Justified: City Primeval Filming Locations: All Of The Show’s Locations Revealed

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Justified: City Primeval is a miniseries belonging to the neo-western crime genre and was developed by the creative efforts of creators Dave Andron and Michael Dinner. The show was aired first in early June and is said to have taken inspiration from the 2010-released series called, Justified. If you are curious to find out more about Justified: City Primeval’s filming locations, then do stay till the end.

The entire story of the series has also been inspired by two crime novels, “City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit” and “Fire in the Hole,” written by novelist Elmore Leonard. The show follows the story of a deputy Marshal, Raylan Givens, who decided to transfer from Kentucky to Miami in hopes of raising his young daughter better almost fifteen years ago. 

Though he moved cities because he wanted to be there for his daughter more, he soon finds himself sucked into a brand new chase. He finds himself in Detroit, going for Clement Mansell, or how the force knew him as The Oklahoma Wildman, a violent and sociopathic individual. He is known to have been on the run for quite some time, always managing to slip out of their grip.

But this time, Raylan is all set to get him with his own hands while Clement’s lawyer is also fully prepared to defend his client despite knowing his truth. The show has cast actor Timothy Olyphant for the role of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, along with Aunjanue Ellis in the role of Carolyn Wilder, Adelaide Clemens as Sandy Stanton, Marin Ireland as Maureen Downey, Boyd Holbrook as Clement Mansell, and many others who help complete the show.

Actor Timothy Olyphant has reprised his role as the main character, which he also played in Justified, the one that was released in 2010. He has managed to portray the character with the same depth and charisma as he did all those years ago. His decision to come back to the sets of the show was welcomed by both fans and critics.

The cast of the show, Justified: City Primeval filming in Chicago (Credits: FX)
The cast of the show, Justified: City Primeval filming in Chicago (Credits: FX)

Another thing that the show received much praise for was how well it managed to keep up with the legacy of the original story of both the show and the novels. Justified: City Primeval has compelling story arcs and characters; it is a treat for fans of the original show, Justified.

Justified: City Primeval’s Filming Locations

Chicago, Illinois

Most of the show’s filming was actually done in Chicago, Illinois, even though we are told that Raylans was in Kentucky before he finally decided to switch places and move to Miami for the sake of his daughter. The beautiful city of Chicago turned into Kentucky first, and then Miami for the filming crew.

The filming crew and the actors are known to have moved about the entire city trying to get their shooting done as this was their primary location. While a lot of the shots were taken around the city, the actors also worked inside the Chicago Studio City, located at Taylor Street in Austin. 

The studio is fully equipped with a total of six sound stages and an area of 105,000 square feet. Some of the important locations of Chicago City that got featured in the show include the area around Pilsen and River North, The Drake Hotel at 140 East Walton Place, and Highland Park City. 

The Chicago Studio City, where parts of the show, Justified: City Primeval were shot (Credits: A2Z)
The Chicago Studio City, where parts of the show, Justified: City Primeval were shot (Credits: A2Z)

Other Locations

The crew was also spotted in Miami, Florida, and the spots that made it into the show include Freedom Tower, South Beach, the Miami Beach Architectural District, and Lincoln Road. The crew also went all the way to Pennsylvania, specifically to Pittsburgh and the areas around it. 

A few of the show’s important scenes were filmed in the States Correctional Institution located in Greensburg. In reality, the place was shut down in 2013 and has not been in use since, but it managed to serve as a pretty important location for this series, Justified: City Primeval. 

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