Anders Carlson receives backlash from Fans as he misses an extra-point attempt

Anders Carlson receives backlash from Fans as he misses an extra point attempt

On Sunday, Green Bay Packers kicker Anders Carlson missed an extra-point attempt for the third time in the previous four games. The mistake had little bearing on the Packers’ 48-32 victory against the Dallas Cowboys because it was the third of seven PATs that Carlson attempted to score in the playoff game.

After missing a kick in four straight games, Carlson went 2-of-2 on extra points in the regular-season finale, a 17-9 victory against the Chicago Bears on January 7. He also attempted a 41-yard field goal, which he missed to the left.

Green Bay was two wins away from Super Bowl LVIII, Packers coach Matt LaFleur was questioned whether the club had thought about replacing its rookie kicker.

That could be accomplished without cutting Carlson, by adding an experienced free-agent kicker to the practice squad and promoting him to active status for the game day if he showed he still had potential during practice.

Coach Matt LaFleur Remarks

Coach LaFleur said, they are very confident in him and would prefer that he make every kick, but in his opinion, it’s just a necessary part of growing up. Unfortunately, a lot of young people, especially kickers, experience some difficulties.

The one thing about Carlson that has been so admirable that you cannot coach is his resilience; each time he misses one, he returns and makes up for it.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur
Packers coach Matt LaFleur (Credits: Getty Images)

Although they prefer to go through it without any problems, the coach believes that’s just a necessary part of the process.

There’s certainly a lot more out there for him, and he believes Carlson is still learning how to hone his craft. They are confident that they will see this through with him because they are committed to him.

Carlson was picked by The Packers

On April 29, during the sixth round of the NFL Draft, the Packers selected Auburn’s Carlson. Throughout the regular season, he converted 27 out of 33 field goal tries and 34 out of 39 extra-point kicks.

Carlson is 14 of 14 on-field goal tries within 41 yards, while missing five of his attempts on the 33-yard extra point. This season, Carlson has not missed consecutive kicks.

During his Thursday news conference, Green Bay teams’ coordinator Rick Bisaccia became irrationally abrupt with reporters when they inquired about Carlson’s most recent extra-point mistake.

Anders Carlson
Anders Carlson (Credits: Getty Images)

He said they’re, moving on to the next game, which is against San Francisco. He added that they have looked at what occurred in the last game, fixed it, and are moving on. Rick Bisaccia is confident about Anders.

The Packers advanced to the NFL postseason’s Divisional Weekend with their fourth straight victory. The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers will square off at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on Saturday at 7 p.m. CST. FOX will broadcast the match.

Last week, the 49ers were the top seed in the NFC playoff field and were enjoying a first-round bye while the Packers were trouncing the Cowboys. San Francisco finished the regular season with a 12-5 record.

Backlash from Fans

The Green Bay Packers led the San Francisco 49ers by four points in the fourth quarter of their game. In an attempt to move up by seven points, they set up for a field goal, but Carlson missed a 41-yarder.

The 49ers won the game with a three-point drive after marching down the field for the game-winning touchdown, but the miss proved to be the difference in the final score.

Theoretically, Green Bay would have been tied in the game instead of trailing on the scoreboard if Carlson had made his rather simple field goal try. This infuriated a lot of Packers fans, who pointed the finger at their kicker for the team’s elimination from the playoffs this season.

Anders Carlson
Anders Carlson (Credits: Getty Images)

Fans were infuriated, one fan said that he is sick to see teams stick with players like him who have constantly missed his kicks. Other fans pointed out that, the Packers are in complete delusion and Carlson should just retire, take all the money, and invest it somewhere else. Others said the miss Crossby. 

Carlson’s season has been difficult thus far. He has now missed six extra points and seven field goals, one of which occurred during the NFL playoffs.

Because of this, a lot of Packers supporters have expressed how much they miss Mason Crosby and how their rookie kicker, Daniel Carlson, is not as excellent as his brother.


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