Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale Episode 4 Review: New Drama For Jae-Rim

Jae Rim Ep 4

In Dreaming of A Freaking Fairytale, Moon Cha-Min is the son of a wealthy chaebol family and the CEO of a social club. He has no interest in women who dream of fairy tale romances like Cinderella and is known for being arrogant. Cha-Min’s life changes when he meets Shin Jae-Rim, who begins working as a manager at his social club. Jae-Rim takes the job hoping to find her own Prince Charming and escape her poor life.

As Jae-Rim works at the social club, she starts to grow as a person. She gradually accepts her life and becomes more independent, no longer seeking someone to save her. Instead, she learns to rely on herself and finds strength within, which changes her outlook on life and love.

Although Cha-Min and Jae-Rim are very different, they soon develop a romantic relationship. Cha-Min’s arrogance and Jae-Rim’s initial dreams of a fairy tale romance create tension at first, but over time, they learn from each other. Their relationship becomes stronger as they both change and find common ground, discovering a new understanding and appreciation for one another.

Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale Episode 4 Review: New Drama For Jae-Rim
Moon Cha Min stands up for Jae Rim (TvN)

Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 begins with Shin Jae-Rim meeting Baek Do-Hong at the social club for the first time. She is immediately charmed by his undeniable personality and eagerly gives him a tour of the club, trying her best to impress him.

It’s also revealed that Baek Do-Hong is a renowned filmmaker. Meanwhile, Moon Cha-Min feels uneasy seeing them together. When he finds out that Baek Do-Hong wants to join the club, he initially refuses his membership application.

Shin Jae-Rim, however, is determined to get Baek Do-Hong into the club. She tells Moon Cha-Min that she sees Do-Hong as her potential prince charming and believes he could change her life for the better. During this time, Ban Dan-A also tries to manipulate the situation to get rid of Shin Jae-Rim from the club as soon as possible.

Despite his reluctance, Moon Cha-Min eventually grants Baek Do-Hong membership in the club. However, he refuses to let Jae-Rim attend Do-Hong’s welcome party and instead assigns her the daunting task of organizing an art exhibition. Although the task seems nearly impossible, Shin Jae-Rim puts in tremendous effort and successfully arranges the exhibition. As a result, Cha-Min has no choice but to allow her to attend the party.

Jae-Rim is humiliated in front of Do-Hong by another woman from the club. She hopes Do-Hong will stand up for her, but he hesitates. Just when things seem bleak, Moon Cha-Min steps in to help Jae-Rim, offering her his hand and revealing his growing feelings for her. This act of kindness angers Ban Dan-A, who reacts by slapping Moon Cha-Min in front of everyone, closing the episode with heightened tension and drama.

Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale Episode 4 Review: New Drama For Jae-Rim
Moon Cha Min and Jae Rim (TvN)

Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale was packed with drama and unexpected twists! Watching Shin Jae-Rim meet the charming filmmaker Baek Do-Hong and seeing her try to impress him was both sweet and a bit tense, especially with Moon Cha-Min’s obvious jealousy.

The episode really took a turn when Jae-Rim, despite being given an almost impossible task, managed to pull off an amazing art exhibition just to attend Do-Hong’s welcome party.

The tension hit a peak when Jae-Rim was publicly humiliated, but seeing Moon Cha-Min come to her rescue showed his growing feelings for her. Ban Dan-A’s furious reaction and her slap to Cha-Min added an extra layer of interest, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode.


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