Compliance Ending Explained: Girl Assaulted By A Prank Caller

Compliance Ending Explained

Sandra, the manager of a fast-food restaurant, receives a call from a man claiming to be a policeman, alleging that one of her young female staff has stolen from a customer. Sandra takes the alleged accused, Becky, to a stockroom on the commands of this stranger to search her before she is arrested. Once there, the naive employees are tricked into indulging in Becky’s sexual humiliation, which becomes increasingly twisted with each new sucker on the phone. Only until one last person gets the courage to rebel do they not even realize that they have been tricked into committing a crime that the real cops are struggling to solve. Let’s look at the ending for Compliance.

This movie is based on a real incident that took place in 2004. When you watch this movie and get to know that the movie is based on a real incident, it disturbs you. There are a lot of questions that come to your mind, like what would you have done if you were in the place of any of the characters. If you were on the other side of the story, would you have taken advantage of the victim girl? Or would you have helped her? Let’s talk about the ending of Compliance in detail.

Compliance Explained

The movie begins with Sandra, manager of South ChickWich fast food restaurant, waiting for her staff to arrive. After a moment, Becky, along with Kevin, arrives at the fast-food restaurant. Sandra begins reminding her staff to be at their best for the night since a franchise quality-control person will come as a secret customer. She also expresses her concern because someone left the freezer door open last night—a reason for their food stocks to get spoiled. Sandra then reminds her staff to be working by the book, not just by making the order right, but also in the right order. Later, the day starts as Sandra’s staff begins working.

Compliance Ending Explained
Compliance Ending Explained – Becky and Marti

Meanwhile, at the counter, Becky is talking to Marti, the shift supervisor. Becky is expressing that she thinks Sandra suspects her of leaving the freezer door open. Marti tells her not to worry since Sandra thinks that the one who did it is Kevin. Their conversation shifts to the guy Becky is talking to. Suddenly, Sandra joins their conversation, sharing the news that her boyfriend might propose since her boyfriend had called her father already. Marti and Becky give their congratulations to Sandra. Their conversation again shifts to the guy Becky is talking to, who keeps sending him sensual photos.

Marti remarks that he and Sandra are too old for that. Sandra then refutes Marti by telling her that her boyfriend knows what to do to keep things exciting and always gets her worked up. As Sandra leaves there, she peeks at them and sees that Becky and Marti are laughing at her statement. They both then continue talking about the guys again. Afterward, Sandra continues doing her manager duties. She checks on the custodian, Harold, to see if he is doing his job well. To her surprise, Harold is already done with his tasks. Harold tells Sandra that he may come back later to try some milkshakes.

Sandra Gets A Phone Call From A Policeman

While working, she gets a phone call from her boyfriend, Van, asking her permission to hang out with his friend. Sandra tells Van that he does not need her permission to spend time with his friends. However, Sandra tells Van not to get drunk too much. Sandra says that she is going back to work since they are swamped for the day. She says goodbye and drops the call. Meanwhile, Becky, Kevin, and Connie are talking at the counter about changing their working schedule. All of a sudden, Sandra interrupts them and tells them to do their jobs. After a moment, Marti calls Sandra saying that there is a phone call from a policeman at the restaurant office.

Sandra Gets A Phone Call From A Policeman
Compliance Ending Explained – Sandra Gets A Phone Call From A Policeman

Sandra goes to the phone and answers it. A man from the other line introduces himself as Officer Daniels from the Police Department. Officer Daniels tells her that he is in contact with their regional manager, Robert Gilmour. Eventually, Sandra asks if the call is about the freezer, but the Officer dismisses it. He then tells her that the call is about theft. He continues by saying that one of Sandra’s employees stole some money from a customer’s purse. Officer then describes the identity of the employee he is pertaining to. Sandra, to her disbelief, identified referred employee as Becky. Officer eventually confirms that it is Becky. He also tells Sandra that Becky is also part of a bigger investigation.

