Japanese Idol Miyu Murashima Apologizes for Affair with Married Basketball Player

Murashimas agency issues warning amidst public and media scrutiny

Miyu Murashima, once part of the dance vocal group “CHERRSEE,” found herself in the midst of controversy when reports surfaced about her involvement in an extramarital affair with professional basketball player Yuma Fuji.

The scandal unfolded with Weekly Bunshun’s detailed exposé, revealing the relationship that allegedly began during Murashima’s tenure as the assistant MC for the Kawasaki Brave Thunders, where Fuji played.

Their affair became public knowledge after they were spotted together leaving an apartment, prompting official confirmation despite Fuji being married with two children. This revelation not only shocked fans but also caused significant damage to Fuji’s reputation within the basketball community.

Miyu Murashima and Yuma Fuji apologize for their affair's fallout
Miyu Murashima and Yuma Fuji apologize for their affair’s fallout

In response to the mounting scrutiny, both Murashima and Fuji took to their social media platforms to issue public apologies. Fuji expressed deep regret for his actions, acknowledging the disappointment he caused among fans and officials alike. He vowed to reflect on his behavior and work diligently to regain trust.

Murashima, too, offered a heartfelt apology, recognizing the distress her actions caused to her family, fans, and industry affiliates. Her agency responded sternly to the situation, issuing a warning for her reckless behavior.

Following her departure from CHERRSEE in 2020, Murashima ventured into gravure modeling, gaining recognition for her physical attributes and becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.


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