex
Hometown Flex (Credits: tvN)

The series is all about huge hometown tours, getting along with celebrities, and occasional comedy. The laid-back behavior of this content is what drives the force. Hometown Flex features Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyun as the hosts of the show who travel across the country of South Korea and visit various hometowns of their celebrity guests.

This show takes the viewer to the unrecognized and unpopular parts of the country that are as beautiful. The grounded vibe of Hometown Flex is the most lovely factor about it. Currently, it has been rated a good 8.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb.


Traveler is yet another Korean variety show that fills up your traveler enthusiast demands. While the previous two traveling-based reality shows were set around South Korea, Traveler is the one that takes you outside the country and gets you a perspective of South Koreans on the outer world and its beauty.

With the show’s premise and set concept, Traveler does its job of entertaining you through the wit and hosting capabilities of the celebrities that are featured in the show. Each season of Traveler is based around a duo of two celebrities from the South Korean industry.

Traveler (Credits: JTBC)

Where season 1 took Ryu Jun-Yeol and Lee Je-Hoon to Cubs, spending an entire season exploring the country and its beauty, season 2 went more fierce and interesting with Ahn-Jae Hong and Ong Seoung-Wu traveling to the country Argentina and exploring the crazy culture of the European country and religion of football there.

This series has indeed enticed us gradually with its gripping content and has received a lovely response from the audience, which is why it is rated 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Our Little Summer Vacation

Our Little Summer Vacation is quite a show in itself that has everything you can expect from a laid-back homestay adventure show. With the events of 2020, Our Little Summer Vacation clearly fits the demand of the viewers in today’s time. This Korean variety show features Choi Woo Shik and his friend Jung Yu Mi both of whom move to a house outside the capital city of Seoul to enjoy summers there.

Our Little Summer Vacation
Our Little Summer Vacation (Credits: tvN)

Throughout the series, we get to enjoy various shenanigans of the duo in the house while they invite various fellow friends over to the house and spend the summer vacation at the summer house with ease. There are many things about this variety show that makes it a keen one to watch that includes the bromance between the duo, the plot, the execution, and the silly wit inclusive. With all that Our Little Summer Vacation offers, this show has been rated 8 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Hangout With Yoo

A day-in-life content culture is one of the most popular content there is on the internet. The show has performed immensely well to date and contains content that is much relatable to the Internet audience. The show’s premise is all about a day in the life of a celebrity. The show is quite reputed here in the wake of entertainment.

Hangout with yoo
Hangout with yoo (Credits: MBC TV)

Hosted by Yoo Jae Seok, the show follows each episode with a different celebrity from the country as the host goes about with the camera and gets our guest celebrities a chance to film their regular day, which will then be aired to the audience. This show technically serves fan service as it gets us closer to our idol stars and their personal life.

Hangout with Yoo has been rated a good 8.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb, which is quite evident for what it brings to the table. This variety is an absolute recommendation for people who wish to enjoy an interesting and light-hearted Korean variety show.

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Jung Hae In’s Travel Vlog

We are all aware of how vlogging has caught the craze in today’s time with the developing need for more content. Jung Hae In’s Travel Vlog is a show worth the time for all the travel lovers out there. This Korean variety show is quite similar to Traveler. That takes you out of the country of South Korea and gets you to know more about the foreign culture and how Koreans feel about the new environment.

Jung Hae In’s  Travel Vlog
Jung Hae In’s Travel Vlog (Credits: KBS2)

Jung Hae In’s Travel Vlog obviously features Jung Hae In and his fellow companions who join him on his filmed trip to New York, where they roam around through the city and film the raw life of these popular celebrities in a new country and unknown place. The show’s premise is developed in a way to entertain us and keep us interested in Jae Hai In’s Travel Vlog.

Youn’s Stay

Youn’s Stay is one of the most interesting Korean variety shows there are. This show is sort of a sequel to Youn’s Kitchen, where a veteran South Korean star, Youn Yuh-Jung, invites various foreigners to her restaurant, where she serves them good food and gets their reaction.

Youn’s Stay
Youn’s Stay (Credits: tvN)

Similar to the same concept, Youn’s Stay is about Youn Yuh-Jung and her fellow friends Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-Joon, and Choi Woo-Shik opening a hanok – a traditional Korean house for foreign visitors to spend their vacation time in while being unaware of the staff’s real identities.

