Ethan Dolan and Kristina Alice Happily Engaged Now, Fans React to the Youtube Couple

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Ethan Dolan is going to start a new adventure in his life. And this journey will be great because he will be living with Kristina Alice. Ethan Dolan, who was recognized as one of the Dolan twins and his brother Grayson Dolan for his YouTube channel, took a very big step in his personal life. Meanwhile, Ethan is officially taken and proposed to his girlfriend, Christina Alice.

Alive shared the news of Ethan’s proposal on its social media. Their relationship lasted four beautiful years before they reached this milestone. In 2010, Ethan and his brother’s YouTube channel became popular and had a lot of likes. But their father died in 2019, affecting their relationship. They changed their YouTube posting schedule to cope with the loss. Then, in 2021, they made the big announcement that they were leaving YouTube forever. 

How is Ethan Dolan’s love of life Kristina Alice?

Ethan Dolan’s girlfriend, Christina Alice, is an Australian social media celebrity. She has a huge Instagram following of over 200K people. In addition to loving animals, Christina uses her platform to discuss current events, mental health, and other important topics.

Ethan Dolan
Dolan Twins (Credits: Teen Vogue)

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Christina gained recognition for her role as Ethan Dolan’s love interest in the Cub Sports song “Hawaiian Party” The music video features a kiss between the two, making her popular again. Erhan and Cristina’s love story began in 2019 when they met and became very close. They officially became a couple in December of that year but kept their relationship a secret.

In October 2020, Ethan publicly announced Christina as his girlfriend in a YouTube video, and the two shared a kiss and revealed their relationship to the public for the first time

In July 2020, Ethan put to rest rumors that he was in a relationship by admitting he was happy in a YouTube video. But the central figure in his life was not revealed until October, when he finally revealed that it was Christina who played the central role in his heart.

Fans of Ethan and Christina were overjoyed when the couple announced their engagement. This happy moment was especially special for everyone who supported and acknowledged them.

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Know more about the popular Dolan Twins

The Dolan twins decided to part from their YouTube channel and keep their social media engagement to a minimum, extending their silence. Despite their escape, their fans and followers eagerly watch every update and eagerly await every new news on the status of their developments and love lives.

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YouTuber Ethan Dolan
YouTuber Ethan Dolan (Credits: Teen Vogue)

The Dolan brothers came back and broke their silence in July 2023 by giving a surprise to their fans with their announcement of an upcoming new project. The brothers shared excitedly the news of their coming short film named “Nothing Left To Give”, causing a stir among their fans and followers alike.

The news of the upcoming short film was exciting for fans, who were eagerly awaiting any new details about the twins’ creative work. Now talking about Ethan’s brother Grayson’s dating life, the dedicated followers of Grayson had observed that something was cooking between Elizabeth Seward and Grayson.

This observation came after Elizabeth Seward liked one of Grayson’s pictures on Instagram. From then, rumors began to make waves about the duo being dating each other. The rumors were circulating about them dating back to 2019. What is their current relationship status is unknown. Whether they are dating or not, it is not clear at all.

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