America’s Most Famous Serial Killers: The Most Notorious Cases

Top Serieal killer of all time Credit CNN

In the world of crime and peace, some people kill people just for their pleasure and fun. And yes, it is true for serial killers. If you have never seen any of them, then we have come up with a huge list. A serial killer is a person who kills and murders people as per his style and technique.

Serial killers do it because it most likely gives them pleasure when they see someone being hurt. Many heartbreaking cases in crime history give people a sense of how one be so cruel. The victims were always one of those innocent people who had no idea what might happen to them.

In America’s law status, there are still many cases that come with these serial killer. The cases which come with the lives of innocent people out there. If you have even been into a serial killer story, then we are pretty sure you all know how they kill their victim with no mercy.

Here we come with some of the deadliest cases of all time. They might leave you in awe and disgust. Here is a list of America’s top and most cruel serial killer who has murdered many innocent lives just for their pleasure and fun, without any rage, revenge, or agenda.

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Here are the Most Famous Serial Killers:

Zodiac Killer

He was one the cruel serial killer in history, and people still get terrified when they hear about his case and cruelty to innocent people. It was one of the most famous and unsolved mystery cases of all time in history, where police and even CID couldn’t be able to get who the killer was.

The weird part is no one was ever able to catch the killer, and he was all free, roaming around people. There was a whole team who wanted to solve the case, and even it was one of those cases where it was hard for anyone to find out about the killer.

Zodiac Killer The Times
Zodiac Killer (Credit: The Times)

He has murdered 35 people, and he used to write a letter to the officials. It was recorded that he killed all of the people with intense cruelty and even never failed to murder his single victim.

In the history of murder, he comes under the cruelest one. After the police officer couldn’t be able to get out who was the main victim, they disclosed the case, and even after a while, the case became inactive.

West Mesa Murders

The case comes with the killing of eleven women, and the deadly part is that their remaining fin is buried in the USA. Even though many of the suspects were detected after the murder case but police can’t be able to get to a point where they could solve the case.

Even police have suspected that the killer raped them all and, after that, killed them with brutality with no mercy. In this case, it was pretty obvious how a killer can, with his psycho mindset can, harm innocent people out there.

West Mesa murders The Times
West Mesa murders (Credit: The Times)

Police had done all the possible investigations but can’t able to get the serial, and it was hard for them to arrest any of the suspects in the case. As per the record, all eleven women were killed in the year of 2009. It was horrific to watch and listen to such cases. The killer was way smarter than the police, as it was hard to track him.

Tube Sock Killings

It is also known by the name the mineral Washington murder; the murders have happened in remote areas. All these murders were unsolved because the smart and crazy serial killer left no sign of hope for the police. Even there is a TV series made on the case named Mysteries.

The TV series was released in the1989 year among the audience and gave them an idea of a serial killer who can be crazy and without any mercy killed people. The case starts with a couple named Steven and Ruth, they both killed in the case.

Tube Sock Killings Front page detectives
Tube Sock Killings (Credit: Front page detectives)

In this case, one can watch how many more couples have been murdered in remote areas without any particular reason. In some of the cases, the victims were abducted and killed by the killer. In some of the cases, the skulls were also received by the killer, which was heartbreaking for them.

The strange part was that the serial killer never killed any of the kids in his mission. He always aimed for only adults and mature people.

Texas Killing Fields

In the Texas killing fields case, police have found many dead bodies in the Houston area. Where many dead bodies were found, including some of the adults and kids, it was one of the terrifying cases of 2-11 years.

Even a movie has also been made upon the case, as it has become famous among the public who wants to know more about the case and what happened to the pole out there. Those bodies also included the girls and women who got kidnappers and disappeared from the city lately.

Texas Killing Fields Newsweek
Texas Killing Fields (Credit: Newsweek)

In the case FBI and police were involved, they all got to know that the murder was done in a place where no one could hear the voices of the victims, and they could easily murder them all.

Even the killer first abducts all these girls and women and then takes them to a place far away from the city and town. In this place, he, one by one, has murdered these innocent people without mercy.

Suitland Murders

In the era of 1987, a case came in front of the police, which terrified them and scared them. The case refers to a scene where many young girls were murdered; they all were sexually assaulted and, after that, killed.

As per the case, police have found that the killer first kidnapped all these girls, and after that, he raped them, and to remove all the hints and proof, he killed all of them one by one. One of the suspects, named Alton Best, was arrested by the police, but after a while, he did not charge with anything.

Suitland murders WUSA9
Suitland murders (Credit: WUSA9)

In the case, the police found it hard to find the true criminal as they had removed all the possible hints of the case, and it was pretty obvious how smart the killer was. The killer was specific. He chose a girl as his victim. He chose only dark-skinned and slim girls with short hair.

He raped all of them and killed them through an overdose of drugs. Even he has killed some of them by stabbing and beating them to death.

Stockton Serial Shootings

It was one of the cases where the killer used weapons to kill his victims. In 2021 year, a man was killed by shot, and the killer used a gun to kill his victim in the case. In all cases, the scenario was the same as the killer murdering all of them in a quiet place so that no one could catch him.

In this case, the killer used to wear a black mask and all black and sometimes dark clothes so that no one could catch him. Even police have released a heavy price on his arresting and finding after they were unsuccessful in arresting the killer.

Stockton serial shootings NBC News
Stockton serial shootings (Credit: NBC News)

In many videos, it was not even clear who could be the murderer, but after a while, the shooting cases increased, and the killer killed many people at night. The pattern of the killer killing people was in the night when he could run away after shooting them with his gun.

