8 Must-Have Zombie Games on PlayStation 4 and 5

Zombie Games

We all love playing games, and we all love experimenting with games. For an even greater gaming experience, we go for a gaming console. Our one and only. Our beloved. PlayStation. It gives you a feeling as if you are face-to-face with the bad guys. You either knock ‘em down, or it’s game over for you. Ooh, ride or die!

BRAINS! BRAINS! BRAINS! Zombies may not exist in today’s world, but they are the oldest kind of enemy in the evolution of video games. Ranging from the deadliest-looking zombies to quirky and comical, video games over the years have showcased zombies and gotten immense support from gamers.

They are ponderous, frightening caricatures of the narrow-mindedness of humanity. They are the ideal shooting material for action flicks and video games because of their countless number and cold meat-eating qualities. Their withered looks are perfect for both fright and laughter. Well, if you face one, in reality, we don’t think there’s time to laugh.

And let’s be real; zombie games are total bangers. Action can never go wrong with those filthy hungry insomniacs. Combining zombies with the PlayStation 4 and 5 is even epic. The PS4 and 5 visuals are to die for when met with some deadly zombie action.

That is exactly what we are going to look at today. We have narrowed down the 8 best PlayStation zombie games that you will definitely enjoy on your PS4 and 5s.

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Resident Evil 2

This game originally came out in 1996. In 2019, Capcom finally decided to give their game a makeover and released it as Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation 4. The game is also compatible with PlayStation 5.

Screenshot of Resident Evil 2 Gameplay
Screenshot of Resident Evil 2 Gameplay (Credits: Capcom)

Resident Evil 2 has a breathtaking polish on its visuals. You get to choose to be one among the two players; Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy. The city’s citizens turn into zombies after the water supply of the city is infected by the T-virus. The mastermind behind all this? Umbrella Corporation.

The goal is to escape the Raccoon City that’s overflowing with zombies trying to eat your brains. This game is among the best of the Resident Evil series.

Despite lacking in variance, Resident Evil 2 has the most eye-catching zombies of all the zombie games out there. Right from lighting to the detail in facial expressions to the minor flinch when things blast around the enemies, the game has aced the visual game.

The game is very pragmatic that way. Imagine you have guests over in an hour’s time. While you would love to cook them a fancy platter with a lot of dishes for them to enjoy, you can only do so much in an hour. 

Similarly, in the game, while you spot endless weaponry on your way, you only can carry so much. That is when you need to use your brain and think ahead of time to presume what will be of use to you and what you should keep or discard.

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Last of Us 1

The Last of Us remake that came out last year, in 2022, speaks volumes than the original in 2013. The plot of Last of Us is a bit different from the cliché zombie-run stories.

Screenshot of Last of Us Gameplay
Screenshot of Last of Us Gameplay (Credits: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

While you still have to run from the zombies that have been infected in the city, you, Joel, have to keep this young girl named Ellie safe. Ellie is immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection that seems to have affected everyone in the city.

You will love this zombie game with its incredibly precise controls, smooth animation, and top-notch graphics. You will be stunned by Joel’s damp clothing and weaponry, which drip realistically down the cuffed areas of his sleeves. It’s a breathtaking representation of what the PlayStation 5 is known for.

Although The Last of Us is a more visually striking game, its deeper significance comes from the detail in the facial expressions of the characters. Joel’s buried pain is evident, while Ellie occasionally exhibits tenderness. These nuances add more layers to the characters.

In addition to the overall appearance of Last of Us, it also did a fantastic job with its AI. Zombies will do anything in their power to escape when you catch hold of them. They will attempt to flee if you hold them for a long time and try to shoot in an attempt to do so. You don’t only feel like you need to get through the zombies you encounter. They have the impression of being people who are feverishly striving to stay afloat in an unraveling world.

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Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Oh, a classic! This one in the list is the most playful, comical, and colorful of all. Garden Warfare 2 is a third-person shooter. You can play as zombies too!

Following its predecessor, Dr. Zomboss takes control of the Z-mech, leading to the dominance of the zombies over the plants. To regain authority over Suburbia and grant it the new moniker of Zomburbia, the Zombies use the Z-mech upon the plants. The plants then fight the zombies to reclaim their dwellings.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Screenshot of Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Gameplay (Credits: PopCap)

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has a lot of modes you can explore. You can play with the computer or friends online. What is interesting is, if you have played the original game before and have your progress saved, you can easily transfer your characters like you transfer credits in college!

There is a lot to do in the game, and you will never get bored! Garden Warfare 2’s mechanics, reactivity, and controls are no joke. It is downright mind-blowing how it is all so smooth. In a good way. In a fantastic way!

Pretty much all the flaws in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2’s prequel are remedied. The follow-up is a full-sized video game that gamers have been looking for with Solo Quests, solo and split-screen functionality to enjoy additional modes, characters, and the extensive Backyard Battlegrounds center map.

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Dead Rising

Dead Rising has an interesting setting. The zombie outrage takes place at a mall! Yes, a shopping mall! You get to play as Frank West. You get a range of ammunition to defeat the zombie apocalypse.

