Kaitlin Olson Before & After: Did The Actress Go Under The Knife?

Deandra Reynolds in the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Actress Kaitlin Olson, who is known to have become famous because of her role in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, revealed that she started her career at the Groundlings, an improv theatre, specifically working in The Sunday Company. 

Having stepped foot in this daunting industry, the forty-eight-year-old had her first ever appearance on television through HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, where she had managed to secure a recurring role. But it was only through It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia that Olson played the role of Deandra Reynolds or Sweet Dee, and she got the recognition she deserved.

The show aired in 2005 and continues to air even now, and while playing Sweet Dee, actress Olson has also been spotted playing other roles in The Mick, a Fox comedy series, in another comedy called Flipped, and in yet another HBO show of the comedy genre called Hacks. 

Her role in the comedy Flipped, where she played Cricket Melfi, managed to get her Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series nomination. Some of her other works include films such as Leap Year, The Heat, Vacation, Finding Dory, and Arizona.

The Oregon-born actress seemed to have moved around a lot during her childhood. Not long after her birth, she moved with her entire family to Spokane and then to Vashon Island, after which her family finally moved back to the Portland area in Tualatin, a city in Washington County in the US.

Actress Kaitlin Olson (Credits: Variety)
Actress Kaitlin Olson (Credits: Variety)

The actress has appeared in more shows as a special guest appearance than she has as the lead, yet she has managed to set her foot in and make a mark in the industry. The actress joined the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia not long after it started airing, and it was here that she met actor Rob McElhenney, who she confirmed to be dating during the second season of the show.

The two revealed that they had made their relationship a permanent thing in 2008 when they tied the knot and have since welcomed two beautiful kids in the world. The couple has constantly been on the receiving end of baseless rumors that claim that the two have separated, but they have always shut them down and continue to be in love and together.

Kaitlin Olson’s Before and After

There is no denying that the actress looks gorgeous and that aging seems to be doing her more good than harm. There is also no denying the fact that Hollywood is a place for people who have the potential to be the public eye candy for as long as possible.

Sure, talent gets you places in the industry, but if one is beautiful and talented, then that is even better. This is sad but especially true for the actresses in the industry, Kaitlin Olson being one of them. The actress has been at the center of plastic surgery rumors now and then and has even admitted to getting surgery once, though it was not for the reasons you might think it was.

She revealed that at age twelve, Olson had gotten badly injured after getting involved in a car accident. This injury had left her with a skull fracture, one that had her undergo reconstructive surgery to heal her skull. The accident left her with a huge scar on her head and bruises on her face. 

Kaitlin Olson before (L) and after (R) (Credits: Twitter/@KaitlinOlson)
Kaitlin Olson before (L) and after (R) (Credits: Twitter/@KaitlinOlson)

Kaitlin has claimed that this was the only surgery she had gone through, hinting that she was otherwise all-natural. But fans believe otherwise, suggesting that, like the rest, Olson seems to have undergone a facelift, breast enhancement, and even botox.

The actress denied getting anything done to her body, but she has yet to address the rumors about her face, which has very obviously changed throughout her screen appearance. Fans continue to speculate about surgery or other enhancement procedures that the actress might have gotten, and she refuses to deny or accept any of them. 

It is hard to ignore the change in the shape of her chin, her smile, which does not look as full, her eyes that have gotten bigger, and overall her face, which seems to have been lifted and made free of wrinkles as much as possible. 

But considering the actress does not wish to talk about her personal choices with fans, all we can do is speculate and marvel at the beauty that she is, nevertheless.


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