Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids? Everything To Know


Want to know if Hyunjin is leaving Stray Kids? The Kpop fans are not just shocked but very upset too, following the outbreak of this news. Hyunjin has been a part of this South Korean pop band since the very beginning, that is, 2017.

The split of Stray Kids happened in 2019 when Woojin left because of some personal issues. Now, it’s time for Hyunjin. The question is- how true is the news of Hyunjin’s departure from the group?

To the newbies, Stray Kids consists of eight members- Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. The band is formed by JYP Entertainment. If you are looking for some of Stray Kids’ all-time best songs, those are Back Door, Red Lights, Super Bowl, DOMINO, ITEM, Silent Cry, My Pace, etc. 

Hyunjin is a versatile singer, hailing from Seongnae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Born in 2000, Hyunjin is now 23 years old. He is known for his rapping and dancing skills.

It was in 2018 when he made his debut with Stray Kids with the mini album I am NOT. Some of Hyunjin’s solo works are- Love Untold and Ice. Cream. Besides his music career, one must note that Hyunjin became the global brand ambassador for Versace last month. 

Coming back to the news of Hyunjin’s departure from Stray Kids, it calls for the discussion of his brief hiatus. However, that was back in 2021 when bullying allegations were made against him.

He took some time off for his personal growth. We wonder what sparked it again. What do you think? Is Hyunjin leaving Stray Kids? Here are your answers. 

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?
Hyunjin: Stray Kids dancer and rapper (Credits: @hynjinnnn/Instagram)

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Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids: How True Is The News? 

Here, you have the good news! Hyunjin isn’t leaving Stray Kids. If he was planning, then there would have been a hint or even an official statement. The rapper did take a break from the band back in 2021, but it had nothing to do with his permanent departure. Neither did he ever cite anything like that. 

It was not just Hyunjin but many other Kpop stars who were accused of bullying. Well, this is a very common and usual fact, which we also witnessed in Kdramas, like Itaewon Class and True Beauty.

In 2021, someone claimed that Hyunjin used to verbally abuse him during their middle school days. Following this allegation, Hyunjin was suspended from Stray Kids for a brief period. But he never left. 

Moreover, Hyunjin apologized for his previous acts and acknowledged it. Some were highly disappointed with their favorite Kpop star’s acts. While some praised the rapper a lot as he accepted his fault. After a few months, he made his return and continued releasing songs and albums with the group. 

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?
Hyunjin ((Credits: @hynjinnnn/Instagram)

Many celebrities, after getting accused of bullying, usually tend to quit or make a switch in their profession. Don’t you think it’s an ugly and inappropriate approach? Hyunjin isn’t leaving Stray Kids. Moreover, he took a proactive approach and worked on his behavior. He realized the seriousness of his actions and how harmful they could be. 

Being a fan of Hyunjin, it feels good to know that he has accepted it. Not everyone has the gut to admit or confess their mistakes. Whatever it is, Hyunjin seems to be enjoying the best days of his life, being a significant member of Stray Kids. Also, he has no plans of quitting the band. 

Best Wishes to Hyunjin for the upcoming days of his life. He is quite young and has his whole life to explore more opportunities. Make sure to follow the Stray Kids rapper, Hyunjin on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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