Even the police started arresting all the people in the town who were wearing dark clothes and a mask around their necks.

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Storyville Slayer

It is the nickname that was given to one of the most famous serial killers in America in the year 1996. He has killed many people in 4 years of his crime span. He has murdered at least 24, and more than that, he targeted only prostitutes.

Storyville Slayer Youtube
Storyville Slayer (Credit: YouTube)

He also sometimes killed some of the drug addicts. Most of the drug addicts were women in his victim-choosing pattern. In this case, according to police, no single man can kill this count of women. There must be more than one serial killer in that case.

The pattern of the serial killer was that he had chosen, most of the time, only women of the 17 to 43 age categories. He used to kill them by drowning them in rivers and water streams. Even he used to decompose their bodies so that no one could catch him.

He even used to kill them with other weapons. His pattern was the same in all the cases when it came to killing all the prostitutes and women.

Smiley Face Murder Theory

It is based on the term which explains how a gang named smiley face has murdered many innocent people. In this case, many young men drowned in the river, and it was not an accident as per the case. Even the serial killer gang murdered all of them by drowning them in the river.

Smiley face murder theory The Times
Smiley Face murder theory (Credit: The Times)

The case became viral in Midwestern America. The pattern of killing was the first kidnapping of all young men and, after that drowning them in water streams. They used to leave a smiley face mask when they were done with the killing procedure, and it became viral among the whole people of America.

The killers were experts in not leaving a single trace for the police, and it became clear to the police that all of the victims were one hand forward all the time. The case was also accepted by the film industry, and a movie with the same title was released after a few years.

Skid Row Stabber

Skid is one of the serial killers who has murdered a total of 11 people in his case. In this case, a boy named Booby was arrested for killing 11 homeless people. He used a knife as a weapon so that he could kill them.

He was fine guilty in court. He said that he did it for fun, and there was no agenda hidden behind it. He started killing all the victims one by one in the era of 90s. he killed them without any mercy.

Skid Row Stabber The Los Angeles Times
Skid Row Stabber (Credit: The Los Angeles Times)

He was not as smart as other serial killers, so he made a mistake by leaving some traces, and soon police arrested him for the killing.

He even leaves a message for the police on the bus while saying how he has killed all the people. However, it was not clear to the police whether he was right or wrong. In this case, the investigation goes on for many months as it is not easy to catch Booby serial killer.

Servant Girl Annihilator

Here is a story of a serial killer who has killed many people in a Texas city, and police other identified him as one of the most terrific killers. In this case, it was pretty clear how he was like a hunter and haunted all the females out there. He has killed eight females in his crime life span, where it was said that he only targeted females.

As it was easy for him to kill them because they might never fight with him as any male could. He killed 4 of the white women, and 2 of them were black. Even he has also targeted one of the men in his killing case.

Servant Girl Annihilator Texas Monthly
Servant Girl Annihilator (Credit: Texas Monthly)

He attacked all of them when they were sleeping and killed all of them when they were sleeping on their bed. He used to crash into their home and sneaks into their bed.

He killed them with a sharp instrument, and he inserted those objects in their ear painfully. His pattern of killing involved using a sharp object. Even the saddest part was that he had murdered his wife, also. He was crazy.

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

In this case, it was all about a mystery where all of the victims were killed by the serial killer brutally, and he left them all naked in creek beds. Most of the victims were girls, and some of them were men.

In this case, he killed all of his victims who were in their late 20s, and he told them to smoke marijuana. He, after their unconscious state, killed them. He used to get into contact with those teens who wanted and inhale marijuana.

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murdered the Press Democrat
Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murdered (Credit: The Press Democrat)

It was also concluded by the police that he had raped many of the girls and left them naked on the road. His pattern of killing was the same, and he always left all of the dead bodies on the road, so it was obvious that the police to find him a serial killer who was following his pattern of killing innocent people.

Redhead Murders

The case comes with the victim who was red-headed and, in other words, had red hair. The serial killer used to kill only those women who had red hair. The killer was unidentified, and police were never able to catch him.

Even the killer murders all of these females in a gap of a year so that police can’t be able to find him. It was believed that he used to give them lifts and, after that, raped and sexually assaulted all of them. He killed around 14 of the victims.

Redhead murders Youtube
Redhead murder (Credit: YouTube)

The serial killer’s patterns of killing were to give life to females, and when he found a female with red hair, he got activated into his killing way. He has killed more than 14 people in his entire life. He chose a victim whose age was around 5 to 45. His way of killing was different over time. So, he never followed a particular way of killing.

1996 Raleigh Murders

The case and murder of several people happened in the era of 1996 ear when the killer murdered many females. Many of the bodies of females find in inappropriate conditions, and some of them were nude. In the investigation process and during the autopsy, one of the females fought with his serial killer.

Per the police’s point of view that the killer is not that strong when it comes to physique. He raped many of his victims and, after that, left their nude bodies over the scene. He has murdered a total of many prostitutes.

1996 Raleigh murders ABC 11
1996 Raleigh murders (Credit: ABC 11)

As per the investigation, he has only targeted prostitutes, and he used to kidnap them. According to the police, he was alone, and there must be more than one person in the case. He used to overdose them with drugs and cocaine. He was one of the cruel serial killers when it came to murder and harassing his victims.

Pittsburgh Serial Murders

The case is all about murdering of four women and a man in California. They all were involved in prostitution and drug dealing. The target of serial killers was females who were prostitutes and males who were into drug dealing and drug addiction. He finds it easy to kill them as they are weak to fight.

