Doja Cat Boyfriend Jeffrey Cyrus: Everything About The New Couple

Doja Cat And Jeffrey Cyrus

Doja Cat’s new boyfriend, Jeffrey Cryus, has recently made headlines. Doja Cat and Jeffrey Cyrus’ relationship was confirmed only a few days ago. The two were confirmed to be a couple when spotted in Cabo, Mexico. Doja Cat was reportedly spotted kissing Jeffrey Cyrus when the two were together. Since then, the media and fans have confirmed that the two are a couple.

Doja Cat is a personality that has always been surrounded by several controversies. She has faced backlash on several occasions. It can be her Met Gala outfit that sparked several controversies, or it can also be the lyrics she used in songs that might have stirred controversies.

This time, however, the controversy is about her partner, Jeffrey Cyrus. Fans of Doja Cat are visibly upset about her decision to pursue a relationship with Jeffrey Cyrus and have asked her to end things with him. The following article explores the controversy surrounding the couple and also discusses the future possibility of the couple’s relationship.

Who Are Doja Cat And Jeffrey Cyrus? A Brief Overview Of The Two:

Doja Cat is a popular American rapper and singer. Her real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. She is known for her bold personality and unique lyrics. Her bold nature is clearly reflected by the use of fearless words in the lyrics to her songs, and fans love her for that. Some of her really popular songs are “Woman,” “Boss Bitch,” “Say So,” “Get Into It,” “Kiss Me More,” and many more.

Doja Cat And Jeffrey Cyrus Sharing A Kiss On Yacth In Mexico
Doja Cat And Jeffrey Cyrus Sharing A Kiss On Yacth In Mexico (Credits: People)

Jeffrey Cyrus (also known as J. Cyrus) is a popular comedian. He is an American and was born in Louisiana. Jeffrey gained his initial popularity in the year 2017 when he posted funny and humorous videos on the now-defunct platform Vine.

He now continues to post his comedy videos on popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Besides comedy, Jeffrey Cyrus is also a musician, and his interest in this field was sparked when he lived in New Orleans, a city where a lot of music culture prevails.

Jeffrey Cyrus Controversy: What Is It All About? All Explained:

Doja Cat’s fans have been extremely concerned about her dating Jeffrey Cyrus. They have pointed out that Jeffrey Cyrus has a past history of sexually abusing women. Although there are no legal cases against Jeffrey Cyrus as of now, there have been an estimated 20 women who have come out against Jeffrey Cyrus, pointing out that they were sexually harassed by him.

Jeffrey Cyrus was also interested in gaming and used to stream on Twitch. According to a report, Jeffrey Cyrus would often meet women and make sexual comments to them, which were inappropriate as they were totally against their consent.

Jeffrey Cyrus addressed the accusations in 2020 when he posted a long message on Twitter. It was supposed to be an apology for his actions, but it seemed more like an explanation from his side as to why he did it.

Against most accusations by women, he was of the opinion that everything was consensual and there was no instance of sexual assault. Jeffrey has also had a history of alcohol abuse, and although he seems well over the alcohol abuse now, fans cannot ignore the red flags surrounding him.

Jeffrey Cyrus' Apology For Sexually Abusing Women In 2020
Jeffrey Cyrus’ Apology For Sexually Abusing Women In 2020 (Credits: Twitter)

Despite fans’ concerns and warnings, Doja Cat is supporting Jeffrey and has asked her fans not to spread hatred against her partner. She even lashed out at some of her fans that posted abusive comments. She clearly said that it is her life, and her decisions and fans have nothing to do with what she does in her own life.

However, fans are relentless and still continue to post comments and views on the couple’s relationship. It now remains to be seen what the future holds for the couple.

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