All Akatsuki Members Ranked By Strength

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We have seen a lot of anime and we came across many villains. But, none of them can compare to our all-time favorite villain group, The Akatsuki. Usually, villains in other anime annoy us to the point we want to smack them right in the face. But, The Akatsuki is different. They may have gotten defeated by the main characters but they all won our hearts. The members of Akatsuki usually fight solo or in a two-man cell. And that’s where teamwork and the power of friendship win against them.

But, we can bet our lives that if the main characters decided to go one-on-one against the members of Akatsuki, then they are going to have a real hard time standing up against any of them. Or they may never stand again in the future. But, what if Akatsuki members go up against each other? Now, that’s interesting.

There are so many legendary members that it is hard to predict who’d be the last man standing in the Royal Rumble of the Akatsuki. And, we are here to rank all the Akatsuki members. So, without wasting any further seconds, let’s begin our Ranking of The Akatsuki.

1. Pain/Nagato (The Leader Of The Akatsuki)

After Yahiko’s death, Nagato started using the name “Pain” and inflicted pain all over to make everyone understand the true meaning of peace. Along with Yahiko and Konan, he formed Akatsuki to fight for peace. But, people just can’t accept peace without violence first. So, the Akatsuki which was formed next was to force “Peace” all over by any means possible.

Now, talking about why Pain deserves to be at No. 1. First of all, he is an Uzumaki who has the overpowered Rinnegan. Not just that, he can sit miles away and distribute his powers and abilities to six other dead people and use them and their different abilities separately, calling it the Six Paths of Pain. Each Pain can use different abilities such as the infamous Almighty Push/Pull, Summoning Jutsu, Suck Human Souls out, Absorb Ninjutsu, Shoot mechanical rockets, and he can even resurrect the dead whose souls he sucked out.

Pain/Nagato Uzumaki

Not to forget, he single-handedly destroyed the entire Leaf Village using his “Shinra Tensei”. Even Naruto’s sage mode lost to Pain. If it wasn’t for Hinata, Naruto wouldn’t have lost his mind and gotten himself free. Pain even survived six-tails Naruto. It takes a lot of Chakra to use one Shinra Tensei. But, Pain used several Shinra Tensei and even captured Nine-Tails using his Chibaku Tensei.

Now, calculate the rest why Pain is the Strongest Akatsuki member.

2. Itachi Uchiha (The Genjutsu King)

We know fans are going to be against this. But, we have valid reasons why Itachi is placed at No. 2. Sure, Itachi is one of the God Level Shinobi with overpowered abilities like Fire-Style Jutsu, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susano with Yata Mirror Shield, and Totsuka Blade. But, not to forget he has a scarce reserve for chakra and stamina.

That’s why he avoids long fights and tries to put his opponents under genjutsu using his Mangekyo Sharingan. And even that takes a huge toll on his already weak body. He was only surviving and keeping himself alive so that he can die fighting against Sasuke to make him the Hero of the village.

akatsuki itachi
Itachi Uchiha

But, imagine Pain Vs Itachi. None of his abilities would work on Pain, as Nagato would be sitting miles away controlling six different bodies using his Rinnegan. All he’d have to do is fight till Itachi’s stamina and chakra finish. Only Naruto was able to find Pain’s real body using his Sage Mode. But, for Itachi, it won’t be possible. Even his Izanami won’t be of any use against Pain. So, yes Itachi can defeat almost everyone. But, Pain is not for everyone.

And, that’s the reason why Itachi is placed No. 2 in Akatsuki.

3. Obito Uchiha/Tobi (The Clown Of Akatsuki)

If we talk about Prime Obito, he could easily defeat everyone on this list single-handedly. But, we are talking about the Obito when he was in Akatsuki. Obito comes under Itachi because Obito himself said that he feared Itachi. He had to wait for Itachi to die before he could make his move. That proves why he is in the 3rd spot.