This case becomes famous as it comes under one of those mysteries, and no one still knows the real killer here. His pattern of crime and killing was to kidnap his victim and kill them for no particular reason.

Pittsburgh serial murders Pitsburgh Magazine...
Pittsburgh serial murders (Credit: Pittsburgh Magazine)

As per an investigation by the police, he did it for pleasure and fun. There was no agenda hidden in it. If you are also a fan of serial killers and curious about how they do it all, then there are several movies on crime and murders. One can read about these kinds of cases even online. Here the killer is suspected to be male, and he is intelligent enough to know about pieces of evidence.

Phantom Killer

Phantom Killer is a movie that was there to let people know about a famous murder mystery. Where four serial murders can be seen, and how FBI and police were never able to find the real killer. Here in the case, the police named the killer as Phantom.

He has targeted a total of 8 people. He used to attack couples; the pattern of his killing is that he killed them at night. He used to kill them with different gadgets and sharp objects. Most of the victims died on the spot when he tried to hit them head-on back.

Phantom Killer Teaxas Monthly
Phantom Killer (Credit: Texas Monthly)

His first victim was 25 years old named Jimmy Hollis, and when he was attacked by the killer, he was with his girlfriend. They were going home after watching a movie and got attacked by a strange man on the way home. Even he always told his victims on his first meeting that he did not want to kill them. He just wants them to do what he said.

Oklahoma City Butcher

It is another serial killer and an unsolved case where the mystery was never solved. In this case, that serial killer killed three old women in the era of 1976. He targeted mostly only homeless people and young homeless people only. He was one of the cruelest serial killers of all time.

He murdered his victim and removed all the intimate parts. As per police, the serial killer kept the intimate parts of his victims as trophies. He used to murder in a way where he dissected whole bodies and cut down their arms, legs, and body parts.

Oklahoma City Butcher Youtube
Oklahoma City Butcher (Credit: YouTube)

It was hard for the police and investigation team to find the whole body of the victim as he left all the parts in different places. One can imagine from here how one can do this kind of cruelty to another human. It is something that might not be acceptable on any earth. The victim’s body part matches only the DNA testing procedure.

Oakland County Child Killer

In Oakland country, a serial killer was known for his killing and murdering of kids. He has killed four of the total kids in his criminal life, but the police are never able to catch him. He has murdered more than four kids, as per police investigation records.

Oakland County Child Killer Click on Detroit
Oakland County Child Killer (Credit: Click on Detroit)

He used to keep for a long time all the kids before he could kill them. He used to kidnap his victim, who mostly fell under the age category of 10 to 15 only. His killing pattern involved kidnapping a kid and leaving their dead body on the road after 19 days of kidnapping.

He abused two of the boys sexually and killed them by gunshot. At that time, people were so serious, and they all kept their kids safe at home. As per records, he has abused them with objects. He used to bind them with ropes so that he could keep them. The ropes sign on their arm indicates that he was cruel to them before killing them.

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New Bedford Highway Killer

Here in the case, the killer was unidentified and never caught by the police. He has killed approx. Ten females he targeted only sex workers and those people who were into drugs. He killed all the victims because he believed that he didn’t like them. They were all prostitutes and drug addicts.

New Bedford Highway Killer The Lineup.
New Bedford Highway Killer (Credit: The Lineup)

Some of the victims were never found by the police, and they all get vanished after their kidnapping in this case. Here serials used to leave the nude body of some of the victims. He used to give them drugs till they got overdosed.

He is also one of the serial killer who is attracted to prostitutes, and he finds it funny to kidnap them and kill them. He used to kill them with a sharp object or by drug overdose. During the investigation, police get into a place where they say that he is way smart than any other killer so far.

Michigan Murders

In the year of 1967, a famous case where a serial killer named Collins. Who murdered many females in the year 1969? Collins as a serial killer, murdered females after raping and molesting them. His crime pattern was followed by kidnapping. After that, he raped them.

He made them unconscious by hitting them on the head and neck. He was imprisoned for a lifetime and captured after his last murder. He used to kill all the girls and, after that, leave their bodies far away from five miles.

Michigan Murders Detroit Free Press
Michigan Murders (Credit: Detroit Free Press)

He was one of the cruel humans at that time, as the crime rates were low, and he was one of the cruelest men ever. He leaves his victim’s nude body in the open. His first victim was 15 years old, whom he murdered and left her body on the road.

He used to stab his victim’s chest with a sharp object, and he also cut their body organs into pieces. He also beat them till they died, and his victim’s body was found with many bruises and lost body parts.

Miami Strangler

Here is the case that comes with an unidentified killer who has killed nine women in Florida. He has sexually assaulted all of the victims. There were many suspects during the investigation, but the police and investigation team were never able to find out about the killer. They were never able to catch them.

He used to kidnap all of his victims and steal the money and diamond rings from them. He was a thief also with a serial killer, in short. He had stabbed one of his victims first and then made a hit on her skull.

Miami Strangler The daily beast.
Miami Strangler (Credit: The daily beast)

He kidnaps them from grocery stores, malls, and their own house sometime when he catches them alone at home. He was a rapist and murderer who murdered females for fun, and one can watch how these kinds of killers choose violence over anything. It could be traumatizing for people out there reading about it.

2011 Memphis Serial Murders

Here is a case where a man killed a woman, and no one was able to catch him for a long time. Even people police have released his digital image so that one can recognize him. He has shot prostitutes. The only victim, named Peterson, was alive. He told the police about the killer and his face so that they could find him.