This series was rolled out after the failure of Youn’s Kitchen but has then performed immensely well due to all the aspects of hosting it follows. Youn’s Stay is currently rated about 8.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb, making it a must-watch for you for sure.

Sea Of Hope

It is totally unique and hard for a show, specifically a variety show to serve a therapeutic purpose in one’s life. Shows that have the capability to provide peace to the mind and soul are beyond just recognition. Such shows are quite hard to create and find, but Sea Of Hope does the trick for all the people who wish to relax while watching a good piece of content.

Sea of hope
Sea of Hope (Credits: JTBC)

This Korean variety show is hosted by various K-pop and K-drama artists who have bought a bar on the seaside region of the country where they work as usual workers of the bar and entertain the visitors and us with soothing music and songs that will leave a huge amount of happiness and hope inside your heart. Sea Of Hope is one kind of show that you must give a shot at for the soothing relief and entertainment it provides.

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping has become one of the popular variety show in the South Korean regime, similar to its parent series, Hospital Playlist. After the success of season 1, Hospital Playlist Goes Camping had served the purpose of entertaining us and filling the gap before the release of season 2, which worked out pretty great.

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping
Hospital Playlist Goes Camping (Credits: tvN)

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping shares the same cast as that of Hospital Playlist, where the team embarks on a camp for two days and one night, where the team bonds better through their love for music and the much more adventurous tasks they do together.

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping has a larger spectrum of content to cover, meaning that the show is not limited to the fans of Hospital Playlist and will entertain you despite your knowledge and interest in Hospital Playlist.

The Game Caterers

From the creators of 2 Days 1 Night comes another masterpiece in Korean variety shows. This is a special show that deserves good recognition in the market among the audience. A game show as it is, Game Caterers features the director Na Young-Seok who visits various entertainment studios and platforms on a business trip where he is to indulge the celebrity guests in enticing games that keep the audience and the guests entertained.

A touch of witty and practical comedy is also quite an interesting factor in this show. The Game Caterers is indeed a fun show to watch, with a rating of 9.2 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

The Game Caterers
The Game Caterers (Credits: tvN)

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BTS In The Soop

BTS In The Soop is another travel-based Korean variety show that focuses on one of the most popular boy bands from the country of South Korea. This series serves its purpose very well. The show has been giving major relief to all K-pop and BTS fans with a peek into the life of the popular boy band.

BTS In The  Soop
BTS In The  Soop (Credits: JTBC)

BTS In The Soop is not a usual day in the life of celebrities but a hybrid to it. This Korean variety show takes the BTS members away from the busy lifestyle of the city and into the Soop, which is a Korean word for forest. Along with the boys of the band, you get to witness the beauty of the nature of South Korea, where the band has gone for a getaway.

The show doesn’t follow a script and lets the boys live their life and explore nature on their own and participate in the lively activities of the place and just enjoy themselves. The intensely laid-back feel of the show is what drives more and more audiences to the series, besides the craze for BTS itself.

TXT and En-Playground

TXT and En- Playground is a twisted version of BTS In The Soop with a similar concept of focusing the series on a certain boy band. In the case of this Korean variety show, the studio has focused the concept on two boy band groups from South Korea who try to get along with each other in a span of two episodes while competing against each other in the games of the show as well.

TXT and En- Playground
TXT and En- Playground (Credits: JTBC)

This show is fun and games that include loads of laughter, adventure, and just fun drama. TXT and En- Playground, despite being extremely short series, have done a great job in gaining much popularity in the community of the Korean entertainment industry. Currently, this show stands at a lovely rating of 9.3 out of 10 stars on IIMDb.

Honeymoon Tavern

Similar to Youn’s Stay, Honeymoon Tavern is also a variety of tv series that has followed suit and made tons of money off the concept they sell. This Korean variety show is about many emotions and much fun that will leave you awestruck about the show. Honeymoon Tavern is set on Jeju Island, where a group of celebrities, including Kim Hee Sun, Tak Jae Hoon, Yoo Teo, Moon Se Yoon, and Kai, host an inn on the island where everyone is divided by duties.

