My Hero Academia: Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series

In My Hero Academia, Pro Heroes rely heavily on their sidekicks to excel in their roles. These sidekicks, who work at Hero Agencies, play an important part in ensuring the heroes can perform at their best.

Teamwork is essential as professional heroes and the top characters in the series understand this deeply.

Although often overlooked by fans, sidekicks have always been vital, supporting their heroes in numerous ways. Some sidekicks are so skilled that they eventually become Pro Heroes with their own agencies.

The best sidekicks in the series are those who demonstrate exceptional abilities and teamwork, helping their heroes shine and even reaching the level of Pro Hero themselves.

1) Burnin

Burnin, also known as Moe Kamiji, stands out as a highly recognizable member of the Flaming Sidekickers in My Hero Academia.

Her striking character design, fiery Quirk, and dynamic personality make her possibly the most iconic sidekick in the series, perfectly complementing Endeavor’s style and ethos.

Throughout her tenure at the Endeavor Agency, Burnin has consistently proven her worth during critical events like the Paranormal Liberation War and confrontations with Dabi during the Final War.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Burnin (bones)

Despite revelations about Endeavor’s past, including his son Toya Todoroki, Burnin has remained steadfastly loyal, never wavering from her support of the Flame Hero.

Her dedication and capabilities suggest she could easily transition into a leadership role within her agency or even step into the spotlight as a Pro Hero in her own right once Endeavor retires.

2) Gang Orca’s Sidekicks

Kugo Sakamata, known as Gang Orca, is a powerful hero with a look inspired by mafia bosses. His sidekicks have unique and tough appearances, making them resemble typical villain henchmen.

However, they are incredibly loyal and dedicated to supporting Gang Orca. These sidekicks have played important roles in several key events, such as the Sky Egg Attack, Humarise Terrorist Attacks, and the Paranormal Liberation War.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Gang Orca’s Sidekicks (bones)

They also assisted Gang Orca during the Provisional Hero License Exam by posing as villains for the aspiring heroes to fight.

Despite their fierce looks, they are important allies to Gang Orca and contribute significantly to his success.

3) Centipeder

Another key sidekick at the Nighteye Agency was Juzo Moashi, also known as Centipeder. Despite his unusual appearance due to his centipede Quirk, Juzo maintained a gentlemanly demeanor and never let his looks hinder his performance.

During the raid on the Yakuza’s hideout, Centipeder utilized his centipede abilities effectively, showcasing his skills.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Centipeder (bones)

After Sir Nighteye’s tragic death, Centipeder was chosen as his successor, indicating the deep trust Sir Nighteye had in him.

Although their relationship details are sparse, this decision highlights Centipeder’s exceptional capabilities and the high regard in which Sir Nighteye held him.

4) The Crawler

In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Koichi Haimawari initially didn’t get along with the American hero, Captain Celebrity, seeing him as a fame-seeker.

However, Captain Celebrity’s attitude changed, and they developed a friendly relationship. Captain Celebrity became the honorable hero he always claimed to be, while Koichi trained his quirk and defeated the villain Number 6 during the Naruhata Lockdown Arc.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
The Crawler (bones)

After this, Koichi moved to the United States and became Captain Celebrity’s sidekick, known as The Crawler.

Although little is known about their careers since then, Koichi was seen helping Japanese civilians after the Final War, suggesting they continued working together.

5) Sirius

Selkie is a powerful and respected Pro Hero of the seas, but he owes much of his success to his sidekick, Sirius.

Her Good Ear quirk lets her locate people and communicate with Selkie even when he’s underwater, making her an essential part of their team.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Sirius (bones)

Sirius also plays an important role as the Vice Captain of the Oki Mariner ship, bringing a responsible attitude that contributes to their success.

Her relationship with Selkie is humorous, as he often tries to look cute, which she finds strange and annoying. Despite this, their teamwork is key to their achievements.

6) Kido

The Flaming Sidekickers are one of the most well-known groups of sidekicks in My Hero Academia, working alongside the powerful and intimidating hero, Endeavor.

These sidekicks are known for having quirks that help them withstand Endeavor’s intense heat. Kido is one of the standout sidekicks, although his quirk is different; he can manipulate trajectories with his bandages.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Kido (bones)

Despite not having a heat-resistant quirk, Kido has adapted to high temperatures over the years of working with Endeavor.

He has proven to be an invaluable ally, staying by Endeavor’s side and even assisting Shoto Todoroki in his tough battle against Dabi. Kido’s loyalty and unique abilities make him an important part of Endeavor’s team.

7) Enigma

When Tensei Iida was the Pro Hero Ingenium, he led the Team Idaten agency with a team of skilled sidekicks. Among them, Enigma stands out due to her unique look, impressive powers, and notable role in the story.

Although Enigma is small, her Quirk allows her to transform into a huge, intimidating figure that could be mistaken for a villain. Despite this, she is dedicated to helping civilians during villain attacks.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Enigma (Manga Plus)

After Tensei retired, her whereabouts are unknown, but it’s likely she continues to work as a hero somewhere.

8) Bubble Girl

Sir Nighteye, a top hero, chose his sidekicks wisely, and Bubble Girl was one of his best picks. Kaoruko Awata, known for her friendly appearance and bubbly personality, proved to be an effective member of the Nighteye Agency.

She played a key role during the raid on the Shie Hassaikai hideout. Despite Sir Nighteye’s strictness and frequent reprimands, Bubble Girl respected him and learned a lot under his guidance.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Bubble Girl (bones)

His passing deeply saddened her, but it also motivated her to continue working at the Nighteye Agency in his honor, carrying forward the lessons he taught her.

9) David Shield

When All Might went to the United States to improve as a hero, he met David Shield, a young man with a weak quirk.

Despite this, David played an important role in All Might’s career by creating support items and costumes for him. These contributions helped All Might become one of the most beloved Pro Heroes in the United States.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
David Shield (bones)

David didn’t need to fight alongside All Might to be an effective sidekick. Instead, his inventions and costumes provided essential support that All Might couldn’t have achieved alone.

David’s behind-the-scenes work was key to All Might’s success and recognition as a top hero.

10) Sir Nighteye

Mirai Sasaki, known as Sir Nighteye, was once an important sidekick to All Might, the top Pro Hero of Japan. All Might relied on Sir Nighteye to manage the administrative tasks of running a professional agency, allowing him to focus on heroics.

Despite his administrative role, Sir Nighteye was also skilled in battle, providing valuable support in combat situations.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Most Efficient Sidekicks in the Series
Sir Nighteye (bones)

Sir Nighteye’s dedication and support were instrumental in All Might’s rise to becoming the #1 Pro Hero.

However, their partnership soured due to Sir Nighteye’s concern for All Might’s safety in battle, leading to a rift between them.

Despite this, Sir Nighteye went on to establish his own agency, continuing his hero work with new sidekicks.

Fortunately, they reconciled shortly before Sir Nighteye’s passing, and he always remembered the profound impact All Might had on his life and career.


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