2011 Memphis serial murders KATV
2011 Memphis serial murders (Credit: KATV)

In this case, it was hard for police to find him as his DNA was never able to be identified. He has killed many of the sex workers. He used to be gun to shoot them. He left their body on the streets and never looked back. He was one of the deadliest criminals of all time.

In the case, the FBI and police concluded that the killer might be African and killing prostitute for fun, as serial killer kills. If you are interested in such kinds of stories where a killer kills for only fun, then you might find it interesting to read.

Maryvale Serial Shooter

Aaron Juan Saucedo is one the serial killer shooter who killed 9 of the people in his shooting. He committed this crime on Maryvale Street. After the incident, the case was named as Maryvale serial murder case. He mercilessly killed 12 people after a while. According to the police, he was mentally unstable, and it was hard for him to manage his emotion.

Maryvale serial shooter CVLTN Nation
Maryvale serial shooter (Credit: CVLTN Nation)

He used to get angry very easily and changed many jobs due to his anger issues. He used to live with her mother and started working from home. He made a good amount of money, and his income was pretty good.

His anger issued take him to kill people as he realizes that he feels calm and peaceful after giving someone pain. He was captured with the weapon, Bryco Arms 380 pistol, which he used to shoot people down and for killing purposes. He used to open fire,

The Man from the Train

The Man from the Train is one of the well-written books by an author named Bill James. Bill has written about a serial killer who murdered innocent lives in the era of 1800s and 1900s. In his book, he has described how the main lead, a serial killer, has killed more than 59 people and maybe around 100 people too.

In his book, he discussed how the police did their best to get to the killer, but unfortunately killer was way smarter than them.

The Man from the Train Youtube
The Man from the Train (Credit: YouTube)

One can watch how a killer killed people with a strategy and the same pattern. Police find out that whoever is killing people is coming with the same pattern, and he might be a serial killer.

It was hard to find him as he never left a single trace of hint and DNA records on his victims. In the book, one can watch how a serial killing girls after sexually assaulting them. As per records, he has killed more than 100 of the girls.

Long Island Serial Killer

In a 20-year of span, a serial killer has killed 18 people for fun. He used to dispose of their bodies near the south shore of New York. He targets only those sex workers who watch on Craigslist. He used to kill sex workers for no particular reason at all.

One of the victims, named Gilbert who has vanished, and police found her body after a while near a river. Her autopsy showed that she was drowned, but her neck showed that someone had strangled her many times before deciding that they wanted to kill her.

Long Island serial killer CBS News
Long Island serial killer (Credit: CBS News)

The pattern of the killing victims was the same as at. First, he kidnaps them from somewhere, and after some time, he kills them by strangling them. All the bodies of the victims were found on the river and near the river. It is his way of killing all of his victims.

He has broken many laws, and killing an innocent one is one of the biggest. In this case, the killer was still unidentified, and no one was even able to find him. He was one of the undetectable killers of all time.

Little Rock serial stabbings

It is a case where in Arkansas, where a case happened that shows how four people were stabbed by a serial killer and died at the moment, but one of them survived. The only person who survived, as per police, was the serial killer.

In this case, one of the 64-year-olds named Larry was found dead on the streets, and soon it was revealed that someone was out there who was killing these people.

Little Rock serial stabbings KATV
Little Rock serial stabbings (Credit: KATV)

The pattern of killing this time was stabbing. Even after the investigation, police decided to put prize money on his head, but they were never able to find him. It was noticed that all of the murders happened between the time of 1 am to 4 am. As per records, the serial killer believed that he had to kill people between these times only.

One can watch and read how serial killer has a different perspective on life and they follow a particular pattern of killing only. Each killer has their way of killing and murdering their victims.

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Kauai serial killer

Kauai is one of the serial killers who was never caught by police, and he comes under a list of undetectable serial killers. He has killed one woman and injured another woman in Hawaii. His victim was a female, and her body was found in Polihale. He raped and beat her very badly.

He also killed her by slashing her throat. It was believed that she was kidnapped first and later killed by the serial killer. He was one of the killers whose pattern was to kidnap women, and after that, he sexually harassed them.

Kauai serial killer Crime Door
Kauai serial killer (Credit: Crime Door)

One of her victims was severely wounded. He gets into her house by saying that he is homeless. She let him enter her house, and later he stabbed her from behind, breaking her one arm, and also sexually assaulted her.

She was able to get out of his grip as his knife got stuck into her breastbone. It happened he was stabbing her chest after sexually assaulting her. As per the record, she crawled for many hours before she got some help.

I-70 killer

The I-70 means her location, which is Interstate 70, where some of the killers’ killed store owners. He always targeted those owners who were females, and he targeted them to kill them.

I-70 killer ABC News
I-70 killer (Credit: ABC News)

They also used to steal some of the money. Their first victims were a female who was 26 years old and died by gunshot. Here the team of killers shot her and stored her body in the storage room. It was clear that the killer wanted to kill all the female owners in the Interstate 70 area.

In the investigation, it was never clarified why they all targeted only females on Interstate 70 and why they chose to kill them for no reason. The case was famous as no one was able to find who could be a possible killer.

I-45 Killer

It was one of the murder cases where a girl named Sherri Ann Jarvis whose body was discovered by the police in a forest lake. By autopsy, it was confirmed that someone had sexually assaulted her and killed her after that.

