Is Extreme Cheapskates Staged? The TLC Show Has The Craziest Ideas


Popular TLC shows Extreme Cheapskates made its debut in 2011 as it showed viewers a sneak peek into the lives of some eccentric people who took frugality to a whole new level.  These people went to any length to save a penny or two.

As the network stated how they explored the frugal world of a group of individuals who are constantly looking out for unique ways to cut costs by any means necessary. As the show wanted those individuals who are looking out for creative ways to cut costs by any means necessary.

Viewers got to see several people like these; one even shrink-wrapped his entire house in order to keep the resale value intact. The show received mixed reactions from viewers as they could not believe that these people and their habits were real! Let us find out whether Extreme Cheapskates is Staged or not. 

Is Extreme CheapSkates Staged?

It seems like a large part of Extreme Cheapskates is staged. This has further been confirmed by Melody Rose Gravitt, who was a part of the show, as she claimed that 90 percent of what was depicted on the show was simply not the truth.

She further stated that there was this specific scene where viewers saw her family substituting newspaper for toilet paper. However, Melody Rose revealed that it was something she insisted that they don’t actually do.

Is Extreme Cheapskates Staged
Is Extreme Cheapskates Staged? (Credits: TLC)

Melody Rose further revealed that the show approved all the money-saving strategies that she has done. As Melody explained how she and her family get everything from the garden is what they live on. While they are a family of four, and they manage to live on $1,400 a month as they make their own bread, crackers, and tortilla.

Jordan Page has also shared her experience on Extreme Cheapskates, saying how the producers wanted her to do a few insane stuff, but she compromised. Jordan further revealed that some of the things that she did on the show, including the one where she counted her children’s Cheerios and knocked on her neighbors’ doors to beg for leftovers, were admittedly highly exaggerated on the show. 

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Who Is Jamie Jay From Extreme Cheapskates?

Jamie Jay also participated in the show Extreme Cheapstakes while saying that when she found out about the casting call for the show, she knew that it was meant to be. Jamie Jay is also the author of the money-saving book titled Living Big on a Small Income: The Classy Cheapskate Way.

It was later revealed that further sealed the deal was some of her out-of-the-box money-saving tactics. As TLC producer Mike Kane further revealed how some of these trucks include planting fake plastic flowers on her property in order to save on gardening costs as she also repurposed cat litter by baking it in a kiln and went on to use the material to make coasters and candle-holders.

Who Is The Extreme Cheapskates Casting Director? 

Extreme Cheapskates’ casting director was Brooklyn Bagwell, who was very specific about the kind of people that the show’s casting team was looking for. As Brooklyn stated, what any old cheapskate would not do, as the show’s primal focus was on the extreme.

Is Extreme Cheapskates Staged
Is Extreme Cheapskates Staged? (Credits: TLC)

As she explained how the show was seeking extremely frugal people with decent-paying jobs as these people still managed to find cheaper alternative ways to live their lives.

The casting director further pointed out that the show was not looking for couponers as they are looking for cheap people that are constantly finding creative ways around their home or in the office to stay cheap.

It was further added that they required that participants must have big personalities and will be very outgoing, entertaining, and want to be on television.

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