My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers: Bakugo Defeats All For One

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 is all set to be released in the 2nd issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine 2024 on December 11th, 2023. With the chapter being only a few days away from being released, the spoilers for the said chapter are out and it finally showcases the inevitable that is the defeat of All For One.

Ever since Bakugo’s comeback, fans were excited to see the reason why he was brought back now, and from how the latest few chapters have been, we can see that Horkoshi Koheid did not disappoint the fans with the reason. As Bakugo continues to become an obstacle in All For One’s plan, we see a lot of things occur and one of the highlights is how the latter thought of the former with a relation to Kudou. 

The flashback revealed a lot of things about All For One’s past from his origin to his defeat but he had to move forward to take over Shigaraki so that he could once more emerge as the Demon Lord and thus the previous chapter saw him using all is quirk at once but Bakugo was standing on his way.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 spoilers go on to reveal some amazing developments with some of the best art in the series we have seen showcasing Bakugo like never before. So follow along with this article to see the full spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 409  and a few raw scans of the chapter.

Spoilers And Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 is revealed to be titled “Quirk Explosion” as per the spoilers and the chapter begins with Bakugo being born and his parents are too happy to have him. Following this panel, more flashback sees Bakugo bullying Deku and about his goals.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 spoilers and raw scans
Bakugo From My Hero Academia (CC: Kohei Horikoshi)

Following this, in the present, Bakugo promises to never bully Deku again while All For One is ready to launch an attack to propel him toward Shigaraki and thus the attacks commence. However, Bakugo does not seem to get away from the way and he proceeds to shout “Burst” which leads to an explosion inside All For One’s mouth and puts him on the ground.

As All For One is confused by what just happened, Bakugo proceeds to reveal that he had covered the explosive sweats in the normal sweats and shoved them inside All For One’s mouth back in My Hero Academia Chapter 406.  

Bakugo Defeats All For One

All For One is angry and embarrassed that he could have been outsmarted as a child but Bakugo mocks him even more saying that he only needs his quirk to defeat him and not multiples. Bakugo’s attack had done a lot of damage to All For One which had made him activate his quirk again.

But Bakugo continues to attack All For One even more and launches the famous Howzier Impact on the latter. Following this, the rest of My Hero Academia Chapter 409 sees Bakugo launching one attack after another on All For One.

All For One tries to understand why his quirks aren’t working as expected and thinks that it may be due to his small and fragile body. This is when we see Hawks’ vestige in the alternate Vestige world explaining to him how his anger had made him lose control of all the quirks and their vestige. 

Further mocking him All For One’s plan regarding Shigaraki led to his downfall. As this flashback comes to an end, we see in the last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 409 where All Might states that this is possible because of all the heroes causing all the physical and Mental Damage on All For One.

Thus, the fight comes to an end with Bakugo defeating All For One where the former also states that he could not have done it all alone. My Hero Academia Chapter 409 is by far one of the most amazing chapters we could have as not did it only see All For One’s downfall, but Hirokoshi did it with amazing double spreads throughout the chapters which are just too beautiful to look at. 

But it is still confirmed if All For One is truly defeated and out of the picture. My Hero Academia Chapter 410 will be the key to finding out that, but it will be a while because it will be released with a break.


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