It becomes a cold case because no one can identify who her killer is and why they did it to her. Even after much facial construction, people can’t be able to find her face correctly after a while. Many cases like this appeared, and many females and girl’s bodied were identified in areas.

I-45 Killer CBS News
I-45 Killer CBS News (Credit: World Atlas)

As per the investigation, the killer was kidnapping the girls and sexually assaulting them. Even in all these cases, one thing was common these bodies’ faces were unrecognizable, and the killer killed them in a way that no one could recognize them.

Here the killer kills all of his clients by strangulation. All these cases, with time closed and no one able to get to the point who has done it.

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Harbor City serial shootings

The case of a serial killer shooter happened in Los Angeles, where it was also one of the mysteries. In 1993 ear a serial killer shooter three black Americans and killed them.

After the incident, no one ever knows where he has gone away. Some people explained to the police team how he looked and what he was wearing during the incident. It becomes another cold case of history where no one can get who was the real serial killer.

Harbor City serial shootings World Atlas
Harbor City serial shootings (Credit: World Atlas)

As per the description of the killer, he had red hair, was around 25-year-old and drove a jeep. He attacked those men between 8 to 9:30 pm timings.

As per the case, it was not confirmed it was racially based, but police believed that the killer must have had the intention of robbery. It is one of the cases which become like all those cold cases. The shooting occurred in 1993 era.

Hog Trail Murders

In this case, the killer named as Daniel Owen, was arrested as a murderer and rapist. In his case, he had done dozens of murders, and most of them were gay men. He targeted only those men who were gay and liked the same gender.

He has murdered eight men and disposed of their boy in a grave site. As per records, they all were gay and became victims of serial killers. He raped them after that and killed them. It was one of the famous cases in the 2007 year. At an early age, he had opened up about his homosexuality, but his parents treated him like he was wrong, suffering from a disease.

Hog Trail Murders The Lineup
Hog Trail Murders (Credit: The Lineup)

This traumatizing nature and behavior of his parents caused great trauma in his life, and he started changing his way of living. Conahan, a serial killer here, killed his first victim by removing his genitals, and it became one of the cases which were impossible to believe.

He kidnapped many of the gay men from a gay bar and, after that, reaped them. He also removed their genitals; he was one of the cruel serial killers.

Gypsy Hill killings

It is a story of 4 girls who had planned a trip near San Mateo in the year 1970. In this case, they are all found dead, and the killer has killed them all. In the investigation, it was proved that more than one killer was involved. Their dead bodies were found, and one realized that all of them had been stabbed nearly 30 times, and it was hard for them.

Another body of an around 14-year-old girl was also found dead on the errand, and she was also stabbed multiple times. Here the killer killing pattern was stabbing people to death. It was pretty clear that he was stabbing them until they left their breath.

Gypsy Hill killings ABC 7 News
Gypsy Hill killings (Credit: ABC 7 News)

Another case comes after the while of Mitchell, who was 19 years old, and a killer murdered her in the same way as he murdered other girls before. Here one can understand how the killer uses the stabbing method to kill them.

He had murdered many males and females in the same way and never left a single hint so one could find him. It was one of the cold cases which, after a while, closed as no one was able to get to a point to know more about a serial killer.

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Great Basin Killer

Here the case involved the killing of 9 women brutally. The killer can be seen killing all the females in the same pattern. He, after killing all the people, used to dispose of their bodies near the highway. Most of the victims were girls, and in their teenage era, he sexually assaulted them and tortured them till they died.

His nickname was the great basic killer. His pattern of killing was kidnapping, rape, torturing, a then decomposing their bodies into different areas like rivers, hilltops, and highways. The serial killer’s first case was a 24 years old girl who was raped and murdered.

Great Basin Killer ABC7 News
Great Basin Killer (Credit: ABC7 News)

Police found her body in a shallow grave; during the investigation, it was confirmed that she was brutally raped and killed by the killer. Her name was Janelle Johnson.

His second victim was Lisa Marie, who was around 19 years old and became a victim of a killer who raped, tortured, and stabbed her until she died. It was one of those cases where the serial killer never cared about mercy and humanity.

Golden Years Murders

The title golden years murders were given to a series of unsolved mysterious murder case where 13 women were killed. The killer chooses victims who are single women living alone in their houses, and he also chooses women only from ages 55 to 80.

Golden years Murders Los Angeles Times
Golden years Murders (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

He killed all of them with a sharp object and stabbed them until they died. In the investigation, one of the prime suspects was arrested, but, in the end, it was concluded that he killed three men, and none of them were female, so the case was closed after a while as there was no more evidence of anything related to the killing of all these 13 women by this prime suspect.

Here one can watch how a crime, with time and experience, becomes smart and learns how he cannot leave a single hint for the police. One can see that no one was able to find him. After a while, the main suspect arrested named Burchart. He was schizophrenic and killed all the victims as he was not under control.

Gold Sock Killer

In Florida, a serial killer killed a woman and two girls but was never identified by the police. It happened in the 1973 year. His nickname was gold sock killer because he killed his victim by strangling them with a golden sock. In his first case of killing, he killed a woman of 42 years old named Kelpien.

Gold Sock Killer ABC7 News
Gold Sock Killer (Credit: ABC7 News)

He beat her mercilessly, and after a while, he strangled her with a golden sock. Even in her autopsy, it was confirmed that someone assaulted her sexually and killed her. After a month, another case came to the scene when another woman was killed in the same way. Police realized that there was a serial killer who was using a golden sock to kill his victims.

