How to Beat Flux Construct 2 in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Explained

How to Beat Flux Construct 2

The Flux Construct 2 is one of the more challenging boss fights in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s open world. There will be enemies and bosses that want to kill you if you are into the sky to explore the new Sky Islands in the game.

One such boss that you can find in the game’s Sky Islands is the Flux Construct II, and it has a devastating attack. It is made up of blocks, similar to its predecessor, and has a weak spot that you must attack. This version has a few new moves that you need to block, unlike the first iteration.

You’ll fight three different Flux Construct 2 when you progress through the game. It is the most prevalent type of boss, and each one gets harder over time. The middle child of the group, this one requires a little less strategy to defeat than the third but more than the first. If it’s your first war, you can do much better.

Now, without further delay, let’s step our feet into the battlefield and explore every step of how to beat Flux Construct 2. From locations to every phase of the fight will be covered. 

The legend of Zelda: tears of the kingdom
the legend of Zelda: tears of the kingdom (Credits: Axios)

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Where can you find Flux Construct 2?

You can find a Flux Construct 2 in the Depths beneath Hyrule. It’s north of the Usukaz Lightroot, which is west of Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower and just below the chasm. A spinning tower with a red light will be visible. When you get close to the strange object, it will transform into a powerful boss.

Get a lot of bows and arrows before trying the Flux Construct 2, boss. You should prepare some powerful meals at the cooking pot and gather some Attack Up potions because it can be difficult. You should purchase some Bomb Flowers.

You can find all seven of them while exploring the Sky Islands above Hyrule, and the specific locations are as follows:

Lanayru Sky Archipelago: 3002, -0254, 0892
Sokkala Sky Archipelago: 3670, 1800, 0986
South Hyrule Sky Archipelago: -1343, -1546, 0800
Tabantha Sky Archipelago: -3450, 0655, 1433
Wellspring Island: 3387, 0630, 1290
East of Abandoned Kakariko Mine: 2511, -1270, -0640
North of Usukaz Lightroot: -3450, 0655, 1433

How to Beat Flux Construct 2?


You must decide which of the Flux Construct II’s blocks is the weak spot you should be aiming for when you begin to attack it.

The block has a mellow blueish, greenish glow, letting you know which one it is. It could be hidden behind another block and will be a part of its larger body. Get ready to attack after moving around until you get to the place.

Flux Construct 2 Phase-I
Flux Construct 2 Phase-I (Credits: GGRecon)

The approach is the same, shake the area with your Ultrahand ability to remove every block or shoot it with arrows in hopes of confusing him.

After the blocks have all been dispersed, sprint to the area which is vulnerable and attack it with your strongest weapon. Do the utmost damage before Flux Construct II gets up again.


It will probably now take to the air and hover above you in shape like a square. You’ll see that from this position; you are unable to both see and damage the weak areas. It can be a little difficult to know what to do in this part because you have to wait until the attack, which will send about five blocks your way.

Flux Construct 2 Phase-II
Flux Construct 2 Phase-II (Credits: Game Clubz)

When it does this, avoid the blocks and then run over, jump on one, and hit it with Recall after they have stopped. You will then be back up on top of the Flux Construct II. You can attack this area until it completely breaks down once more. Make sure you are careful because it can cause damage if it breaks, be prepared for this.


In the following stage, it will transform into a sizable rotating box that moves. When you have a chance, keep an eye out for the green cube and use your bow and arrow to shoot it.

The hardest part is the final stage. It is challenging to hit because it tucked away the green cube in the center of its chest. Shoot an arrow with a Bomb Flower attached at this location. The explosion will strike its weak spot. Use this approach often until it is defeated.

You will receive a Flux Construct 2 Core with 20 Fuse Attack Power for your efforts. It has a cool appearance, as it operates like a clock.

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