Screenshot of Dead Rising Gameplay
Screenshot of Dead Rising Gameplay (Credits: Capcom)

During the game, you come across many other survivors of the apocalypse. The game’s narrative is structured around a 72-hour time frame, with a supplementary 24-hour post-game segment. There are an overall of six endings labeled F to A, but only Ending A gives entry to the post-game, making it the game’s canonical climax.

The texturing of all the characters is commendable. Capcom has also built character models that move effortlessly. Do you know what that means? It feels REAL. The staggering number of zombies you see concurrently with no fps glitch is Dead Rising’s finest graphical asset. Despite having so many kinds of zombies in the video game, Capcom created adequate graphical contrast to avoid redundancy.

Not only are the character textures great, but the sound effects and the animation also are worth the praise. The sound that almost feels real makes the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable, especially with a console like PlayStation 5 and Dead Rising, leaves no crumbs.

World War Z

It all started with a book with this game. Released in 2006, World War Z came out as a book. Brad Pitt later released a movie based on the book in 2013.

Screenshot of World War Z Gameplay
Screenshot of World War Z Gameplay (Credits: Saber Interactive)

Finally, in 2019, World War Z came out as a video game. World War Z is an entertaining, zombie multiplayer shooting game with an impressive progression mechanism that is going to keep you glued for quite some time and truly covers that gap.

The game is a first-person shooter, and you get to pick from the seven pre-existing classes. There are seven different maps, each with a unique storyline. It’s fun defeating zombies in seven different cities and plots. You can’t easily get bored! Gathering a four-person gang to play World War Z’s confined but fascinating storyline is the most effective way to enjoy it.

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Strange Brigade

Friends, this game has a really good narrator. An excellent story with an excellent narration is everything in a video game sometimes, and Strange Brigade checks that box. Strange Brigade is not only restricted to zombies; but also skeleton pirates and mummies. You get to team up with three more players to help bash the enemies.

Screenshot of Strange Brigade Gameplay
Screenshot of Strange Brigade Gameplay (Credits: Rebellion Developments)

It is a genuine callback to the vibe of 90s video games when they were straightforward and didn’t take things very seriously. Strange Brigade is a potent, trendy third-person shooter with a superb level design, melee interactions, and four-player multiplayer. The action provided by Strange Brigade is fun and effortless.

Like all of us are unique, every character in the game possesses distinct skills. In the game, if you collect an assortment of relics or hidden collectibles, you can purchase more skills for your character.

Dead Island 2

The zombie outrage is set in L.A. Well, unlike the posh one, this is gore and crowded with deadly zombies. You can get to pick from 6 characters in this first-person action-adventure.

Screenshot of Dead Island 2 Gameplay
Screenshot of Dead Island 2 Gameplay (Credits: Dambuster Studios)

There are ten zones in which you have to find and attack the enemies, in this case, the ugly zombies. Dead Island’s writing is of an exceptional caliber, even though its narrator is not as compelling as Strange Brigade’s. The video game delivers many amusing punchlines.

A perpetual flow of passive bonuses and combative abilities that you gain as you move through extra missions, and the story also keeps warfare engaging. Its messy action and lovable characters are quite enjoyable, particularly while playing multiplayer with pals.

Even if the fairly basic process of making weapons and strengthening your skills while slaughtering an army of zombies makes for fun as a whole on its own, the game’s major standouts are its excellent scripting and extensively snarky tone.

This one’s an absolute must-play for fans of the zombie apocalypse theme. Thanks to the devs, the video game’s slash and world design are truly outstanding.

Days Gone

In the game, you are Deacon St. John. You have to look for your lost wife midst of the zombie apocalypse. Published in 2019, this game’s goal is to find someone rather than escape and kill, unlike other zombie games. You can never get tired of Days Gone since it has more than 150 quests to clear. So, get going!

Screenshot of Days Gone Gameplay
Screenshot of Days Gone Gameplay (Credits: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The fun part of this third-person action-adventure is that you get to ride around on a bike. In Days Gone, maintaining your bike is very crucial. Fuel is used as you travel from one location to another, meaning searching for fuel until your tank ultimately runs out.

You need to collect scrap metal to fix it if you encounter a serious mishap or get caught by cunning thieves. It’s an almost easy simulation of motorbike servicing, but it indicates that prolonged journeys demand a lot more than simply hitting on the engine and zoning out till you arrive at the intended location.

It features some very exciting battles as well as conflicts with wandering zombie mobs. In general, the game is a platform for you to immerse your toes in as you accomplish the game’s key quests, offering you an area to discover.

Did you know California celebrates World Zombie Day on the 13th of October? Crazy, huh? We seem to love it when deadly creatures covered in blood run behind for our lives unless it’s reality! Zombie games have come a long way in the video game industry. And there is a long way for them to go with advancing technology.

So, which is your favorite? Or do you have a favorite zombie game for the PlayStation 4 or 5 that we missed? Are you a Zombophile (Yes! That is a legitimate term; the world is crazy), or do you have Kinemortophobia?

Do not hesitate to chat about it in the comments section below so that all our fellow gamers can engage in the fun. We hope you added some of these zombie games to your PlayStation 4 and 5 library! 

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