Blake Lively Spotted Sharing a Passionate Kiss with Co-star Justin Baldoni on the Set of ‘It Ends With Us’

Blake Lively Spotted Kissing with Co star Justin Baldoni 1

Guess what went down on the set of ‘It Ends With Us’? – Blake Lively was caught locking lips with her co-star Justin Baldoni while they were filming ‘It Ends With Us’ last Friday.

Okay, just picture this, my friend: the 36-year-old actress rocking a full-on camouflage outfit and flaunting fiery red hair, all part of this romantic scene they were shooting in New Jersey.

Get this – just a few days after grabbing dinner with Taylor Swift in NYC, she is back on set, layered up and strutting in tan Chelsea boots. Oh, and let us not forget the brown leather satchel purse she was lugging around – total style move, right?

Now, Justin, the 39-year-old from ‘Jane the Virgin,’ had his own thing going on. He decided to pair a black T-shirt with a rainbow unicorn onesie. Yeah, you read that right. So, sparks flying both on and off the camera? Oh my… Hold on, let’s tell you more, friend!

Caught in the Act! Blake Lively Spotted Sharing a Passionate Kiss with Co-star Justin Baldoni on the Set of 'It Ends With Us'
Blake Lively and Co-star Justin Baldoni (Credits: @blakelively/Instagram)

Alright, here’s the gist on ‘It Ends With Us’ – Justin Baldoni is directing it, Christy Hall penned the script, and it’s based on Colleen Hoover’s novel of the same name.

And get this, Baldoni isn’t just calling the shots; he’s also the executive producer, along with Blake Lively and Hoover.

Now, it seems like they were shooting a scene straight out of the book where Ryle rocks a onesie. Why, you ask? Well, there’s a nearby bar dishing out free beer for folks dressed up during a Boston Bruins game – talk about a bonus!

But hold up, there’s more. On the same day, Lively and Baldoni switched up their outfits for another scene. Blake was rocking a strapless brown tea dress paired with an orange button-down knotted at the waist and some shiny, tall boots.

Meanwhile, Justin went all-black and had a bandage on his arm, not to mention some costume makeup and fake blood – it looks like they got into a bit of a scrap.

During this intense scene, Blake had this serious and concerned look on her face as she strolled alongside Baldoni. ‘It Ends With Us’ tells the tale of a young woman named Lily Bloom, played by Lively. Sounds like they’re cooking up some real on-screen drama!

The Whole Scene Was Playing Out on the Street at Night

Justin Baldoni, the 39-year-old from ‘Jane the Virgin,’ really went for it with his outfit – a black T-shirt paired with a rainbow unicorn onesie.

Meanwhile, Blake Lively had her own style game going on, carrying a purse with her outfit. At one point, she even reached up to tenderly caress Baldoni’s face, and he got into the moment, too, putting his hand on her neck.

The whole scene was playing out on the street at night, surrounded by the camera crew. It looks like they were recreating a moment from Colleen Hoover’s book, where Ryle rocks a onesie to snag free beer from a local bar during a sports game – talk about a quirky detail.

And you know it’s a passionate scene when Blake is seen standing on her toes to get closer during their kissing moment. Baldoni had the onesie sleeves tied around his waist, keeping it casual with sneakers and that trusty black T-shirt.

Later on, they were spotted strolling together after Baldoni threw on a coat. Both of them were rubbing their hands together, trying to stay warm – real on-set dedication!

The Whole Scene Was Playing Out on the Street at Night
Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni (Credits: @blakelively/Instagram)

The film, ‘It Ends With Us,’ has an intriguing plot. It follows the journey of a young woman named Lily Bloom, played by Lively. After college and dealing with the loss of her father, she falls for a doctor named Ryle Kincaid.

As their relationship takes a serious and dangerous turn, she crosses paths with her high school sweetheart, Atlas Corrigan, making her love life a bit of a rollercoaster.

Blake Lively is Lily Bloom

Check this out – according to the film’s official Instagram account, Blake’s character in “It Ends With Us,” who happens to be the florist at the heart of a love triangle, is described as nothing short of amazing.

And guess what? To step into this beloved character’s shoes, Blake went all out and dyed her iconic blonde locks red. Fans got their first glimpse of Blake’s fiery new look when she was spotted on the set in the New York area. Talk about a head-turning transformation!

Last year, production faced a hurdle with the WGA strike, causing a pause. But guess what? They’re back in action, with over half of the film in the can. The premiere is set for June 21 this summer, so mark your calendars!


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