Ao Ashi Chapter 357: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Ao Ashi Chapter 357 Release Date

In the previous chapter, we saw growing tension on the soccer field as Yuri’s team faced combat against Barca. At the crucial 20-minute point of the match, the game took an unexpected turn.

Even though they got off to a fast start, Yuri’s team was forced to defend against Barca’s advantage in possession. The story explores the team’s struggles by referring to past events, especially a challenging match against Esperion’s first team that ended in a sad 0-3 loss.

In an attempt to prepare for the Barca match, coach Fukuda is under fire as concerns are raised over the success of matching his team against Esperion’s first team. The opposition disapproves of him, calling Yuri’s group’s defensive approach a “cowardly parking the bus.” Against such pressure, Barca’s midfield takes the lead and scores an important goal.

The story progresses through an in-depth evaluation of the dynamics of the match, stressing special plays and tense moments. Possession percentages become significant data, and it’s clear that Barca’s control presents a serious threat to Yuri’s team as it shows the difference between players with and without experience.

Ao Ashi Chapter 357 Release Date
Ao Ashi (Credit: Shogakukan)

The players are panicking, especially the rookies, despite their original game plan because of Barca’s constant stress. Coach Fukuda offers strategic guidance to his team, stressing the need for focus and patience in the face of Barca’s constant attack.

The battle as Yuri’s team tries to take back control and shift the balance in their favor is shown vividly by the game’s ups and downs. Let’s see when chapter 357 of Ao Ashi is going to be released, the timings, and where to read it.


In Chapter 356 of Ao Ashi, the soccer match between Yuri’s team and Barca is underway. The game has been going on for twenty minutes, and Yuri’s team isn’t doing well. Barca has gained command of Yuri’s team’s early control, and the story suggests that it will not be long before Yuri’s team gives up a goal.

Ao Ashi Chapter 357 Release Date
Ao Ashi (Credit: Shogakukan)

The story returns to a hard game that Yuri’s team lost 0–3 to Esperion’s first team in the past. The players show up to be affected by this loss, and Fukuda, the coach, has come under attack for utilizing that game as practice for the Barca confronts. The other team mocks Fukuda, saying that his team is not strong and that playing defense is their only real option for success.

Barca’s midfield controls ownership and scores a goal whereas the dynamics of the game are looked at. Given how it appears how much time each team spends with the ball, the ownership percentage arises as a crucial talking point. It’s clear that Barca has the upper hand, and the story highlights the difficulties Yuri’s team faces particularly when it comes to the rookie players. 

Despite Barca’s constant stress, the coach gives the players tactical advice and asks them to be patient and focused. The story explores the mental aspects of the game, showing how the players are responding to stress and finding it difficult to keep their calm.

Ao Ashi Chapter 357 Release Date
Ao Ashi (Credit: Shogakukan)

The story highlights a standout player, Kuriba-yashi, who attempts a daring move by taking on two Barca players by himself. Barca resorts to fouling him to avoid a breakthrough, displaying Kuriba-yashi’s exceptional skills. Teammates and the audience express awe at his abilities, recognizing his potential to make a critical effect.

Chapter 356 of Ao Ashi is all about a soccer match between Yuri’s team and Barca. Things aren’t going well for Yuri’s team, and they are facing tough opposition. The story reflects on a previous defeat against another strong team, Esperion’s first team, which appears to be affecting the players.

It builds tension in a soccer match, explores the challenges faced by Yuri’s team, highlights personal skills, and introduces a mysterious strategy. Readers are left eager to see how the game unfolds in the next chapter. 

Release Date & Where to Read

Ao Ashi Chapter 357 is set to release on 22 January 2024. Let’s see the timings of Ao Ashi Chapter 357 for various regions:

  • Japanese Standard Time: 01:00 PM on Monday, 22 January 2024
  • Australian Capital Territory: 02:00 PM on Monday, 22 January 2024
  • Eastern European Time: 06:00 AM on Monday, 22 January 2024
  • Korean Standard Time: 01:00 PM on Monday, 22 January 2024

Fans can read Ao Ashi Chapter 357 on Big Comic Bros.


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