Did Tom Cheat On Lynette In Season 5? Tom And Lynette Get Shocked

Did Tom Cheat On Lynette In Season 5 1

Lynette Lindquist Scavo (played by Felicity Huffman) is a former businesswoman and current frustrated housewife. She looks after her four children while her husband, Tom Scavo (played by Doug Savant), runs a pizzeria. Earlier, he used to frequently travel while working for an advertising firm and leaving his wife alone with his kids at home.

Tom and Lynette married in 1997 and began living in Fairview. In the fifth season, Tom struggles to discipline his spoiled kids and keep his wife calm. He suffers a major accident and tries to live his life to the fullest, which irritates Lynette more.

Tom’s Pizzeria goes out of business due to low sales, and he learns Chinese to find a new job. Lynette, who does not know about it, makes him drink the night before his exams to overcome his depression. He still comes in the top five after getting the results.

Felicity Huffman And Doug Savant In Desperate Housewives
Felicity Huffman And Doug Savant In Desperate Housewives (Credit: RON TOM/ABC)

Did Tom Cheat On Lynette In Season 5?

No. Tom Does not cheat Lynette in Season 5, and the answer lies in Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episodes 6 and 7. Lynette gets suspicious after seeing Tom talking to Anne Schilling, an older married woman with an abusive husband, Warren.

However, Tom shows her a place to be rented for his band with the help of the estate agent, Anne. Lynette is shocked to see how Tom always protects their spoiled kids, which makes her wonder whether he respects her opinion.

Further, Lee adds oil to the fire by hinting Lynette about Tom’s potential affair. Thus, she calls Tom, who claims to be busy practicing at the space reserved for his band and will return home later. Lynette is not satisfied by this statement because he unknowingly shocks her in various ways.

For instance, Tom has been allegedly busy playing for the band with the neighboring husbands, which irritates Lynette. Moreover, he wants to take his spoiled children to school throughout the year and travel across the country.

Lynette is just suspicious of his affair but has no evidence. Thus, they really need to have a conversation. Tom is shocked after learning about her suspicion and promises her to leave everything that bothers her, including his band. Fortunately, she does not demand him to leave his band.

Tom and Lynette misunderstood each other till now. However, they comfort each other after effective communication and find the real couple having an unexpected affair.

An Unexpected Affair

Amid the conversation with Lynette, Tom finds a condom but tries to hide it from Lynette. The next moment, he heads to his restaurant, and she follows him with several questions in her mind. There, they find their son, Porter, while Anne Schilling runs away with her car. It means Anne and Porter have an affair.

Porter returns home with Tom and Lynette but later joins Anne in her car, and they end up kissing. In the seventh episode, Tom and Lynette learn about Porter’s affair with Anne and ask the former to break up with her over the phone.

However, Porter does not do that as Anne’s abusive husband, Warren, might pick up the phone. Later, Lynette confronts and attacks Anne in their school’s restroom while Anne claims she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Warren secretly hears them and severely beats her after some time.

Anne cannot sue Warren for hitting her as she might get arrested for having intercourse with someone below the legal age. Dave Williams sets the club on fire, and Warren blames Porter for that. Thus, Porter gets arrested, and Lynette sells Tom’s baseball bat to get him bail.

Later, Lynette pays Anne to go out of town and inform birth of her baby. This time, Anne claims that she lied about her pregnancy. She planned to run away with Porter, but it cannot happen now.

Tom faces a financial crisis after getting Porter bail and paying Anna to run away. Thus, he ends up selling his Pizzeria the couple opened in the third season.

Charlie And Max As Porter And Preston (left) Gail O'Grad As Anne Shilling (right)
Charlie And Max As Porter And Preston (left) Gail O’Grad As Anne Shilling (right) (Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Festival of Art, Beta Series)

Tom’s Past

Lynette must have been suspicious of Tom cheating on her due to their past. He cheated on her in the second season. Before meeting Lynette, Tom had a one-night stand with Nora Huntington, who gave birth to his daughter, Kayla Huntington.

Later, the mother-daughter duo moved to Fairview via the child support received from Tom to remain closer to his current family, Lynette, and her children.


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