Honeymoon Tavern
Honeymoon Tavern (Credits: tvN)

The entire concept of the inn is to invite and host guests to the Inn and serve them well throughout their honeymoon. Most of the couples that are part of the participants are the ones that got hitched in the pandemic. The entirety of this show is quite soothing, while the show focuses on building a relationship between the customers and the celebrity staff. Honeymoon Tavern is a very fun Korean variety show that currently stands at the rating of 8.1 out of 10 on My Drama List.

Street Woman Fighter

Street Woman Fighter is a fabulous dance competition show quite unlike its name. Coming out as one of the most popular and quick-hit variety shows from South Korea. The success of this variety show is extremely evident when the show gets a spin-off series as the male version of the dance competition show gets finalized.

Street Woman Fighter
Street Woman Fighter (Credits: tvN)

Street Woman Fighter is a dance competition show where various female dance crews come to the stage of this show to compete with each other and get recognized as the top team to represent South Korea in international dance competition stages. This show has done an excellent task in creating a show for all the dance lovers in the country. The hype for this series is real, and it is rated a good 8.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is yet another pretty lovely Korean variety series that ought to entice you with more than just the concept. There is a lot to love about this Korean variety series that includes the chemistry of the cast members and the comedy inclusive.

The show is based on Thrill where the series features a team of popular Korean celebrities Yoo Jae Suk, Oh Na Ra, Jun So Min, Jessi, Mijoo from Lovelyz, and Lee Sang Yeob (for season 2), all of who are taken to three different locations and sometimes people where the task of all these members is figure out which is real and which is fake.

The Sixth Sense
The Sixth Sense (Credits: tvN)

As interesting as it sounds, all two seasons of this show have turned out well in the country and are gradually gaining major popularity. Currently, The Sixth Sense stands at a rating of 8.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb, all thanks to season 2.

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Kingdom: Legendary War

Kingdom: Legendary War is a pretty unique Korean variety series where the show features huge K-pop bands across the country who compete against each other for a title that crowns them the best among all the competitors.

In this competition show, all the K-pop bands indulge themselves in creating a superbly fantastic performance but remember, and only one can win. The show includes loads of drama as the K-pop teams keep getting eliminated by the viewers and judges till the last team standing is announced as the winner.

Kingdom Legendary War
Kingdom Legendary War (Credits: Mnet)

The sizzling performances from all the contestants end up enticing you into the show gripping harder and harder. The show never fails in the entertainment field and is indeed a drama to watch. With bands like THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, and many others Kingdom: Legendary War has indeed been legendary. Currently,  this show is rated a crazy 9.6 out of 10 stars on Rakuten Viki.

You Quiz On The Block

You Quiz On The Block is yet another masterpiece by Yoo jae Suk, who is accompanied by Jo Se Ho in this venture of his. This is a pretty different and chill-out variety show from South Korea.

You Quiz On The Block runs on a very interesting concept where the hosts of the show invite guest celebrities from the country with immense popularity, like BTS or Jung Ho Yeon, and chat with them throughout the episode, getting them comfortable on the show in front of the camera and the audience.

You Quiz On The Block
You Quiz On The Block (Credits: tvN)

This show is the prime act of Yoo Jae Suk’s talent, where he gets all the celebrities highly comfortable and easy to get the answers from, which is why the audience gets to connect easily well with the show. This show has made significant recognition in the market. Currently, it is rated about a crazy 9.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Unexpected Business

Unexpected Business is a delightful series to enjoy. This Korean variety is a prime example of friendship and what relationship two stars share with each other. This show is quite unlike any other series out there in the country, which is filled with entrepreneurial adventure and a mix of cooking into it.

Unexpected Business features Cha Tae Hyun and Barely on a variety show star Jo In Sung (two best friends), who runs a supermarket for a week in a small town in South Korea. The show does get stressful at times, but the comedy included compensates for it while we get to the lovely chemistry between these two friends.

Unexpected Business
Unexpected Business (Credits: tvN)

This series has won many hearts primarily because of the association of  Jo In Sung with the show. Unexpected Business has shown an unexpected performance indeed while it gets rated about 8.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb. If you love to watch unique variety shows, then Unexpected Business is the one for you.

