Made in Chelsea Corsica Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

made in chelsea corsica 3

E4 is back with its infamous structured reality show Made In Chelsea, and this time, the group chose Corsica,  a stunning island in France. Made In Chelsea has been airing on E4 since 9th May 2011.

Vacation with friends is always fun, but vacation with frenemies is much more entertaining. Made In Chelsea is known for its high drama between the cast members, who seem well off but still end up causing problems between each other. As dramatic as they are, the crew of Made In Chelsea is just as entertaining, making the viewers want more of them.

After traveling to places like Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Ibiza, and Croatia, the cast of Made In Chelsea is all set to visit the beautiful French island of Corsica. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is a perfect place for these people to spend their vacation as it’s big enough to accommodate all of them but small enough to cause them to run into each other frequently.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica: About The Show

The cast members that will be showing up in Made In Chelsea: Corsica include Ollie Locke, Lily Ludovici Gray, Olivia Bently, Emily Blackwell, Sam Prince, James Taylor, and almost all of the other cast members we saw in last year’s season. The newest additions to Corsica are Freddy Knatchbull and David Templer.

Made in Chelsea Corsica Episode 3 Release Date
Yasmine Started Dating Tristan (Credits: Channel 4)

What makes this season of Made In Chelsea so special is its spicy drama and flings that no one saw coming. One look at the trailer, and you’ll see that there are going to be much more problems between the crew members in Corsica. With Olivia and Tristan’s recent breakup, things were a bit lowkey for the duo, but now that Corsica’s here, it looks like Tristan has already shifted his mind to another woman.

This time, Tristan decided to be in a relationship with Yasmine Zweegers, a cast member who has been a part of Made In Chelsea since 2022. Since she’s getting closer to Tristan, Yas and Olivia’s friendship feels the strain and eventually breaks off, as we’ll see in this 5-episode series.

Another old couple from Made In Chelsea’s former seasons, Inga Valentiner and Sam Prince, seem to have broken up as they no longer follow each other on any social media. Seeing the timeline of the breakup, it’s highly likely that the stunning couple broke up during this Corsica trip.

Made In Chelsea’s cast also posted shots of them celebrating Freddie Knatchbull’s Birthday, so we might have something fun to look forward to as the Corsica season goes on.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica Episode 3: Release Date

Made In Chelsea: Corsica Episode 3 will be released on August 15th, 2023. All new exciting episodes of Made In Chelsea’s newest season will be coming out on all days of the week, with a total of 5 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes or more.

Made in Chelsea Corsica Episode 3 Release Date
Inga and Joel will also be in Corsica (Credits: Channel 4)

Made in Chelsea: Corsica Episode 3: Spoilers

In episode 3 of Made In Chelsea, we’ll be seeing Liv trying to get a hold of herself after finding out that her former lover, Tristan, is already over her and dating another member named Yas. Robbie and Joel want to experience something new on vacation and start looking for a partner they could spend the night with.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica Episode 3: Where To Watch?

Fresh episodes of this drama-filled series will be released on E4 at 9:00 pm. The 5 episode long reality show will also be available to watch on Peacock TV, Hayu, and Channel 4’s Website. Older seasons of Made In Chelsea can be easily streamed on netflix or Prime Video.

Moreover, highlights of each episode from Made In Chelsea will be available to watch on its YouTube Channel. The timing of the release of episodes of Made In Chelsea in other countries will be as follows:

  • United States: 4:00 pm, Tuesday, 15th August 2023.
  • Canada: 4:00 pm, Tuesday, 15th August 2023.
  • India: 1:30 am, Wednesday, 16th August 2023.
  • Philippines: 4:00 am, Wednesday, 16th August 2023.
  • Pakistan: 1:00 am, Wednesday, 16th August 2023.
  • Germany: 10:00 pm, Tuesday, 15th August 2023
  • Australia: 6:00 am, Wednesday, 16th August 2023.

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