New Pokémon Manga Series ‘Kabigon no Yume Gourmet’ Debuts

New Pokemon Manga Series 1

Manga creator Taku Kuwabara (Drifting Dragons) debuted a new Pokémon manga mini-series titled Kabigon no Yume Gourmet (Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet) on January 19 via the Project Kabigon (Project Snorlax) Twitter account.

The mini-series, comprising six chapters, revolves around Kumura, a student at Uva Academy, who is engaged in developing a “dream scanner” machine capable of translating dreams into sound. Kumura’s focus lies in exploring the dreams of a Snorlax and observing how they evolve based on the different types of food it consumes.

New Pokémon Manga Series
Snorlax and Cubone (Credits: Pokemon Company)

Project Kabigon marks a fresh franchise initiative for Pokémon, spotlighting various facets of the beloved character Snorlax. Kuwabara initially launched the Drifting Dragons manga in Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine back in June 2016.

The manga, spanning 16 compiled volumes as of November 2023, has been digitally published by Kodansha USA Publishing since December 2017, alongside its print releases.

The manga’s success led to the creation of a television anime series, which premiered on Fuji TV’s [+Ultra] programming block in January 2020.

Following its exclusive streaming debut on netflix in Japan, the series, comprising 12 episodes, made its way to the United States in April 2020. Sentai Filmworks subsequently acquired the anime license, releasing it on Blu-ray Disc in April 2022.

New Pokémon Manga Series
Snorlax (Credits: Pokemon Company)

The Pokémon franchise continues to evolve with the introduction of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, the latest anime installment premiering in Japan in April 2023 with a special one-hour first episode. Set to debut on netflix on March 7, the series marks another exciting chapter in the enduring legacy of Pokémon.


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