Aemond’s Sinister Rise in House of the Dragon

House of Dragon

In Episode 4 of “House of the Dragon,” titled “The Red Dragon and The Gold,” fans got the intense drama they were hoping for, especially with the deaths of Princess Rhaenys and King Aegon, which will significantly impact the storyline.

However, it’s Aemond who stands out as the most sinister character after his victory at Rook’s Rest. His collaboration with Ser Criston Cole has left viewers questioning his true motives. In a recent interview, Ewan Mitchell, who plays Aemond, discusses what lies ahead for their partnership.

In the first three episodes, Aemond and Cole have been quietly working together, both eager for war and aiming to defeat the Blacks. Mitchell explains that they share similar views, believing war is inevitable and scheming to manipulate the small council to their advantage.

House of Dragon Episode 4
Cole’s true motives are a mystery (HBO MAX)

At the start of the fourth episode, Aemond confidently presents his battle plans for Rook’s Rest to the council and the king, with Cole fully supporting him, as they conquer one stronghold after another. For Cole, the newly appointed Hand of the King, there’s uncertainty about his true loyalties.

“We genuinely do not know what he’s doing it for or how far he’s prepared to go — and he’s gone pretty far, so far. You’ve got Aegon, who said himself he has no wish to rule. You can see how that is lucrative to members of the small council: someone who doesn’t have ambition.”

But Aemond is different. “Someone who you could argue has ambition, who you could argue has a political agenda — that might be something a little harder for the small council to control,” Mitchell explains.

He believes Aemond and Cole are mostly aligned, but he’s excited for viewers to see how their relationship evolves. Aemond is undeniably one of the more sinister characters, showing remorse for Luke’s death but remaining calm and calculative regarding Rhaenys and Aegon.


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