Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers: Boruto’s New Time-Skip Design Revealed

Boruto Chapter 81

So we got the Boruto Time-skip design as it has been leaked on the new cover of V Jump, and looking at this design, fans of the series have gone crazy because it looks so much better than we got in chapter 1 of the Boruto series, and that is why they are looking for Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers.

In addition to that, some of the fans even believe that the Timeskip design that we have got now is also way better than the anime itself because if they see Boruto here, he looks like a straight-up gangster. 

The upcoming Boruto Chapter 81 is all set to be released on August 20, 2023, and we are finally going to see the action after so much time. In the last released chapter of the series, we see that Sarada convinces Sasuke to help and rescue Boruto. Although Sasuke is very much against Boruto, after seeing that Sarada has awakened her Mangekyo Sharingan, he decides to kill his beliefs and goes to rescue Boruto from the Hidden Leaf Village’s shinobi.

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers
Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

At this point if the story, we see that Boruto has lost every single hope that he had to rescue his father and family. However, when Sasuke shows up, he decides to go with him so that he can train and sharpen his skill so that when he comes back, he can defeat Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers

As the Boruto was away from the Hiddle Leaf village, there is a lot of possibility that he might have learned some amazing super-powerful techniques, some new jutsu, and may have also learned to use how to use the powers he got from the Otsutsuki.

This is the reason why I believe that we will get a fight between Sasuke and Boruto against some villain in the first chapter after the time skip so that our guy can showcase some of his skills after a long time of training and hard work. 

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers
Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

As we are on this point, it is also a matter of fact that Sasuke might have taught Boruto how he can take the power of Jogan in complete use because, as we know, Sasuke has prowess some terrible amount in ocular jutsu.

This means that there is a huge possibility that we will be seeing our guy using Jogan with its full capability in certain fights. One thing that also assures this fact is that Sarada has awakened her Sharingan, and it makes a lot of sense to see Boruto’s special eye power in the upcoming events.

Himawari Will Get Stronger

In the last part of the Boruto manga, we see that Himawari is all alone after her parents, Naruto and Hinata, are sealed away, and her big bro Boruto has to leave the Hidden Leaf Village, in order to train; it is very much possible that we might be seeing Himawari’s whereabouts in the upcoming Boruto chapter 81. Although we do not have the actual chapter yet, but it is also possible that Himawari might either be living with the Sarada and her mother or Iruka Sensei. 

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers
CC: Boruto WikiBoruto Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Although, the possibility of Himawari living with Iruka Sensei is big because he previously also looked after the children of Team 7 and specially Himawari’s father, Naruto. That is the reason why it makes a lot of sense that he is taking responsibility one more time. 

With that being said, fans should also expect that Himawari might also have gone through some kind of training with Sarada and Sakura. She might have learned some Jutsu or got a command over her Byakugan to some extent. 

Who Is Gonna Be The New Hokage After Naruto?

After getting sealed off by Kawaki, Naruto, and Hinata are not in the Leaf. In fact, it was also got rumored that the Seven Hokage had been killed by Boruto, and that is why the village should need a new Hokage, as there should be someone in the village to take responsibility for the town and make some important decisions. 

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers
Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

When talking about the next Hokage, you might be thinking about having Konahamaru as the Eighth. However, as we know that he does not have achieved the merits of being a Hokage, it will not be possible at the moment. 

At this point in time, it is possible that we might be seeing Kakashi sitting back in his Hokage’s seat. Not only that, the possibility of Sakura being the next Hokage is also very much possible. 

The next Boruto Chapter 81 will be available to read on Viz.

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