Jujutsu Kaisen: Akutami Reveals Heartless Reasoning Behind Every Character Death

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In a recent exhibition for Jujutsu Kaisen, creator Gege Akutami addressed a longstanding question from fans: why does he relentlessly kill off beloved characters in the series? Known for creating emotional upheaval with each death, Akutami’s justification was as stark as it was revealing.

The query arose from the stark contrast in survival between characters like the morally ambiguous Mei Mei and the dearly departed fan favorites such as Kento Nanami and Nobara Kugisaki.

Akutami’s response, while anticipated by some, was nonetheless chilling: characters who fail to evoke a sense of sadness upon their demise, according to Akutami, do not deserve to be spared.

This rationale sheds light on Akutami’s methodical approach to storytelling, where character deaths serve not just as plot devices but as emotional anchors designed to keep readers engaged and invested.

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Gojo Satoru (Gege Akutami)

By eliminating characters capable of eliciting profound emotional responses, Akutami ensures that every death resonates deeply with the audience, adding an element of unpredictability and urgency to the narrative.

Fans, who have been speculating on Akutami’s criteria for choosing which characters to spare or sacrifice, now have a clearer understanding of his motives. The practice of scrutinizing popularity polls and audience sentiment likely plays a role in Akutami’s decision-making process, ensuring that each death serves a purpose beyond mere shock value.

However, while this approach enhances the narrative tension and keeps readers on edge, it also poses risks. Over time, if deaths become too predictable or formulaic, they could diminish in impact, potentially alienating fans and leading to a stagnant cast of characters lacking in emotional resonance.

Yet, Akutami’s method is not without its merits. By challenging the notion that main characters are safe from mortality, Jujutsu Kaisen distinguishes itself within the shonen genre, offering a narrative where no one is truly immune to the consequences of their actions or the unfolding plot.

Characters like Satoru Gojo exemplify this approach, their deaths serving pivotal roles in both plot development and the personal growth of surviving characters.

Ultimately, Akutami’s approach to character deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen underscores his narrative craftsmanship and commitment to crafting a story that defies expectations.

Whether seen as a narrative gamble or a stroke of genius, his willingness to confront mortality head-on ensures that each chapter unfolds with gripping uncertainty, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next twist in this unpredictable journey.


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