Officers Ask To Strip Search Becky

Sandra gets Becky from the counter and lets Marti take over her station. Sandra then leads Becky to the restaurant office. She lets her talk to the Officer. Becky eventually denies all the accusations. With Officer’s commands, Sandra checks Becky’s pockets and sees nothing. Sandra also holds on to Becky’s phone for the time being. As Officer commands the following, he asks Sandra to check Becky’s purse. Becky persists that she did not steal anything from anyone. Sandra tells Becky that if she finds something in her purse, she is going to fire her. Becky then lets Sandra check her purse. However, she finds nothing as Sandra tells Officer that there is nothing in Becky’s purse.

Officers Asks To Strip Search Becky
Compliance Ending Explained – Officers Asks To Strip Search Becky

Officer asks her to keep Becky at the restaurant in the meantime and wait for the police to arrive at the restaurant. Sandra agrees, and Becky sits down on a chair. Later, Officer tells her that they need to put Becky in a holding cell for the night. He then states that to keep the situation contained, he asks Sandra to strip-search Becky. However, Sandra expresses her discomfort in doing it. Officer tells her that if she does not do this, there can be a trial that can take a long time and a direct cost to Becky being taken in. Officer then lets Sandra tell Becky to stay in a holding cell for the night or undergo strip-searching at the restaurant office.

Becky Agrees For Strip Search

Becky expresses that she does not want to consent to both of them since she did not steal anything. Sandra further explains to Becky what will happen if she won’t choose. Eventually, Becky decides to be strip-searched, but she wants Marti to be there in the restaurant office. Officer agrees with the condition. Sandra goes out to get Marti. Meanwhile, Becky continues talking to Officer Daniels. Their conversation leads to Becky’s older brother, who has been in trouble with the law. He then remarks that she does not know about her brother, who is still in trouble with the law. Before the conversation goes further, Sandra and Marti arrive at the restaurant’s office. Sandra explains to Marti on what is going on.

Compliance Ending Explained
Compliance Ending Explained – Becky Agrees For Strip Search

Eventually, Sandra and Marti begin with the strip-searching. Becky removes her shirt, undershirt, shoes, and pants, as well as her sun visor cap. Sandra checks all of her clothes and informs Officer that she found nothing. He then asks her to check Becky’s underwear. Sandra hesitantly asks Becky to take her underwear off. She eventually takes it off and hands it to Sandra. Later, Sandra confirms that there is nothing in her underwear. Officer then tells her to let Becky turn around to check her body. After Sandra finds nothing, Officer then asks Sandra to put Becky’s clothes in a bag and put them in her car since there can be secret pockets that Sandra is not trained to find it.

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Becky Can’t Wear Back Her Clothes

Officer then tells Sandra that when they get there, they will check Becky’s clothes. With this, Marti finds it suspicious to put the clothes in Sandra’s car when the police can check the clothes inside the restaurant office when they arrive. Sandra then questions the Officer if she can just leave the clothes at the restaurant office. Officer Daniels answers that he will not allow it since if the clothes stay with Becky, she may slip the stolen money somewhere and get away with what she has done. Sandra does not seem to buy what Officer said. Eventually, Officer reveals to Sandra that they are searching for Becky’s house since Becky’s older brother may be involved with selling illegal drugs and that Becky may also be selling it.

Compliance Ending Explained
Compliance Ending Explained – Becky Can’t Wear Back Her Clothes

Officer also tells Sandra that since this is a more extensive investigation, they are hoping that they can find the stolen money, then they can bring Becky in and get a confession for the drugs investigation. After Sandra puts Becky’s clothes in her car, she goes back to the office restaurant. Marti goes back to help Connie at the counter. Sandra then tells Officer that she needs to resume managing the restaurant since it is their busiest time. Officer tells her that they are in the middle of searching Becky’s house, so it will take longer than a minute to get to the restaurant. He then asks her if she has an employee trustworthy enough to watch Becky.