But, unlike Itachi, he can use his Mangekyo almost every time thanks to the Hashirama cells. Because of his Hashirama cells, his Mangekyo never got weak instead it always got regenerated. Also, he can use wood-style jutsu. Not to forget, he went up against Minato Namikaze when he was just 14-years old. Although he lost against his sensei, he survived the fight. That was a lot for a 14-year-old.

akatsuki obito
Obito Uchiha

He can also use Izanagi which he used against Konan to cheat death. His Kamui is one of the jutsu that makes him overpowered. He can avoid any attack as well as take his opponent inside his Kamui dimension which makes them vulnerable. Last but not the least, Obito was Madara’s disciple. He learned to wait for the right moment for the perfect opportunity.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

Ever since Pain/Nagato died, Akatsuki ended. But, Obito continued to move towards his goal by continuing his own Akatsuki. And, Sasuke became part of this new Akatsuki under Obito. Even though he was part of Akatsuki for a short amount of time, still it counts. Sasuke is above Orochimaru, we all know why. If you are going to say that Orochimaru didn’t have his hands when Sasuke defeated him, then remember Orochimaru survived against Jiraiya and Tsunade without hands.

It’s true that Orochimaru dug up his own grave by teaching everything he had to Sasuke. But, still, if we talk about the Sasuke in Akatsuki, Orochimaru would have lost in an even worst way. Because this time Sasuke had his Mangekyo Sharingan and he could ‘almost’ do everything Itachi could. He had Amaterasu, he could use Susano, and don’t forget the kind of genjutsu he used on Danzo.

akatsuki sasuke
Sasuke Uchiha

5. Orochimaru (The Mad Scientist)

Alright, let’s make it easy why he is at No. 5. He is one of the Legendary Sanin. So, yes that is explanation enough for why he is here. Not that it mattered against Itachi, that’s why he is not above Itachi. What makes Orochimaru overpowered is that his summoning jutsu summons Manda the largest snake ever. He can use curse and reverse-curse seals. He can also use one of the most broken jutsu of the Naruto-verse “Edo-Tensei”/”The Reanimation Jutsu”. And we all know what happened when he reanimated the First and Second Hokages. And the rest is history.

akatsuki orochimaru

6. Kisame Hoshigaki (The Tailless Beast Of Akatsuki)

Fans would be mad to see Kisame here instead of Kakuzu. But, we can end this debate right here right now. Unlike Kakuzu, Kisame is always careful. Remember, Kakuzu was defeated by Naruto who at the time only learned to use his Rasenshuriken. Naruto didn’t even learn to use his Sage mode that time. Far away from using Kurama’s powers. But, Kisame almost defeated Killer Bee, who had full control over his Eight-tailed beast. The main point is Kisame didn’t die against Killer Bee.

In addition to that, Kisame used to be part of Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and also has Samehada which allows him to absorb chakra.

Kisame Hoshigaki

7. Konan (The Angel Of Akatsuki)

Konan is one of the founding members of The Akatsuki. Other than the fact that she nearly defeated Obito, the reason why she is in the 6th position is she actually is a strong kunoichi who was personally trained by one of the legendary Sannin, Jiraiya. And we all know whoever Jiraiya taught ended up becoming legendary. Obito’s Izanagi was something she did not anticipate, otherwise, we all fell for it. We almost accepted that Obito was lost.


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8. Kakuzu (The Heart Stealer)

Yes, he’ll literally steal your heart. Kakuzu doesn’t have one, but five hearts. All five for the five natures that he can use. He is a survivor as well. Kakuzu is one of the oldest shinobi that fought against Hashirama and survived. But, the reason he is below Kisame is his overconfidence. He always underestimates his opponents.

On the other hand, Kisame never takes a chance with anything. He’s always careful. And the reason Kakuzu is below Konan is that Konan almost defeated Obito. If not for Obito’s Izanagi, Obito’s defeat was inevitable. If Konan fights like that against Kakuzu, then Kakuzu doesn’t stand a chance. All five hearts will get broken by this Angel of Akatsuki.

akatsuki kakuzu

9. Shin Uchiha (The Akatsuki Wannabe)

Just because you have a Sharingan, it doesn’t mean you are an Uchiha. Kakashi and Danzo had Sharingans too. And just because you wear an Akatsuki cloak doesn’t make you a member of Akatsuki. Shin was neither an Uchiha nor an Akatsuki member. He self-proclaimed both. He was just one of the test subjects of Orochimaru. They say Shin was inspired by Itachi and that he wanted to take revenge for him.

