After Glenn W. Dye finished 25 missions in Masters of the Air, what happened to him?

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The 100th Bomb Group celebrates Captain Glenn Dye’s accomplishment of 25 missions and his return home in the first part of Masters of the Air episode 4. But what happened to the actual Captain Dye after he achieved this milestone?

It is revealed in Masters of the Air that a pilot can return to the United States after completing 25 missions. Dye stood out among the men since he was the first pilot among the 100th to complete this many flights. But Masters of the Air never does follow up on Capt—Dye’s successful mission.

Dye’s circumstances were not unusual for American soldiers in World War II. Soldiers were frequently sent back to the United States to serve as symbols of hope for the people there after achieving particular objectives. They would share their accounts, offer war bonds, and tell the public that America was winning the war.

Masters of the Air Season 1
Masters of the Air Season 1 (Credit: Apple TV)

This exact situation even happened to John Basilone in the spinoff series The Pacific of Masters of the Air following his victory at Guadalcanal. As a result, while Capt. Dye’s circumstances are undoubtedly true, what happened to him afterwards is left unclear in the series.

After Glenn W. Dye finished 25 missions in Masters of the Air, what happened to him?

It is true that Capt. Glenn Dye came home after his 25 missions, however, he went back to work for the US Army Air Forces when his service was over. As to his bio on The 100th Bomb Group Foundation, Dye completed his European Theater tour and was based at Smokey Hill A.A.F.B. in Salina, Kansas.

During what is sometimes referred to as the “Battle of Kansas,” Dye flew test flights for B-29 aircraft, which would eventually supplant the venerable B-17. In addition, Dye worked as a crash investigator and a flight instructor. Up to the end of World War II in 1945, Dye remained in active service.

In addition to servicing B-29 aircraft, he assisted in the training of the 509th Composite Group and accompanied them to Cuba before their deployment abroad. Dye was given the title of “Acting Colonel” to help him command his men even though he was dismissed with the rank of Captain.

Masters of the Air Season 1
Masters of the Air Season 1 (Credit: Apple TV)

Even though Dye’s 25 flights were not completed, his service did not finish there. Nevertheless, he saw a great deal more safety in the United States than his fellow 100th soldiers did when flying in Thorpe Abbotts.

Although 25 missions would seem like a random amount to send a soldier home on, in actuality, this was a remarkable amount of time to be in grave danger and survive.

Major John Egan informs Lt. Col. Robert Rosenthal in Masters of the Air episode 4 that he merely needs to survive 11 missions to “beat the odds.” Flying posed such a risk that accomplishing 25 missions was a significant feat.


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