Physical 100

Physical 100 is quite an intimidating type of Korean variety show that holds a significant matter to it. This series is fun and serious. Based on the concept of American Ninja Warrior, Physical 100 is all about fitness and rewarding the contestants totally based on the same. While the show seems to be targeted towards fitness freaks, it actually is engrossing for a larger pan of the audience itself.

Physical 100
Physical 100 (Credits: netflix)

Being one of the most popular series on netflix is what easily defines Physical 100. This show features 100 contestants of all genders and occupations that are extremely fit. All these contestants are in a survival competition where they are to utilize their physical strength to pass through the grueling challenges that will test their will and strength, and the one standing till the end will be crowned the honor as the winner. The premise of this variety series is quite enticing and has been loved by the viewers as well, which is evident in the 8.3-star rating on My Drama List.

Infinite Challenge

Being one of the longest-running Korean variety shows, Infinite Challenge is the one that gave Yoo Jae Seok his identity in the entertainment industry as the best MC of the entire South Korea.

This show is beyond our imagination and to gripping to dive in. Completed 12 years after its release, Infinite Challenge had set the standards of a variety show in Korea. The key factor making it the most interesting variety show was the unpredictability of the episodes.

Infinite Challenge
Infinite Challenge (Credits: MBC TV)

Infinite Challenge, as the name suggests, is a challenge-based reality tv show that consists of various silly challenges to be completed by the guests or contestants of the show, which also brings in loads of comedy along with. This Korean variety show has been loved by many people across the nation and worldwide.

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The Hungry And The Hairy

The Hungry And The Hairy is another soothing variety show from South Korea that mesmerizes the audience with its vibe. This series has been enjoyed by many which are because of the chemistry the two protagonists of the show follow. The Hungry and the Hairy has been created in a documentary format which helps keep the show more raw.

The Hungry And The Hairy
The Hungry And The Hairy (Credits: netflix)

This Korean variety show follows the hosts Rain and Noh Hong-Chul on a road trip across the country of South Korea as they explore the wonders of the country and bond together. The show signifies the differences between both the characters quite evidently, but that showcases the beauty of the show and the relationship both share throughout.

This is a very laid-back series that will feel as gentle as a breeze on the face. The Hungry And The Hairy plays a rating of 8 out of 10 stars on My Drama List, which is totally justified for what it has to offer.

No Prepare With Lee Youngji

While being one of the most popular variety shows of today’s time, No Prepare With Lee Youngji is a fun variety show to root for. This series has got all the checkboxes to tick when it comes to entertaining the audience. The premise of the show is set in Lee’s apartment, where she invites various guests over for some chit-chat on camera.

No Prepare With Lee Youngji
No Prepare With Lee Youngji (Credits: YouTube)

Although, this talk gets more and more interesting as time passes by, and the guests get more tipsy and drunk. No Prepare With Lee Youngji is one of the best talk shows in South Korea, which heavily displays Lee’s MC skills. If you wish to laugh out loud and enjoy every moment of a variety show, then No Prepare With Lee Youngji is the perfect show for you.

The King Of Mask Singer

The King Of Mask Singer is not your usual singing variety show but way more than that. The creators of the show have perfectly capitalized on one downside of the singing shows or sing-off shows which is the identity of the singer.

The King Of Mask Singer
The King Of Mask Singer (Credits: MBC TV)

This show is a beautiful amalgamation of sing-off and elimination-based singing shows. The premise is based around a singing show where various celebrities with gorgeous voices come to the show masked to have their singing performances on camera. These celebrities are masked throughout the show, with their identities kept hidden.

The show runs on an elimination basis while wiping off any chances of bias developing. This show is perfect for all the music enthusiasts out there because of the enthralling thrill of guessing who the masked celebrity is that is associated with it. The King Of Mask Singer is rated about 7.9 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Brainiacs Wanted

Brainiac’s Wanted is a quiz bowl type of variety show that will entertain you immensely while giving you knowledge as well. The premise of the variety is quite interesting itself, where various celebrities are invited to the show as cast members who are then divided up into two teams who compete with each other on a quiz on various topics ranging from math to logic to foreign language.

Brainiacs Wanted
Brainiacs Wanted (Credits: tvN)

The show is basically based on finding brainiacs all over South Korea, which went pan in the later seasons as well. Brainiacs Wanted is an interesting variety show to try if you wish to enjoy some academic entertainment with loads of laughter and comedy inclusive. Although Brainiacs Wanted is quite popular in the state, it has not generated enough fanbase abroad. Even so, the show is rated about 8.2 out of 10 stars on My Drama List.

