Men Ending Explained- Look At The Chilling End


In the sinister world of the A24 film “Men” by Alex Garland, protagonist Harper seeks solace in the English countryside after her ex-husband’s death. However, her tranquility is shattered as she encounters a series of menacing men.

They bear a striking resemblance to her deceased husband. This eerie pursuit intensifies, leading to a chilling climax where Harper confronts a nightmarish revelation.

Harper’s journey begins as she grapples with the traumatic memory of her abusive ex-husband’s demise. Haunted by his specter, she goes on a quest for peace. The film navigates through layers of suspense as Harper’s sense of safety unravels.


What Does The Ending Mean?

The tension peaks when Harper’s stalker is released from prison, escalating her terror. Despite seeking refuge, Harper finds herself besieged by the relentless presence of these mysterious men. As chaos ensues, the film moves into a surreal realm of body horror, culminating in a disturbing revelation.

In the film’s climactic scene, Harper confronts a grotesque manifestation of her trauma as the eerie men undergo a bizarre metamorphosis. This surreal sequence challenges conventional horror tropes, offering a profound commentary on the pervasive nature of misogyny and toxic masculinity.

Still from the film
Still from the film (Credit: MAX)

Director Alex Garland’s meticulous storytelling reveals a deeper societal narrative, transcending the confines of traditional horror. Through “Men,” Garland explores the insidious cycle of abuse and the enduring trauma it leaves in its wake.



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