EXO Idol Sehun Announced His Military Enlistment Date: When Is It?

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These days, BTS is making headlines as all the members of the group have now been enlisted in mandatory military service. But, one must note, that the Bangtan Boys are not the only ones. Another member of the Kpop group- EXO, that is Sehun, recently shared details of his military enlistment, in a heartfelt letter to his fans. So, when is it? 

EXO is a globally hit Kpop boy band, signed under SM Entertainment. It made its debut more than a decade ago, more precisely in 2012. In case you want to explore EXO’s musical works, make sure you listen to The War, Growl, Miracles in December, Overdose, Love Me Right, Tempo, Cream Soda, and Love Shot. 

Concerning the EXO member, Sehun excels in rapping and dancing. Born in 1994, he is now 29 years old. He is from Mangu-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Besides being associated with music, one must know that he is also an actor. Yes! He starred in the films- The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure, All That We Loved, Secret Queen Makers, and Catman. Did you watch them?

Being his fan, you will be happy to know that Sehun is set to play the leading role of Yan Su, in Dear Archimedes. 

Moving on with Sehun’s military enlistment plans, the Kpop idol will soon start to serve as the public servant. Also, he is the only and final one who is left to fulfill it. A few days ago, he shared his heartfelt hand-written letter with his fans, detailing his plans and feelings. Here is what we know. 

EXO Idol Sehun Announced His Military Enlistment Date
EXO (Credit: YouTube)

Sehun Shared His Military Enlistment Details With His Fans: When Is It? 

Well, it was on 13 December 2023, that EXO singer, Sehun made an official announcement of his mandatory military enlistment plans. Guess, what? Just like BTS, EXO will also be making its reunion in 2025, after completing their military duties, as expected. 

So, Sehun is set to embark on a new journey on 21 December 2023. A few more days to go. While making the announcement, he also apologized to his fans for the delay. 

EXO Idol Sehun Announced His Military Enlistment Date
Sehun onstage (Credit: oohsehun/Instagram)

Sehun uploaded his letter on Weverse. He started it by hoping all of his fans were in good health. The main part of the post said, ”Starting from December 21, I will be entering military service. I apologize for informing EXO-L about this at a later time.” 

The singer also shared that he started dedicating time to self-reflection and taking care of himself in solitude. Because of that, he was able to convey the details of his thoughts via a letter. He also appreciated each of his fans who always showed and continue to show concern for him. Sehun concluded his letter by promising that he would make his return in good health. 

EXO Idol Sehun Announced His Military Enlistment Date
Sehun (Credit: YouTube)

As mentioned earlier, Sehun isn’t the only one. Another member of EXO, more precisely Kai, enlisted the same in May 2023. Whereas, the other members- Xiumin, D.O., Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun already completed their respective military services and returned. However, they will possibly wait for Sehun and Kai to come back and thereafter shall make a reunion. 

It feels a bit upsetting, being a big-time fan of EXO. While Kai and Sehun serve as the public servants, let’s just cherish the band’s old, released songs. Best wishes! Make sure to follow Sehun, on his Instagram account for more updates. Let’s just support him. We are sure, Sehun will have many memorable stories and experiences in the training center, to share with his fans, after his return. 


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