Depardieu Family Denounces Alleged ‘Conspiracy’ Against Esteemed French Film Icon

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The family of French film star Gerard Depardieu harshly denounced what they called an “unprecedented conspiracy” against him on Sunday.

Depardieu is at the center of growing allegations of sexual harassment. He was charged with rape in 2020 and is currently being closely watched for remarks he made that are sexist. A recent video clip featuring Depardieu making offensive remarks has reignited discussions about sexism and sexual violence in French cinema.

Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak expressed concern over the situation, saying that the 74-year-old actor’s actions bring disgrace to France. The possibility of depriving Depardieu of the Legion of Honour, the highest honor bestowed upon him by President Jacques Chirac in 1996, is being discussed.

What is Julie Depardieu saying about Gerard Depardieu?

Family members of Gerard Depardieu, such as his actress daughter Julie Depardieu, expressed their viewpoint in a letter that was printed in the Journal du Dimanche. They noted that they are frequently taken aback by Gerard’s remarks, but they also stressed that their father, grandfather, or uncle is the target of a historic conspiracy right now.

Gerard Depardieu
Gerard Depardieu (Credits: ARY News)

The family wrote a letter expressing their shock at “this alarming collective hysteria” and stressing that, when it comes to his kids in particular, Gerard is a very sensitive, modest, and even prudish person.

It is noteworthy that Depardieu was charged with rape in 2020 and has been the subject of 13 allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Depardieu Family concerns

The Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honour will launch a “disciplinary procedure” to decide whether to deprive Gerard Depardieu of the honor, the culture minister announced on Friday.

The actor was caught on camera earlier this month in North Korea making lewd sexual remarks to a young girl riding a horse in front of a female interpreter. The video was released by France 2.

With over 200 roles to his name, including the netflix series “Marseille” and the 1990 comedy “Green Card,” Depardieu, who denies any wrongdoing, wrote in the October issue of Le Figaro newspaper, “Never ever have I abused a woman.” Regarding the investigation by France 2, his family called it a “monstrous manipulation,” claiming that Depardieu’s provocative actions were part of an act.

The family claims that Depardieu frequently played roles meant to provoke, even if it meant upsetting sensitive people, including themselves. They emphasized how the documentary reduced the multifaceted actor to a one-dimensional character by portraying him as a “total arsehole.”

Gerard Depardieu
Gerard Depardieu (Credits: The Local France)

While the family accepted that some people might take offense at Depardieu’s “excesses” these days, not so long ago, they were a source of amusement on movie sets, adding to a laid-back vibe. They argued that it was incredibly dishonest for him to use his verbal provocations to back up other unverified accusations, and they urged people to distinguish between words and deeds.

The family that shared a home with Depardieu attested to his non-violent demeanor, characterizing him as possibly coarse or “Gallic” but not violent. They conveyed the immense harm that the present circumstances have inflicted upon him and his entire family.

What are Depardieu’s lawyers saying?

Gerard Depardieu’s lawyers told AFP on Saturday that the minister would receive his Legion of Honour back. Attorneys Christian Saint-Palais and Beatrice Geissmann Achille questioned whether Culture Minister Abdul Malak was complicit in what they saw as a “media lynching” and “manhunt” against their client.

The minister of culture declared that Depardieu’s films would not be abandoned by the French people. But the same day, Depardieu’s honorary citizenship was revoked by a Belgian municipality, and earlier in the week, the province of Quebec revoked its highest honor because of his “scandalous” remarks regarding women.

After a string of allegations of sexual harassment and rape, French President Emmanuel Macron removed Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s Legion of Honour in 2017.


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