Dominic West And Lily James Controversial Affair: What Happened?

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The Pursuit of Love is finally available on television, and the show has been a huge smash! With the show, an old controversy has also resurfaced. Dominic West was seen playing Lily James’ father’s role in the show, and looking back at their history, many viewers have been calling it “awkward.”

Dominic West, who played the role of Prince Charles in The Crown, is already a married person. The actor is married to an aristocrat, Catherine FitzGerald. The couple tied the knot back in 2010 and since then, the two of them have welcomed four children.

The couples are college sweethearts who met and fell for each other while attending Trinity College in Dublin. However, in 2020, their marriage was put to the test after West was pictured cuddling up with his co-star Lily James in Rome, Italy.

Dominic West and Lily James Romance: The Controversy

Back in 2020, the two co-stars from The Pursuit Of Love were seen cuddling up in Rome, and it seemed as if West was kissing Lily’s neck. The fans were quick to notice that the actor was not wearing his ring either. Rumors were also circulated that the duo spent two nights sleeping in a room at Hotel De La Ville, which provided a view of the entire city.

Dominic West And Lily James Controversial Affair
Dominic West And Lily James snapped together in Rome, Italy (Credits: Getty Images)

West and James were also snapped riding an electric scooter just before they met with their mutual manager and friend, Angharad Wood, for dinner in a Downtown Restaurant.

As the paparazzi photographers began to approach West while she was seated, James couldn’t resist giving her a quick kiss and touch on the neck.

Dominic is thought to be portraying Linda’s father in Lily’s film The Pursuit Of Love. They have previously collaborated on a theater performance of Othello in 2011, where Lily played Desdemona, and Dominic played Lago.

Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald’s Marriage Breakdown: What Happened?

The tale quickly became more bizarre. Dominic and his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, put on a unified front the day after the photos were released.

The couple has since shared a kiss outside their home and given reporters a message that reads, “Our marriage is strong, and we’re very much still together.” Dominic has informed reporters that his marriage to Catherine FitzGerald is “stronger than ever” despite not wearing his wedding band.

Dominic West And Lily James Controversial affair
Dominic West with his wife, Catherine Fitzgerald (Source: Getty Images)

It was later that a friend of the couple informed the media that Catherine was “ready to pull the plug,” which led to the reports that the couple’s marriage was all but done. Moreover, the sources had also said that Catherine had told them that West had admitted his feelings for Lily James. However, it is quite evident that the couple made it through their tough, scandalous, and controversial phase.

The couple appear to be much in love still now, and even the actor’s career wasn’t hampered because of the controversy. Dominic West recently bagged the role of Prince Charles in The Crown, and FitzGerald even made her television debut with her husband at The Crown’s fifth season premiere on the same show.

What did Lily James say about the drama? Everything To Know

Actress Lily James seemed to break her silence on the controversial images for the first time in a recent interview when she was promoting her new drama series on Hulu, Pam and Tommy, as she made a comparison to Pamela Anderson.

Speaking about her much-discussed new work with Rolling Stone, Lily acknowledged that she and Pamela have certain similarities. Lily responded to Pam’s “brush with the gossip rags” by relating her own story of being widely publicized. A completely other level of scrutiny was applied once a paparazzi photo of her purportedly kissing her married Pursuit co-star Dominic was released.

Being called a homewrecker and whatnot, James went through the toughest time of her career. Lily opened up about the drama, saying, “Women in the public spotlight often face challenging circumstances in their interaction between privacy and your life.”

Further, she also said that it was a lot for her, but now, it felt like an old time. Earlier, James, during an interview with The Guardian, admitted that she has a lot to say about the whole controversy, but for the time being, she would prefer not to. Well, we respect her privacy. 


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