After a few months, some of the female body found in a car; one of them was nude, and her lower body was missing. In this case, they were killed by a black sock that the killer used to rap around their neck and killed them by strangling, which was his way of killing and his killing patterns. His pattern of killing his victims was so different than others.

Freeway Phantom

Here is a story and a case which comes with the killing of 5 girls and a woman in America and one of the cold cases of all time where the suspects and killer were never able to be caught by the police. The first victim he chose to kill was from Congress Heights, and he kidnapped her from there.

Her dead boy founded but without shoes, and as per medical reports, she was killed by strangling. Another victim was a girl whom he kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Her body was found near a location on US Route 50.

Freeway Phantom The Washington post
Freeway Phantom (Credit: The Washington Post)

He killed their victim by strangling them and leaving the cloth as a scarf and anything used for it around their neck. In his second case, he has left the scarf of the victim. His pattern of killing was strangling and stabbing till his victim died.

He only targeted females so that he could fulfill his lust and creep on them. There were no records of him, and he never left a single hint, so he was never able to catch them.

Frankford Slasher

The name Frankford was given to the killer who was never come into the eyes of anyone. He has killed a total of 9 people in his life and is named Leonard Christopher.

He sexually assaulted all the victims and stabbed them till they died. Even he has murdered some middle-aged white men. As per the record, Leonard worked in a fish market, and he became one of the prime suspects here, but evidence showed that he might not be a real killer.

Frankford Slasher CBS News
Frankford Slasher (Credit: CBS News)

As some of the evidence matched, he died after a while in prison due to cancer, and from the beginning, he said that he was innocent and he had never killed a single person in his life. Well, all the murders were done in the same manner of stabbing in a particular part of the body, which indicates that the serial killer pattern of killing was stabbing till a person died.

Flint Serial Slasher

Here in the case, the serial killer named Elias Abullazam killed people for his racial motive. He killed all the people out of the anger of racism. His pattern of killing was approaching white men late at night to ask them for help. He after that, stabs them till they die due to pain.

His rage and anger made him a serial killer here. He usually stabbed his victims in the chest and stomach, so it was easy for police to know that the killer was not normal and killing people for no reason.

Flint Serial Slasher CBS News
Flint Serial Slasher (Credit: CBS News)

In one case, he also stabs his friend, and his friend declines when it comes to charges. He has murdered four people and may be more than that.

He was arrested and locked into prison for a first-degree murder case. His rage and hatred for others increased as he suffered racism on daily bases, and he realized that he couldn’t take his anger inside him now.

Even though he has a history of mental health, he was mentally ill in his adolescent age. He faced depression and anxiety in his adulthood, and he was never able to control his anger in the first place.

Flat-Tire murders

It was one of the cases from Miami Dade and from Florida, where a serial killer killed 35 people. The killers here deflated the victims’ cars’ tires so that they could catch them. They used to dispose of all victim’s dead bodies in South Florida’s huge canals.

The pattern of killing, as per investigation, was to catch the car of victims and then deflate their tires. They used to kill all the victims in their car, and it was one of the scary. Their first victim was Ronnie Sue Gorlin, who was 27 years old and got missing after she returned from hospital.

Flat-Tire murders Twitter
Flat-Tire murders (Credit: Twitter)

After a few months, her body was found by the police in the graham canal, and she was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. After eight days, police found the same pattern of killing when Elyse Rapp, who was 21 years old, and murdered in the same way as Ronnie.

In both cases, the killer offered them help after deflating their tires and stabbing them to death; he chose a young woman who drove their car mostly alone.

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Edgecombe County serial killer

In this case, there was a total of 11 victims, and all of them were African and American-related women. All of them were prostitutes and drug addicts. The killer used to dispose of their bodies near seven bridges, and he used this place often to dispose of bodies.

As per police investigation, it was clear that his pattern of killing was to kill them with a blunt object and knife wounds till they died.

Edgecombe County serial killer WITN.
Edgecombe County serial killer (Credit: WITN)

Many of the suspects were captured by the police, and one of them was Pittman, who was the prime suspect. But the pieces of evidence were not indicating as he was the serial killer. Sooner, it was confirmed that Pittman was the serial killer who abducted females and prostitutes to kill them.

One of the victims, named Nicholas, was in her body. The DNA samples were found, and they matched Pittman’s DNA, which in the end, concluded he was the one who killed all these victims. Antwan Pittman was one of the deadliest criminals of all time, and he had no mercy.

Eastbound Strangler

Here is the killer named by a nickname Atlantic City serial killer who murdered four women in New Jersey in 2006 year. Police even offered around $25,000 reward of cash on him. His way of killing was strangling the victims till they died.

Eastbound Strangler Youtube
Eastbound Strangler (Credit: YouTube)

All of his victims were found in the same position where they could be seen naked, wearing only shoes, and their socks were removed by the killer. The all-dead bodies were found in face-down positions. It was believed that they were all strangled to death. All of them were prostitutes and were killed brutally by a serial killer for fun and pleasure.

As per records, the prime suspect was a man who was 41 years old named Terry Oleson, who was a little weird for all people. His girlfriend informs the police that his boyfriend Terry might be the serial killer, and even some of the DNA matches his DNA, but it is not pretty clear that he had done it. Even though he has suspected to be killed all the prostitutes but he never gets imprisonment.  

Dr. No

In Ohio, a serial killer nicknamed Dr. No has killed nine girls and women. He targeted his victim as prostitutes who were working on Interstate 7. In this case, it can be seen that his first target was a prostitute whom he killed in Miami.

