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Gene Bicknell

Want to know about Gene Bicknell’s net worth? Last year, the businessman made several headlines as he won a long Kansas tax fight. In case you didn’t know, he is majorly known for owning the Pizza Hut franchise. Keeping this aside, his fellow fans are lately showing interest in how much Gene Bicknell has earned so far. 

Gene Bicknell is a renowned businessman who helped in making Pizza Hut, fast-food company, more successful. Besides this, Gene also owns Mariner Health Advisors. Not to forget to mention, he hails from Dodge City, Kansas, United States. One of Gene Bicknell’s other ventures is reported to be Capital Federal Savings Bank. 

Despite being a huge pizza lover, not everyone knows the story behind how the company started. Initially, Pizza Hut used to serve fast food. It was in the early 1980s when Gene Bickness took over the CEO position at Pizza Hut. It now has multiple outlets across the world. The franchise Gene built is named NPC International. 

Coming back to Gene Bicknell’s monetary earnings, he has made the most of it from his Pizza Hut business franchise. However, his other income sources include his authorship. Also, his appearance on television shows are believed to be secondary ones. Here is what we know about Gene Bicknell’s net worth. 

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Gene Bicknell Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

Talking about his monetary earnings, Gene Bicknell’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $240 million. As mentioned earlier, a major portion of Gene Bicknell’s income comes from his business- the Pizza Hut franchise. No doubt, he is successful and wealthy today. Little did you know the story behind this achievement. 

Gene Bicknell
Gene Bicknell in a Documentry

In the initial days of his career, Gene Bicknell used to work at a local Dairy Queen. Eventually, he became the owner of the same things. Later, he joined Pizza Hut. Not to forget to mention, he built the first franchise of the same in Pittsburgh, Kansas. He made huge investments in the promotion of the brand. 

While we talk about Gene Bicknell’s net worth, one must note that he reportedly acquired Skippers Seafood & Chowder House. In case you didn’t know, it’s a seafood restaurant chain. This acquisition helped in the expansion of the offerings made by NPC International. 

Meanwhile, Gene Bicknell sparked controversy following his ill-treatment of his employees. Some found his business tactics very aggressive at the time. Several years ago, more precisely in 2010, he got involved in the case of a significant tax dispute with the state of Kansas. 

Related to the sale of his franchise, NPC International, the businessman reportedly owed $40 million in the form of tax. The Kansas state claimed it, but Gene denied having a residence in Florida at that time. The legal battle ran for a long-time. 

As mentioned earlier, Gene Bicknell’s net worth has to do something with his writing skills. It was in November 2021 Gene Bicknell published his book- Hermit: A Novel. If you are interested, check out amazon and Kindle Store. 

What about television shows? Well, several years ago, Gene Bicknell appeared in Sing Out America. The program was meant to take the audience to the old days of gospel music. Well, his guest appearances are believed to have added a hefty amount to Gene Bicknell’s net worth.  

Not everyone knows this Pizza Hut mogul is also a former actor. What? Yes, you read that right! Gene Bicknell’s net worth was also got fueled by his acting performances. Some of his movies are Redemption of the Ghost (2002), They’re Playing With Fire (1984), and Gypsy Angels (1980), respectively. You may watch these. 

With Gene Bicknell’s net worth being so huge, he leads a lavish lifestyle. He owns several real estate properties all across the world. We shall also update you with Gene’s impressive car collection real soon. Best Wishes.  

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