Emily Stofle Seeks Divorce from David Lynch Ending Their Fourteen Years of Marriage

Emily Softle and David featured

The famous director and actress parted their ways after fourteen years of their marriage. According to some reports, Emily Stofle has filed for divorce against the Twin Peaks director , David Lynch. 

The actress seeks for the sole and physical custody of their eleven year old daughter which allows Lynch only to have visitation rights. As the couple are not having any evidences of prenuptial agreement, Stofle has requested for spousal support and attorney’s fees from David.

The couple welcomed their first and only child together when Lynch was sixty six years old. They announced the news of their pregnancy and said that they are extremely thrilled and is looking forward to meet their first child together. 

The director was married three previous times before his marriage to Stofle. He also has three children from his marriages.

As per reports, the representatives of Lynch and Stofle has not yet responded to the news of their divorce. But it is confirmed that David Lynch and Emily Stofle has filed a case regarding their divorce in the court on 1 December 2023.

The couple’s personal and professional life

Emily Stofle and David Lynch exchanged vows in a very intimate ceremony in February 2009. This marriage marked as the fourth marriage for the MulHolland Drive director and painter. Later in 2012, the couple became parents as they announced their pregnancy with their first child together. In August that year ,they were blessed with their daughter, Lula. 

This was for the fourth time the filmmaker has become a father while Stofle embraced motherhood for the first time. The couple is said to have met in his 2006 film Inland Empire in which Stofle played an important role.

David Lynch and Emily Stofle with their daughter
David Lynch and Emily Stofle with their daughter. (Credits: Getty Images)

But Emily seemed to have started her career by playing a very small role in the biographical crime thriller film, Ted Bundy which was released in 2002. She was later casted in the experimental psychological thriller film, Inland Empire which was directed by her husband David Lynch. The film gained her a lot of recognition and was a box office hit in 2006.

Stofle later was featured in some of the other movies like Lady Blue Shanghai, Boat , What did Jack do and also was celebrated for her appearance in an episode of Twin Peaks.

David Lynch has directed many movies till today with each having a lot of importance in the Hollywood industry. Lynch was an artist with many qualities, in his music career he has developed many albums like Crazy Clown Times, The Big Dream and BlueBOB. The filmmaker before choosing his career as a director was a painter. 

Some of the magazines reported him as the most important filmmaker of the generation of the current era. Even though he is a successful director, he do not seem to have succeeded in family life.

Evident mismatches between the couple

The couple has never revealed about their personal life in the media. But in an interview with the Guardian back in 2018, Lynch confessed that he was always absent as a father and husband . He said that

You gotta be selfish. And it’s a terrible thing. I never really wanted to get married, never really wanted to have children. One thing leads to another and there it is.” He added, “I did what I had to do. There could have been more work done. There are always so many interruptions.

Also Stofle has shared some of her griefs with her memoirs co-author Kristine McKenna that Lynch has always shared the priorities with her before having their kid. She also added that after they had Lula, their daughter he disappeared into his work. Work is where David finds joy in, she told McKenna.

David Lynch and Emily Stofle
David Lynch and Emily Stofle. (Credits: Wire Images)

This divorce will mark as the fourth divorce for David Lynch. He was married earlier to Mary Sweeney from 2006 to 2007 with whom he shares a son, Riley. From 1977 to 1987, he was married to Mary Fisk and had a son and with Peggy Lynch he has a daughter aged 55. 


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