Jacksonville Jaguars Aim to Secure Josh Allen with Defensive Coordinator Ryan Nielsen

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With the hiring of Ryan Nielsen as the new Defensive Coordinator, the Jacksonville Jaguars are prioritizing the re-signing of standout pass rusher Josh Allen. As Allen approaches free agency, Nielsen emphasizes the importance of retaining a player of his caliber and expresses excitement about working with him.

Nielsen conveyed his optimism about the potential deal, stating, “When you’ve got a guy like that, you want him back and think that’s going to work out. I’d be really excited if that works out.” He further emphasized the goal of getting Allen back in a Jaguars uniform and focusing on his improvement for the upcoming season.

Jaguars Aim to Secure Josh Allens Future 3
Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen (Credits: Getty Images)

Josh Allen’s performance in the previous season, where he recorded a franchise-record 17.5 sacks along with impressive tackle and quarterback hit numbers, solidifies his status as one of the top defensive players in the upcoming free-agent market. The Jaguars are committed to keeping Allen and building on his contributions to enhance the team’s defensive capabilities.

Nielsen, known for his aggressive defensive approach with the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, is set to bring his quarterback-pressuring tactics to Jacksonville, offering another compelling reason for the Jaguars to secure his re-signing.

Jaguars Aim to Secure Josh Allens Future 2
Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen (Credits: Getty Images)

Expressing his defensive philosophy, Nielsen emphasized a desire for an attacking and aggressive style that relentlessly pursues the ball, putting constant pressure on opposing offenses. He envisions a defense that not only performs its duties effectively but also consistently returns the ball to the hands of quarterback Trevor Lawrence and the offense.

The primary goal is clear: “We just want to do our job and get the ball back to them [the offense] as many times as possible. When we do that, we’ll win a lot of games. Really, just keep giving the ball back to the offense in good field positions, and it will be good in the end.”


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