He strangled them to death and hit them hard with a hard object on her head. Even one can watch how he never sexually assaulted any of the victims. He intended to kill innocent people and girls out there.

Dr. No Youtube
Dr. No (Credit: YouTube)

His pattern of killing was to hit their head with a hard object, and most of his victims can be seen with brain injury. He never sexually assaulted them, but their clothes were missing all of the time. His targets were those innocent prostitutes only because no one cared about them when it came to missing them from a city and a place.

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The doodler is a nickname given to a criminal in this case, where the serial killer had murdered a total of 16 humans. He physically assaulted some of his man victims before killing them. Here the killer used to draw his victims on paper before killing them.

He only targeted males and sexually assaulted them all before killing them. He used to draw and doodle all of his Victims on paper before causing them harm. He was known for doodling, and his appearance, as per his victims, was a black man who doodled.

Doodler CBS News
Doodler (Credit: CBS News)

One of the suspects was arrested in the investigation, but he never accepted his crime, and even all of the victims never appeared in the courtroom, so he never got jail and punishment. It was hard for all gay men in the city to disclose their sexuality openly as they were all afraid of the doodle serial killer.

Here one can read how men are not safe when it comes to these kinds of serial killers who kill people for fun and their internal rage with society.

Andre Jones and Freddie Tiller

Here in the case, the serial killers are Andre and Freddie, who can be seen as serial killers and are known for committing a crime where they murdered three people in East Louis.

They both committed a crime when they were 12 years old and, with time, became crime experts. Where they can be seen damaging people’s lives and killing them for no real purpose, such as revenge and robbery, they said to police and in court how they killed drug dealers when they were only 12 years old.

Andre Jones and Freddie Tiller WIFR
Andre Jones and Freddie Tiller (Credit: WIFR)

They had killed many people, and their pattern of killing right now is in jail, where the security is tight, and it is almost not possible to run away and escape from there. Jones comes with a huge criminal history.

He had started his journey of robbery and attempting murder is what he did when he was a kid. Even he had been in 1-year jail, where he was sentenced to robbery. One can watch how this kind of crime could be harmful to society and create an imbalance.

Green, Larry

In one of the cases where Zebra was murdered, names knew all the criminals and all attackers were of black origin and racially triggered. The case involves four killers who were in the rage of racial indifference when they committed the crime.

They killed more than eight people, and even some of the victims got injured. Even during the investigation, according to the police, they had killed more than 80 people in their lifetime of criminal record. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment. They were all found guilty of first-degree murder.

Green, Larry San Franciso Chronicles
Green, Larry (Credit: San Franciso Chronicles)

They used to attack their victims in the same manner. They kidnaped them first and then beat them till they became unconscious and died sometime. They tied them with a rope and beat them without mercy.

They repeated their killing pattern till the police caught them. They were top criminals in 1974 year, and police had put prize money of around $30.000 on them.

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Bouncing Ball Killer

He is also known by another nicknamed Bouncing ball slayer; he was one of the unidentified killers from America. He murdered and brutally killed six women in America.

His first victim was 57 years old woman named Ruth Gwinn. He attacked her when she was going to her home, and he dragged her to the parking lot and murdered her. As per records, his first victim died on the spot due to injuries. He always leaves a rubber ball where he committed the crime.

Bouncing Ball Killer ABC News
Bouncing Ball Killer (Credit: ABC News)

He was known for his leaving his bouncing ball every time. It was his crime pattern where he left a bouncing ball after committing a crime and killing innocent women.

One can watch how a man with a criminal mindset always targets a woman. It is required that men and women should be educated. The case becomes a cold case after no clue of the prospect.  

Ables, Tony

It is the story of a killer named Tony Ables who killed and murdered one man and three women. He targeted mostly girls of various ages. The area which he decided as his crime area was Tampa Bay, from where he kidnapped girls and boys.

Even he has murdered two of the girlfriends with whom he was romantically involved. He murdered a lady who was 83 years old. He suffocated her with a pillow and killed her brutally.

Ables, Tony ABC News
Ables, Tony (Credit: ABC News)

On Valentine’s Day, he killed his girlfriend named, Deborah Kisor. He even sexually assaulted her. He again, in 1990, killed his girlfriend’s roommate, and he beat her to death.

As per the record, Ables was a man with anger issues and killed many of the women in his life. As per records, he has anger issues, and he is addicted to killing people. It gives him immense pleasure when he kills someone just for fun.

Acevedo, Francisco

The serial killer named Francisco Acevedo committed a serious first-degree murder where he strangled all his victims to death, and all of them were females. At a very young age, he had been under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and marijuana.

In his first crime, he assaulted a woman and folded her hands. He was sentenced to 10 years for his crime. After his release in 1988 year, he became more of a criminal and started getting involved in crimes.

Acevedo, Francisco New York Daily
Acevedo, Francisco (Credit: New York Daily)

In 1997 he sexually assaulted his wife and again entered the prison. In court, he told police that he never committed the crime and only assaulted them and hit them.

Even though there was much evidence that shows that he has committed all the crimes, one can watch and read here how the criminal even did not leave his wife here.

Adams, Edward James

One of the criminals was from Midwest America, and one of the serial killers was from America. He had murdered and brutally killed seven people, in which he had killed three policemen also.

He had committed crimes like robbery and kidnapping. His crime was one of the famous cases of that era, and it was hard for police to find him.

Adams, Edward James National Archieves
Adams, Edward James (Credit: National Achieves)

He died in an encounter where a police team killed him when he was running away from the. It was one of the cases where a serial killer was killed by the police in open streets. He was one of the members of a robber’s team, he attempted many robberies, and after a while, he became an expert in robbery too.

