Natural Unit (Cosmic Girls sub-unit) Members, Songs, Debut, & Albums

Natural Unit

Natural Unit is a subunit of a very popular K-pop girl band named Cosmic Girls that has been quite essential in the entire setting of the Korean pop industry. While the band Cosmic Girls itself is a banger in the industry. This blog will be entirely dedicated to the ‘not so popular’ sub-unit of it named Natural Unit.

As the blog continues forward, you will get to know about the sub-unit band, its song, debut album, various other albums, and even an insight into the members of the band. Natural Unit is often called out as Natural by the fans as well.

As already discussed, Natural Unit is a sub-unit band of an already popular girl K-pop band named Cosmic Girls. This band was formed by Starship Entertainment. This sub-unit band was formed in February 2016 and consists of four members, but that is a controversy on its own.

All four members are Luda, Dawon, and Mei Qi, while Yeonjung is the one member whose association with the band is entirely confusing. Currently, this band has been facing problems with the contract expiration of the members where Mei Qi’s contract with the sub-unit has expired.

In addition to that, the contracts of Dawon and Luda are on the verge of expiration as well, but none has yet expressed their wish to leave the band. Despite the formation of the band and its announcement of it alongside other subunits, Natural Unit doesn’t have much popularity to it to have a fandom name or fan color as of yet.

The talents of this band are indeed highly valuable to bring many top listers to the charts. Yeonjung is considered to have joined the team later in July 2016, but she isn’t still considered an official member of the Natural Unit. 

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Natural Unit Members

Members and singers of any K-pop band take the band to places it deserves where a slight casualty can cause much harm to the band and its career itself. Therefore, the association of Mei Qi, Luda, and Dawon with this band is a perfect combination to create songs that will mesmerize the listeners.

Mei Qi

Mei Qi, also known as Meng Mei Qi, is a talented beauty from Natural Unit that serves as the main dancer of the unit alongside being the lead vocalist of the subunit band. She is also the Maknae of the band, which is the youngest of all from the entire band of 3 talents.

Mei Qi
Mei Qi (Credits: Starship Entertainment)

She is also a significant singer at Cosmic Girl, where she represents the zodiac sign Libra. She is the only Chinese member of the subunit group Natural Unit. Mei Qi has also been an active participant in various shows on television, including PRODUCE 101, and has been the winner of it as well.


Dawon, originally named Nam Da Won, is the lead dancer of the subunit band Natural Unit and is a lovely singer. She is also the main vocalist for the band and is a talented singer with great hands-on guitar and piano.

Dawon (Credits: Starship Entertainment)

Dawon is quite much into action as well, which is evident from her experience in taekwondo and kendo. Similar to Mei Qi, Dawon has been a part of a few reality shows as well, including K-pop Star 2 and Girl Spirit. Dawon is an interesting member of Natural and a bit clumsy herself as well.


Luda is the most influential member of the Natural Unit because of her personality, experience, and authority. As a result, she is the leader of the subunit group Natural Unit who has an effective say in the decisions for the unit.

Luda (Credits: Starship Entertainment)

Moreover, she is a multitasker in the band as she serves as the main rapper and vocalist of the band while also handling the visuals. Despite her leadership aura, she is a shy person in the initial go but a fun person to be around. Luda has been a very important singer from SM Entertainment who has indeed proven her worth at times.

Natural Unit Debut, Songs, and Albums

Till now, it is quite evident that this subunit consisting of three awesome members from Cosmic Girls has the potential to be one of the best subunits to exist in the Kpop industry, but sadly, the team has never released a single song under their name and has been very inactive with the subunit itself.

Moreover, the recent contract expiration news about the members is more disheartening for the fans, but the fans are still hopeful for a revival of this subunit someday.

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