Kevin Doesn’t Follow Officer’s Orders

Sandra gets Kevin to the restaurant office. Sandra then explains to Kevin that Becky may have stolen money from a customer and that her brother is in trouble too. Kevin tells her that Becky did not do it and that her brother cannot be in trouble since he knows Becky’s brother personally. Sooner, Sandra lets Kevin watch Becky until the police get to the restaurant. Later, Officer asks Kevin to take off the apron and inspect Becky’s whole body. Becky tells him that Sandra already did that to her. Kevin becomes suspicious of Officer Daniels and tells him that he is going to leave for a second. Kevin walks out of the restaurant office, and Sandra stops him.

Kevin Doesn't Follow Officer's Orders
Compliance Ending Explained – Kevin Doesn’t Follow Officer’s Orders

He tells her that Becky is his friend, and he does not want to do anything with the situation. Sandra has no choice but to go back to the restaurant office. She asks Officer what happened, and Officer Daniels says that Kevin is unprofessional. Officer then scolds Sandra for telling Kevin about the confidential information involving Becky’s brother. Eventually, Officer gives her a choice between watching over Becky by herself or finding someone reliable to watch Becky. He then brings up Sandra’s boyfriend, Van, to come by the restaurant and help. Sandra hesitates at first, but eventually, she agrees and calls Van to come to the restaurant.

Van Sexually Assaults Becky On Officer’s Orders

After a while, Van arrives at the restaurant. Sandra explains everything to Van, and she lets him keep an eye on Becky. While watching over Becky, Officer orders Van to force Becky to remove her apron and check her body. Van tells Officer that he can’t make him do it. Officer tells him to give the phone to Becky. Eventually, Officer manipulates Becky into letting Van check her whole body. Officer also asks Becky to perform naked jumping jacks in front of Van to expose suspected contraband in her body. Sooner, Becky tries to persuade Sandra about the trauma as she comes into the restaurant office for a quick visit.

Compliance Ending Explained – Van

When she leaves the restaurant office, Officer demands Van to spank Becky as a punishment for her being disobedient. Right after, Officer forces Becky again, this time to try Van’s sausage. Later, Officer requests Sandra to look for another guy to take Van’s place after Van leaves feeling guilty about what Officer let him do. Sandra then assigns the custody to Harold, who comes back to the restaurant for a milkshake to watch over Becky. Sandra again explains the situation to Harold. Eventually, Officer Daniel’s command of taking Becky’s apron off again enrages Harold.

Compliance Ending Explained: The Fake Officer

Sandra calls Robert Gilmour, the regional manager after Harold informs her of Officer Daniel’s inappropriate orders. Robert Gilmour tells Sandra that he has been sick for the whole day, and no police have contacted him. Sandra finally realizes that Officer’s call is spam. When the police arrive, they lead Becky out and search for evidence. Later, Detective Neals investigate the incidents, he assigns police officer on what to do, and where to start investigating, and he calls people who may be able to help the case. He eventually finds out that similar events are documented by that very same guy, who is found to be a telemarketer and a family man.

Compliance Ending Explained
Compliance Ending Explained – Daniel the caller

After a closed investigation of recordings, they identify the caller, and Daniel is arrested. The movie ends with Becky requesting to pursue a legal complaint against Sandra, but her lawyer proposes that she should target the restaurant instead. Sandra, who today is out of a job, ends her relationship with Van following the event, and she is asked by a journalist about it, but she is not able to answer all of the questions since her lawyer is there. It shows that in almost thirty states in the US, over seventy similar real incidents happened over the past years, and the movie ends.

True Story Behind Compliance Movie

Craig Zobel’s low-budget film is based on a true story from 2004, in which an 18-year-old McDonald’s staff in Kentucky was held, stripped, and sexually abused on the orders of a caller posing as a police officer. The contact was allegedly made by a jail guard in Florida, who was charged with requesting a sex act and faking a policeman, but he was cleared in his trial in 2006.

Meanwhile, the fast-food restaurant manager was sentenced to a year of probation, and her fiancé, who assisted in the employee’s guarding, pled guilty to sex assault, sexual harassment, and unlawful confinement and was sentenced to five years in prison. In the case of the victim, a jury awarded her well over $5 million in compensatory and additional damages in 2007. The corporation, though, filed an appeal, and she ultimately settled for an unknown amount.

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