Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai Chapter 54: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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This manga is the first love story of a girl who gave up on love and a guy who gives great care to love. Can love happen between them is the question. Hinase Hotaru is a first-year student who is turning sixteen soon. Until now, there has been no luck with love for Kyo Chan. But she is happy being around her friends and family.

If every day is peaceful and blissful like this, even if she does not get to experience falling in love, she is still fine with it. Kyo Chan always thought like that. But one day, all of it changes. Maybe it was the day she held the umbrella for Hinase Hotaru without much thought.

Later in a few days, he asks her out. This might be the biggest turning point in Kyo Chan’s life. She had never thought that someone would like her for being her.

It is not that Hinase Hotaru does not understand Kyo Chan at all, but then even though there are a lot of people approaching her, they just leave eventually because she seldom talks to them. 

Maybe it is because their fantasy about her is destroyed, or maybe it is because of her face. People eventually give up on her. But Hinase Hotaru was still talking to Kyo Chan normally even after getting rejected.

Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai
Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai (Credits: The Anime Daily)

This ignited some spark inside of Kyo Chan, and she eventually ended up agreeing to date Hinase Hotaru. Well, this is how the love story begins. But hold on! There is a lot more after this. Come along to know and watch this lovely couple live their lives as they grow older together.


In Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai Chapter 53, we saw that with only a little of their already very eventful winter vacation left, for various reasons, Kyo Chan and Hinase Hotaru have decided to relax at an internet cafe. 

Kyo Chan asks Hinase Hotaru why he wants to read the same Shojo manga she has read. Hinase Hotaru tells her that he wanted to see where her knowledge of the (carnal) world came from and how far it extends. As it is their first time there, Kyo Chan decides to let the topic go.

As they both are quietly reading their books, Hinase Hotaru ends up resting his end on Kyo Chan’s shoulder. This makes her heart flutter and thus, she begins to blush. Before Kyo Chan could adjust and become normal again, Hinase Hotaru ended up falling asleep on her lap.

In the next two hours, the two become very comfortable and start to fall asleep. Kyo Chan then falls asleep on Hinase Hotaru’s lap for a while, and this time it is he who is blushing. 

Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai
Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai (Credits: My Anime List)

The two decide to end the day. But before leaving, Kyo Chan tells her boyfriend that her dad wants to meet up with him and maybe have a conversation. Hinase Hotaru wonders if her dad wants to talk him out of dating Kyo Chan. But his girlfriend assures him that nothing going wrong as her parents are cool about it. 

Release Date & Where To Read

Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai Chapter 54 is to be released on the 1st of January 2024. As the manga releases a new chapter regularly, it is estimated to be out on the first day of the year this time. Below listed are the international release timings:

  • Japanese Standard Time: 10:00 PM on Monday, 1st of January 2024
  • Central European Time: 03:00 PM on Monday, 1st of January 2024
  • New York: 09:00 AM on Monday, 1st of January 2024
  • Australian Capital Territory: 12:00 AM on Monday, 1st of January 2024
  • Pacific Time: 06:00 AM on Monday, 1st of January 2024
  • Eastern European Time: 03:00 PM on Monday, 1st of January 2024

Hananoi-Kun To Koi No Yamai Chapter 54 will be available to read in its English-translated forms later; after a couple of hours of the release of the raw scans. To read the raw scans as soon as they are out, you can visit the official site of Kodansha.


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