Agree, John

The serial named was John William Argue, who comes under one of the serial killers of America who has done many of the murders just for fun. He killed his sister-in-law, but in court, Gen Evert got into jail due to a lack of evidence. In 1982 he again murdered two girls.

He killed his sister-in-law named Joliet, Illinois; he stabbed her multiple times when she rejected his romantic proposal. He later escaped from the jail where he was for the murder of her sister-in-law.

Agree, John BBC
Agree, John (Credit: BBC)

In 1982 he again committed a crime where he killed a girl who was 20 years old and stabbed her multiple times. He disposed of her body in her canyon.

In many cases, due to lack of DNA proof, he never finds guilty of them and is released by the authorities. As per police, he was one of the serial killers who rarely left a single piece of proof and evidence. He was one of the masterminds who had committed violent crimes.

Carignan, Harvey

Here in the story where a serial killer named Harvey Louis Carignan was one of America’s top serial killers. In 1970 he killed two women. He committed the crime of rape when he was in the US Army.

He died in 2023 as he was in the jail name Faribault jail. Where he was for a lifetime and died recently in 2023, his childhood was traumatic as in his school days, female faculty out there sexually assaulted her. He also deals with difficulty in his studies and academically suffers a lot.

Carigan Harvey Star tribune Scaled
 Harvey Carignan, center (Credit: ABC News)

He killed a Carrigan in 1949, and his victim was 58 years old. He killed Laura Showalter after sexually assaulting her. He again attempted another crime in Alaska, where he again tried to kill another female.

He couldn’t be able to kill the second victim, he was arrested for the crime, and the court gave him an order lifetime sentence in his case.

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Eugene Butler

It was the case of 1913 when a serial killer named Eugene Butler was one of the serial killers. He had killed more than five teenage boys, and he died before his crime came to the world. He was not mentally stable and always thought that someone was chasing him for no reason. Due to his mental illness, he was sent to an asylum and treated there as a mad person.

Eugene Butler Home of serial killer ABC News
Eugene Butler Home of the serial killer (Credit: ABC News)

He killed boys aged between 15 to 19, and he killed them all with a sharp object. He after killing them crashed their skulls.

It has remained unsolved that that skeleton belongs to whom, and it was one of the most horrifying cases. As per the investigation, it was revealed that all of the bodies were buried nude. The serial killer Butler burned all the clothes.

Billy Lee Chadd

In this case, we have a main serial killer named Billy Lee Chadd, and the case happened in 1954 year. He was raised by parents who were alcoholics and had a traumatic childhood.

When he was just 15 years old, he tried to tease a woman. He also killed a man in Kansan, where he brutally killed him. At an early age, he had the bad influence by bad people who trained him how to do robbing and steal cars. In 1970, Chadd was arrested for a rape case.

Billy Lee Chadd South Magazine
Billy Lee Chadd (Credit: South Magazine)

He used to kill and sexually assault them at gunpoint. He was all of his life into drug abuse and constantly fell into the trap of bad life. He never gets a chance where he can improve, and the bad influence takes him to jail in the end. His victims of assault started telling the police about him, and his life changed totally.

Randy Kraft

In this case, the serial killer named Randy Steven Kraft was one of the top serial killers in southern California and was known for his brutal crimes. He tortured 16 men and killed them. He targeted most of them who were from California.

Randy Kraft IN Magzine.
Randy Kraft (Credit: IN Magazine)

He was one of the killers who had brutally killed all the men and assaulted them. The first victim he chose was a 13 years old boy named Alvin, who invited him into his tent. He afterward dragged him and beat him till he died.

His pattern of killing was to give drugs to all the victims and kill them brutally. However, no one ever filed a single FIR against him. It was recorded that he had killed 67 victims, and he only targeted males aged between 13 and 35.

He used to make dizzy all of his victims and soon killed them without any reason. He was one of the serial killers who had killed more than 70 men and boys in California. He killed most of them through strangulation and asphyxiation.

He burned some of their parts with cigarettes. He even used to cut their private parts when his victim was alive, and also, with a sharp object, he cut their body parts.

Raymond Lessor

Here in the story, we have a serial killer named Raymond J. Lassor. He was famous for killing three women, and he killed them by strangulation way. In 1984 he killed three women, and surprisingly all in the same pattern.

He always killed all the women in the same manner. He left all bodies half-naked in parking lots. He did the same with all women, and it becomes obvious how he killed them brutally. One of her victims was 14 years old, and he tried to molest her. He beat her very badly.

Raymond Lessor ABC News
Raymond Lessor (Credit: ABC News)

Fortunately, she survived, and soon she told the police about him, and after a few months, he was arrested for it. It was one of the cases where a killer killed all the victims brutally, sometimes with a hammer and sometimes cutting their body parts. Raymond gets a punishment of life imprisonment without parole. The case was one of the most talked about cases of all time.

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Frank Masini

Frank Masini was one of the 1944-year serial killers who killed and murdered his aunt. He murdered four older men and women in his life. He killed his aunt named, Anna after a party when he stabbed her multiple time over her neck.

Frank Masini ABC News
Frank Masini victims (Credit: ABC News)

Anna was 85 years old, and he even sexually assaulted her dead body after her death. His second victim was Angelina, who was also his relative, and he killed her in the same pattern.

He used to steal all the money, also where he followed the same pattern. In criminal proceedings, Frank was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

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