Argylle Post-Credits Scene Explained: Will The Be A Sequel?

Henry Cavill In Argylle

In the world of big-budget blockbuster films, mid and post-credits scenes have become a staple, especially in superhero movies within franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the upcoming film Argylle, directed by Matthew Vaughn, aims to bring this tradition beyond the superhero genre, creating anticipation among viewers about the potential for additional scenes during the credits.

Argylle, designed to establish a major franchise, indeed includes a mid-credits scene, breaking away from the usual placement at the very end. Positioned after the initial stylized credits, this scene serves a dual purpose—teasing a follow-up film and acknowledging a novel within the same fictional universe. Notably, it also establishes connections to earlier films by Matthew Vaughn.

Argylle’s Mid-Credits Scene Explained

The mid-credits scene unfolds 20 years earlier in a bar called The King’s Man. A young man named Aubrey Argylle, played by Louis Partridge, places a specific order at the bar. In return, he receives a box containing a pistol. Before the credits resume, a line of text onscreen hints at a forthcoming venture: “Argylle Book One: – The Movie – Coming Soon.”

Argylle Mid-Credits Scene Explained
Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill In Argylle (Credits: Apple Original Films)

This intentionally puzzling scene provides glimpses into the future direction of the Argylle franchise while raising numerous questions. The inclusion of a book reading scene in close succession with the mid-credits scene hints at a connection between Cavill’s fan character and Partridge’s Aubrey Argylle, potentially suggesting they are one and the same. The mysterious history hinted at in the film may play a crucial role in unraveling the mystery in a subsequent entry in the franchise.

When Argylle’s cast was announced in 2021, the film was initially described as an adaptation of an upcoming novel by first-time author Elly Conway. However, questions arose about Conway’s existence, with speculation even involving Taylor Swift as the possible author.

Recently, novelists Terry Hayes and Tammy Cohen confirmed they were the actual writers of the book, revealing an unusual production history. Vaughn proposed Hayes write an Argylle book while working on the movie, ensuring it wasn’t a standard novelization but one of the tales the fictional Elly character would have written about Cavill’s Argylle.

With this unique background, the mid-credits scene teases a new film, potentially based on Hayes and Cohen’s book, with Partridge and/or Cavill portraying Argylle, the character initially presented as fictional but who may have real-world roots within the film’s universe.

Vaughn has confirmed this as the intention, suggesting Argylle: Book One could revolve around the Cavill/Partridge character, while a hypothetical third film might serve as a more direct sequel to Argylle, returning to the “real world” of the first film and focusing on Rachel and Aidan.


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