Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


On December 22nd, following the 16th episode premiere, the official Frieren anime staff announced season 2 with a fresh trailer and illustration. The highly expected next installment will start airing on January 5th, 2024, adapting the First Class Mage Exam arc from the original manga.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is based on the ongoing dark fantasy manga by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, which is about an immortal elf mage reflecting on life and loss.

The anime series debuted September 29th, 2023, with a special 2-hour premiere, then settled into a regular weekly release schedule for 16 straight episodes, culminating in a climactic season finale this week.

Now approved for a second course, fans can expect the next chapter of Frieren’s introspective adventure to resume at the start of 2024.

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Season 2 | Trailer (Credits: Madhouse)

As one of the most critically and commercially successful recent fantasy franchises out of Japan, the Frieren IP continues to showcase impressive longevity across mediums thanks to its emotionally resonant central themes.

Audiences globally have responded enthusiastically to its delicate balance of thoughtful reflection and perilous magic action.

With season 2 building on impressive momentum, veteran director Ryouta Fujimaki and the talented Silver Link studio have an opportunity to further elevate this dark horse contender into an animation powerhouse on par with genre flagships.

As the manga remains in its prime, Frieren appears poised to earn recognition as a modern anime classic for years to come.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Season 2 Is All Set To Release In January 

The popular anime series Frieren has announced the premiere date and time for its highly-anticipated second season.

According to posts on the official website and X account, the first episode will air on January 5th, 2024, at 11:40 pm Japanese Standard Time.

The broadcast was pushed back 40 minutes from the originally planned 11 pm slot to accommodate an extension of the Friday Roadshow programming block.

Frieren Season 2 will run for 12 weeks, with new episodes released weekly until March. A promotional video was also launched teasing events early in the season.

It opens with a poignant moment between the main character, Frieren, and her departed mentor, Himmel, setting an emotional tone.

We then see Frieren’s party arriving at the mage’s association headquarters, where she must pass an exam to obtain the certification required to access the dangerous Northern Highlands area.

The video suggests her bonds with her surviving companions will be highlighted as they support her on this journey.

With beautiful animation and a nuanced story exploring themes of mortality, legacy, and the passage of time, the Frieren franchise has accumulated significant praise and viewership.

This newest phase promises to further develop the central characters while delivering meaningful fantasy adventures. Fans eagerly anticipating more atmospheric worldbuilding and mature lyrical storytelling may find these next chapters well worth the nearly 2-year wait.


Intriguingly, the newly unveiled promotional video provides a first look at the original characters being introduced in Frieren’s second season.

It spotlights several attractive new faces along with dynamic action sequences that establish an exciting tone.

Details have also emerged about the voice actors portraying these fresh roles. Adding to the anticipation, the production has attracted some popular talent to the cast.

Azumi Waki, best known as the character Hinata Tachibana in the hit anime Tokyo Revengers, will be playing Kanne. Additionally, Sayumi Suzushiro has taken on the role of Lawine, described as a Third-Class Mage presumably involved with the mage’s association.

Seeing these skilled performers bring unique personalities to life in the rich Frieren fantasy world should augment the upcoming narrative. The storytelling has drawn praise for thoughtfully handling emotionally complex themes around time death, and appreciating life’s ephemeral beauty.

These new relationships may offer fresh perspectives into the inner lives of immortal beings like the titular mage Frieren. With the introduction of Kanne, Lawine, and yet undisclosed characters, Season 2 looks to expand the vibrant world that has captivated fans.

Opening Song

Excellent news for music fans – details have emerged about the opening theme that will set the mood for Frieren’s second season.

The prominent Japanese rock duo Yorushika will be performing a new song entitled “Haru” (Spring), which is specially for anime. The recent trailer gives a preview of the atmospheric melody that their music is known for.

The composer of the track, N-Buna from the Yorushika team, provided a comment expressing the inspiration behind its creation. As translated into English, he stated:

“This song was written for sunny weather. It’s a song that wishes for sunny weather even though it’s not exactly sunny. I hope this song will add some flowers to the world of Frieren and their journey.” This poetic sentiment seems fitting for the show’s wistful tone.

Besides the sampling of music and video, fans were treated to an updated key visual highlighting Frieren and her mentor, Himmel.

It raises intrigue for the upcoming narrative arc covering her challenge to pass the First Class Mage Exam. This certificate is necessary for her to access the dangerous Northern Highlands area, which is said to be critical in understanding her past.

With the premiere nearing, the creative forces behind the anime continue generating buzz by revealing new opening music from a famous band, intriguing key art, and other tidbits.

As the visuals and audio establish just the right atmospheric blend of adventure, melancholy, and mystery, enthusiasm grows for the next phase in this fantasy saga centered on themes of time, loss, and cherishing each moment.


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