Final Destination 5 Ending Explained: Did the characters escape their Death?

Final Destination 5 ending explained

The gory horror film “Final Destination 5,” which debuted in 2011 and was written and directed by Eric Heisserer and Steven Quale, is the fifth entry in the well-known horror series of the same name.

Sam goes on a business retreat with his colleagues at the movie’s start. Midway through their journey, a suspension bridge suddenly falls catastrophically right before their eyes.

Sam’s vision helps eight individuals avoid death, but will their names be struck from death’s list? As a viewer, it must be hard to put everything in a line. In this article, we will look at the story through a lens and try to understand the plot’s connection to the universe in which the movie franchise is set.


On the day of the business retreat, Sam is the go-to baker. Molly Harper, his coworker and lover, ends their relationship on the phone. While Sam converses with coworker Nathan, Candice flirts with Peter and Olivia strikes up a discussion with the punk driver.

When they first travel to the 180 Corporate Consulting, Sam has some premonitions. There is construction going on, so traffic is stopped at their lane on the North Bay Bridge.

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5 (Credits: amazon Prime Videos)

It’s a windy day when a drum tumbles down the road and into the river, but then a cable comes loose from its support. Sam cuts himself on the jagged edge of the seat next to him. He informs Peter that there is a problem.

As they quickly exit the bus, we notice fissures in the bridge and Candice tumbles across the opening. She collides with a hull, impaling her body until death.

Isaac is the next to go, falling into the North Bay River. Additionally, Sam, Olivia, Dennis, and Nathan all pass away in a messed-up manner. Sam hears Dust in the Wind playing on the radio when he awakens. Sam issues a warning to everybody, especially Molly, and begs for her trust.

After the two exits the bus, Dennis assigns Peter to handle the problem. Olivia, Dennis, and Isaac all follow after Candice.

They comprise the fortunate eight who escaped the accident, with seventeen Presage Papers employees losing their lives. But death finally catches up, as Sam learns from a mysterious man at the funeral.

How does the movie end?

Jim Block from the FBI questions Sam and the others in the police station. Jim feels that he will cross paths with Sam once more. Dennis lists Jennifer Alcott, Chris Boylan, David Buckler, Trevor Wino, and Isaac Palmer in his condolence speech, even though Isaac is still alive as of right now.

However, Sam receives a warning from the unidentified man during the ceremony about their imminent demise.

As a result of his advice, Candice dies while carrying out a complex gymnasium exercise when the balancing beam gives way, setting off a series of events. Her spine cracks when she stumbles onto the uneven bars.

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5 (Credits: amazon Prime Videos)

Peter is deeply troubled by Candice’s death in front of him. Isaac eventually faces his demise in an acupuncture treatment right after her.

Isaac clumsily flirts with the receptionist, and his crude comments result in an uncomfortable meeting with the silent Asian woman.

The lady departs her position after the needles are inserted. But then the paper that’s on the table catches fire from the incense stick’s smoldering ash. As all of this is happening, Isaac collapses to the ground, setting the room on fire.

Isaac breathes a sigh of relief upon realizing he is safe, only to have the Buddha statue fall on his head and smash it to a pulp. Olivia’s death occurs right after Isaac.

Aware of the catastrophic turn of events, Olivia visits a physician to permanently treat her myopia. After positioning her eye beneath a beam and using clips to secure it, the doctor leaves the room.

It is not easy to write off the deaths of the three survivors as accidental. However, the mysterious individual returns to the gathering and suggests the possibility of avoiding death.

Finale of the movie

According to his hypothesis, they can get the lifespans of their victims if they murder those who are not supposed to die. There could be a possibility for the remaining group to survive after the disclosure.

Except for Nathan, none of them got the chance to kill anybody. Consequently, everyone perishes at the conclusion.

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5 (Credits: amazon Prime Videos)

Thinking it would reverse his death, Nathan tosses Roy, his workplace rival, over a crane’s hook to die effectively. But it doesn’t change Nathan’s destiny because he had no idea that Roy had already been doomed to die.

Nathan learns later from a coworker of Roy about his fatal brain aneurysm right before the debris of Flight 180 crashes through the building, which kills him too.


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