It’s a miracle that he is even on this list. If he really understood Itachi he would have chosen the right path. But, he was just a lost cause. Just like Orochimaru had his eyes on Itachi’s body, Shin might have gotten the interest in Itachi from his scientific father/mother, Orochimaru.

Shin had the ability to teleport himself and manipulate his marked objects is the reason why he is so above on this list. But, the fact he got punched by Sakura even after having these many abilities is the reason why he is so down on this list.

Shin Uchiha

10. Deidara (The Explosive Artist)

Deidara is one of the strongest Akatsuki members, no doubt. And he is above Sasori because we know what his C3 and C4 bombs are capable of. He doesn’t even need to put effort to destroy Sasori along with his hundred puppets. Don’t forget the strategy he used to take down Gaara, whom we all used to fear during the chunin exams. All by himself. Not just that, he also fought against Team 7 and Team Guy without hands. Not only did he survive, but also almost wiped them from the face of the planet. If it was not for Kakashi, Team Guy was over right then right there.


11. Sasori (The Master Puppeteer)

Sasori was a master puppeteer for sure. But, also at a very young age, he took down the strongest Kazekage, The Third Kazekage all by himself and also added him into his hundred puppet arsenal. But, that’s it. The reason he is stuck in 9th position is not everyone will be stupid enough to fight with puppets against him. One Fire Style Jutsu and he is done. But, that’s not the only reason why he is stuck here. He got beat by Sakura. That’s what makes him one of the weakest Akatsuki members.


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12. Yahiko

Yahiko was the original founder of Akatsuki. And he was one of the students of the legendary Jiraiya. That proves that he had the potential but never got the chance to show his powers and abilities. He possessed fire, wind, and water affinities. If he had the chance he could have made it above on this list. He had his dream of making a peaceful world, but humans don’t like peace, they crave chaos. His dreams got crushed under the chaos.

akatsuki yahiko

13. Zetsu (The Mastermind)

Zetsu is not a fighting-type character. He is more like a manipulator and a strategist. Even Madara said that Zetsu is not meant for battles. But, he has the brains to deceive the entire shinobi world. Just because he can use his brain better than everyone is why he is above Hidan. Even if Zetsu lets Hidan complete his ritual, Hidan would still need the blood of his opponent to use their jutsu against them. But, Zetsu doesn’t bleed. There, Hidan lost already.


14. Hidan (The Immortal Servant Of Lord Jashin)

Hidan might be immortal, but his jutsu is too slow. He doesn’t even have anything else in his arsenal other than his ritual jutsu “Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood”. He has to complete an entire ritual before he can take any action against his opponents. Plus, he is dumb. He doesn’t fight using his brain. If only he could use his brain he would have become unstoppable. But, his jutsu’s weakness is the brain. That’s why he was defeated and got buried by Shikamaru alone.


15. Juzo Biwa

Juzo is no doubt one of the weakest Akatsuki members. He died earlier than anyone while trying to protect Itachi. Say what! What was he even thinking? Itachi doesn’t need protection. He could survive on his own. Yes, sure Juzo survived Might Duy’s Eight Gate Released Formation, but that doesn’t mean he could survive against the fourth Mizukage.

Juzo Biwa

16. Kyusuke

He is one of the original Akatsuki members. He was known as “Swift Foot Kyusuke” and he could use Lava release. The original Akatsuki members were strong but not as strong as the Akatsuki that were raised by Nagato. Most of the original Akatsuki members were killed by Obito and Zetsu.


17. Daibutsu

Daibutsu is also one of the original Akatsuki members. He was known for his usage of heavy weapons to weaken his opponents out and then imprison them in his Water Prison Jutsu. He tried to take down Tobi and Zetsu, but he was no match against them. The deaths of original members of Akatsuki were one of the reasons Nagato was manipulated into forming a new Akatsuki that did what it did.


18. Kie

Not much is known about Kie, as he was a member of the original Akatsuki during the time it was just a guerilla organization. Their purpose was to make sure that the Hidden Rain village doesn’t get destroyed by the continuous attacks from the larger nations. He may or may not have special abilities, but he never got the chance to show any of them, and dying too early is the reason why he is at the bottom of this list.


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