Gloria Vanderbilt Net Worth: Career and Earnings

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It’s been nearly four years since Gloria Vanderbilt passed away, leaving all of us behind. To the newbies, she died of stomach cancer at the age of 95 in 2019. The news is still very much heartbreaking. Lately, fans have been speculating on Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth. How much did she earn in her career until the last day of her life? 

Gloria Vanderbilt was a multi-talented star, being an artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and also a socialite. She was from New York City, born in 1924. When it comes to her fashion sense, Gloria Vanderbilt was particularly noted for developing designer blue jeans with Mohan Murjani’s company. It was in the 1970s when she launched several fashion lines and perfumes of her name. 

At the age of 15, Gloria Vanderbilt started her career as a model, appearing in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. As hinted above about her interest in art, she opened her first exhibition, titled- “Dream Boxes.” It was held at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, located in Manchester. 

Besides modeling and art, Gloria also penned a few books, about which we shall discuss shortly. Even that is believed to have earned her good. Also, some of the shows in which she made appearances were CBS News Sunday Morning, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, etc. 

Moving on with Gloria Vanderbilt’s monetary accumulations, she earned a hefty amount overall from various sources. That included her artworks, theatrical works, TV appearances, authorship deals, modeling, and many more.

Gloria Vanderbilt Net Worth
Gloria Vanderbilt (Credits: YouTube)

Until the very last day of her on earth, she reportedly led a luxurious lifestyle. With that, the speculation of Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth is quite obvious among the fans. How much was it? Here is what we know. 

Gloria Vanderbilt Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

Talking about her monetary earnings, Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth at the time of death was estimated to be a whopping $200 million. As mentioned above, it was all from the different professions she was involved in. Be it modeling, her artworks, television shows, etc.  

Gloria Vanderbilt also played a minor role in The Love Boat in 1981. Did you watch it? Her other works include – Studio One in Hollywood, Playhouse 90, etc, and are believed to have added a lump sum amount. So did her television appearances. Little did you know, it was in 1954 that Gloria made her acting debut with the theatrical work – The Swan. It was held at Pocono Playhouse in Mountainhome, Pennsylvania. 

Gloria Vanderbilt Net Worth
Gloria Vanderbilt (Credits: YouTube)

Gloria Vanderbilt also worked with L’Oreal, which helped her launch eight self-titled fragrances. 

What about her writing works? As hinted earlier, one of Gloria Vanderbilt’s works in this field is-  The Things We Fear Most (a collection of short stories.) Another one is- “The Rainbow Comes and Goes.” In addition to this, she served as a regular contributor to The New York Times, Elle, and Vanity Fair. It is believed to have added a handsome amount to Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth.  

Not everyone knew that Gloria Vanderbilt had a well-esteemed background. When she was a child, her father, Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt, died, being the last male heir of the family. He left a $5 million estate to her in 1925. At present, it is even more than $70 million due to inflation. But, it was her aunt who won custody of her and not her mom. 

Gloria Vanderbilt Net Worth
Gloria Vanderbilt (Credits: YouTube)

As previously mentioned about her blue jeans fashion work, Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth reportedly added up to $10 million in the form of royalties. At present, it’s valued at $30 million. 

Concerning Gloria Vanderbilt’s income, she once shared a very beautiful, practical line. It was- “The money you make yourself is the only kind of money that has any reality.” 

With Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth being so extravagant, she owned several properties, especially real estate. Her house in Manhattan, which is worth $1.2 million, has been inherited by her oldest son, Stan. However, the other mansion was inherited by their son, Anderson Cooper, following her death. In her will, she left $1.5 million for him. 

Several years passed. It still feels bad to accept that Gloria Vanderbilt is no longer with us. But that’s life. We all have to die someday.


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