Boruto Boosted Naruto’s Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power

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The powerful Otsutsuki clan from the Naruto series continues to be portrayed as formidable villains. As seen in the Boruto sequel series, recent revelations indicate the Otsutsuki possess even greater strength than originally shown, including mastery over the incredibly potent ability to travel through time.

In one Boruto storyline, Naruto assigns Sasuke and Boruto to patrol their village, staying alert for any activity from a specific Otsutsuki named Urashiki.

Urashiki was sent by Otsutsuki leadership to investigate what transpired with the character Kaguya Otsutsuki in the original Naruto series.

Urashiki came to the village along with other Otsutsuki clan members, Momoshiki and Kinshiki, likely utilizing the clan’s unexpected talent for time manipulation to arrive undetected.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

The Otsutsuki clans’ fearsome abilities and mysterious goals suggest they will continue posing a considerable threat well into the future of the Naruto franchise.

Their signature skill to traverse timelines will only heighten their formidable presence across the anime’s expanding mythology.

Boruto Boosts Naruto’s Top Enemies with a Game-Changing Power

In the aftermath of the Otsutsuki duo Momoshiki and Kinshiki meeting their demise, their clanmate Urashiki resolves to claim the formidable chakra power contained within Naruto’s tailed beast, Kurama, for his own ambitions. But directly accosting the formidable present-day Naruto poses too great a challenge.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Through covert infiltration of the well-guarded village, Urashiki uncovers a long-lost relic called the Karasuki, an Otsutsuki artifact enabling time manipulation across eras.

Rather than an uphill confrontation against Naruto and Kurama at the height of their strength, Urashiki hatches a scheme to exploit the Karasuki to traverse backward through time.

He plots to locate a vulnerable young Naruto to carry out his chakra-stealing objective, seeking to capitalize on this window to Naruto’s past opened up through his clan’s signature space-time Ninjutsu to change the present to his advantage.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

This act further cements the Otsutsukis’ mastery over chronology itself, wielding the Karasuki to alter destiny to suit their grand plans. Once again, their utterly supreme abilities shape the trajectory of Naruto’s story.

The Otsutsuki Clan’s Control Over Time Through The Karasuki

The Otsutsuki clan has demonstrated the power to transport themselves across spatial dimensions. However, the emergence of the unusual turtle-esque being dubbed the Karasuki unveils another facet of their dominion over the fabric of reality – unprecedented access to the temporal dimension as well.

As explained, unassisted time travel exceeds even the Otsutsukis’ inherent capabilities. But by supplying this bizarre creature with enough concentrated chakra energy, its powers can be harnessed to shuttle beings backward and forward through time.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

With their extraordinarily robust chakra reserves, the Otsutsuki visitors to Earth alone can meet the Karasuki’s substantial fuel requirements.

So, for the first time, the Otsutsukis’ already tremendous interdimensional travels can now traverse the corridors of time at their discretion as well.

The Karasuki’s time-manipulating abilities drastically expand their arsenal, all through the uncontested chakra mastery these fearsome villains uniquely possess on Earth. This is just another reason the Otsutsuki clan remains Naruto’s most dominant force.

Temporal Abyss Averted

Had Sasuke and Boruto failed to thwart Urashiki’s temporal plot, his victory against the unseasoned youthful Naruto was all but assured.

Depriving that still-developing Naruto of Kurama’s vast chakra energy would irrevocably alter the timestream – likely enabling an Otsutsuki ascension unimpeded by Naruto’s destined interference.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

It is truly remarkable that preceding Otsutsuki visitors like Kaguya, Ishiki, and Momoshiki overlooked this potently effective asset, the Karasuki, resting dormant within their clan’s reach.

While the full scope of their chrono-manipulative capabilities may still be shrouded in mystery, mastering temporal traversal serves as an enormous force multiplier for these already supreme beings.

Once more, through Sasuke and Boruto’s timely intervention, disaster was narrowly averted, destiny was preserved, and the future of the shinobi world was rescued from dissolution.

But this underscores the ever-present danger the Otsutsuki agenda poses if their plans are allowed to pervert the ordained sequence of history to their grand designs.

Temporal Dominance

Urashiki’s thwarted ploy only scratches the surface of the tremendous potential a weapon like the Kawasaki offers the Otsutsukis’ ambitions. The ability to traverse timelines would enable virtually limitless contingencies to further their agenda.

Boruto Boosted Naruto's Top Villains with a Game-Changing Power
Boruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Kaguya might have prevented her world-changing gift of chakra to humanity – the seminal event leading to her eventual downfall. Isshiki could have simply eliminated Kaguya before her rebellion.

Any human threats across history could be selectively eliminated. The cascading butterfly effects of an unencumbered Otsutsuki time hopping across eras are incredibly hazardous.

While Karasuki’s anime debut may not be formal canon, it likely is not the only one the mainline Otsutsukis can access.

With the core Boruto saga still unfolding its surprises, this staggering ability gives the formidable villains another option to catastrophically reshape the very fabric of shinobi history itself.

Amidst a mythology of gods and titans, mastery over the timestream would only further cement them as utterly supreme over mortal destiny.


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