Brooklinn Khoury Before And After: Her Dramatic Transformation Following Dog Bite

Brooklinn Before and After

Want to know about Brooklinn Khoury before and after transformation? Well, the speculation became prominent after her lip surgery because of a dog bite. The accident was indeed painful, taking place back in 2020. The professional skateboarder, Brooklinn addressed the surgeon as a ‘true artist.’ 

Starting from the basics, Brooklinn Khoury is not just a professional skateboarder but also a social media influencer. She is very popular on Instagram. Little did you know, Brooklinn has worked with DC Shoes, Thread Wallets, and several other brands. This April, she turned 23 years old, as she was born in 1999. Talking about her birthplace, Brooklinn hails from Orange County, California.  

Not everyone knows Brooklinn Khoury is also a singer. Her debut song is “Waiting For You”, which you must listen to. Also, she made an appearance in Doja Cat’s music video of “Bottom B*ch.” 

One must note, Brooklinn is an animal lover. She owns a dog and a cat, who go by the names- Pickle, and Lady respectively. Coming back to Brooklinn Khoury before and after transformation, it all happened after the sudden dog attack. What went wrong with her face? Here is everything you would be able to know about Brooklinn Khoury before and after. 

Brooklinn Khoury Before And After
Brooklyn Khoury after her facial reconstruction surgery (Credit: Briefly News)

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Brooklinn Khoury Before And After:  Everything To Know About Her Lip Surgery

It was in 2020 when Brooklinn Khoury got attacked by a pit bull. The accident was as dangerous as it may sound to you. Following that, she lost her upper lip and a part of her nose. Now, when she is done with the reconstructive surgeries, she took the discussion of her transformation on social media. 

Brooklyn Khoury shared that it was very rare and amazing to find a surgeon whom she could trust, communicate, and laugh with. Following the incident, she got to learn a lot about modern medicine. On this note, Brooklinn said, “I am in awe of what my surgeon has been able to do. He is a true artist.” 

Well, Brooklinn understood the value of self-love. It is the most “amazing part” she learned during the whole reconstruction process. Brooklyn Khoury before and after, her looks are very different but the pro skateboarder admitted to loving each of her scars. She expressed her gratefulness. 

Brooklinn Khoury Before And After
Brooklinn Khoury before and after (Credit: People)

Now, as we talk about Brooklinn Khoury before and after her transformation, she shared her excitement about getting her lip tattooed. To be more precise, she is looking forward to making her lips appear more natural with the same color. 

As Brooklinn Khoury opened up about the surgery, she shared how long the process was. The first surgery took more than 20 hours, as shared by the influencer. She further added that the medical experts took skin from her arm and attach it to the lip, funneling a main artery and a vein. They did so that she could feel her lip. 

As far as the dog is concerned, it was reported to be Brooklinn’s cousin’s. To be more exact, it was an 8-year-old blue nose pitbull dog, who went by the name- Diesel. The skateboarder met him several times before and so it was an accident. She recalled the incident sharing that the dog sprung from a sitting position onto her face. It took place in November 2020. Overall, we may say that Brooklinn’s visit to her cousin in Gilbert turned out to be dangerous for her. 

Brooklyn Khoury before and after transformation look different. But, it feels good to see that she is a fighter. Following this incident and how she fought with the facial reconstruction process, Brooklinn has become an inspiration to many.  

Best Wishes to Brooklinn Khoury for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow Brooklinn, on her Instagram account for more updates. What do you think about Brooklinn Khoury before and after her transformation? 

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