Mafia Game In Prison

Mafia Game In Prison is another very interesting Korean variety show to watch. This show has a very unique and gripping plot that ought to get you hooked. The series is sheer entertainment while the hosts and the guest work as the cherry on top. Mafia Game In Prison is set in a prison set up by the team.

Mafia Game In Prison
Mafia Game In Prison (Credits: tvN)

Each episode has a new and different prison set, while the show is all about guessing who the member is. The cast members of the show are given the role of prisoners, who are then divided between model prisoners or mafia members.

The goal is to guess all the mafia members. If even one mafia member survives by the end, the round is won by the mafia team. Being one of the most interesting Korean variety shows, Mafia Game In Prison is loved by many, which is evident in the ratings of the show.

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High School Mystery Club

High School Mystery Club is another pretty interesting Korean variety show that will force you to use your brains. The show is created in a fictional setting and has a partial script, although the entire execution of the show is purely real.

High School Mystery Club
High School Mystery Club (Credots: TVING)

The premise of High School Mystery Club is set in a fictional Girl’s High School where the cast members are allotted their roles, and throughout the span, they have to solve mind games and weird puzzles to crack open their way to the conspiracy and a revelation to the bigger plot.

There is a huge amount of thrill associated with this show that will definitely entice you. High School Mystery Club also features various popular Korean female stars. The entirety of this show is truly beautiful, which is why it is rated a good 8.4 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

I Can See Your Voice

I Can See Your Voice is a twisted concept of a music reality show that will give you mesmerizing moments as well as fits of laughter altogether. This show has gained huge popularity gradually to date and is one of the most reputed Korean variety shows of all time. This series is loved by many and is expected to go long as well.

I Can See Your Voice
I Can See Your Voice (Credits: Fox)

The concept of I Can See Your Voice is to find the singing talent of many potential artists and show the mirror to the bad ones. The show’s concept is run by the judges who categorize each participant among good singers and tone-deaf singers who are eliminated eventually. Each performance from the show is memorable in its own way, which is why this Korean variety show is rated about 7.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb.


The love for the zombie apocalypse is at an all-time high these days with the ever-increasing popularity of All Of Us Are Dead and Walking Dead. Every fan of such content has been eager for an IRL zombie apocalypse or a glimpse of it, at least. Well, the creators of this show have done the right thing to capitalize on the concept. From casting to special effects, everything about this series is enthralling.

Zombie-Verse (Credits: netflix)

Zombie-verse is way better than all the other survival Korean variety shows. The show simulates a zombie attack on the cast members of the show who have to survive the attack while performing various survival activities, which include managing and finding food and making decisions on saving the infected. All quests are to be completed till the end, and the last ones standing are declared the winners.

Earth Arcade

Earth Arcade is a fun and chill Korean variety show created to showcase the pure beauty of this earth. The show has had two seasons in totality, where the cast members, including Lee Eun Ji, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and An Yu Jin, join forces to find the runaway rabbit across the earth while roaming around the arcade of this beautiful planet, trying good food, sceneries, beauty and enjoying games that come along while learning various cultures of the world.

Earth Arcade
Earth Arcade (Credits: tvN)

This travel show gives you a laid-back, chill-out time to enjoy watching the beauty of this earth. The show consists of many moments of awe that leave you mesmerized. Earth Arcade has been rated good 8.7 out of 10 on My Drama List.

Siren: Survive The Island

Siren: Survive The Island is a fresh new survival-based Korean variety series that has a more raw feel to it than any other survival series itself. The execution of this show is already quite enticing, while the show’s future is set anticipated for more. The creators of Siren: Survive The Island have managed to create a heck of a show.

Siren Survive The Island
Siren Survive The Island (Credits: netflix)

The premise of Siren: Survive The Island is based on a remote island where a group of 24 people, including officers, firefighters, athletes, soldiers, and people from various other occupations, are dropped to be left to survive on their own.

All these members have to team to survive the island for the given time and grow better. This survival-based Korean variety show has an entertaining plot that is indeed executed well. Despite being a fresh series, Siren: Survive The Island has bagged a rating of 8.2 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

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