Not Others Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

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Not Others Episode 8 will soon stream online and on its original network. The ongoing South Korean drama series is going well so far and has attracted quite and attention. More reason for the drama being famous is because of its adaptation from a webtoon named “Namnam”. Hence the drama is also popularly known as Namnam or the Strangers.

This South Korean romantic comedy-drama directed is by Lee Min Woo and focuses on the mother-daughter relationship. Unlike other dramas, this drama has shown a little shift and diversion from the stereotypical genres and has tried to portray the key relations well. The drama showcases a carefree mother living with her cool-headed daughter. The background of story starts with a single mother, who is now a therapist and has raised her daughter all by herself. She had her daughter when she was in high school and going against the backdrop of society decided to raise her daughter by herself. 

So basically the story is centered upon its few main characters namely, Kim Eun Mi, Kim Ji Hee, Park Jin Hong, and Eun Jae Won. The mother-daughter relationship between Kim Eun Mi and Kim Ji Hee is the main plotline of the story. Post discovering her pregnancy Kim Eun Mi decided to keep her baby, since even though she was quite young back then, it led to the two literally growing up together. Now in her forties, we see Kim Eun Mi working as a physical therapist. While her daughter is twenty-nine years old and works as an officer at the Namchon Police Substation.

Things were getting complicated between the mother and daughter duo when still in their present ages they share the same roof. With small day-to-day rifts, the two would still agree that they love each other dearly. While the entry of the male character in the drama further complicates the situation a bit how will it all be untangled, what is in the fate of this mother-daughter relationship and more is something to watch the show for. 

Not Others Episode 8: Release Date and Streaming Guide
A Still from the drama, Not Others (Credits: Genie TV)

Not Others Episode Recap:

Not Others Episode 8 is about to release this coming week. With the story unfolding further with it’s each release, we get to see the story going forward. The drama starts with Eun Mi and Jin Hee going to the police station to investigate the missing woman. The entire story focuses on the plot of the missing woman and how they try with all their might to help and find her. Jin Hee takes the help of her friend investigator/detective Park and they find yet no clues in finding the missing woman.

Meanwhile, we also see Eun Mi going to visit the family of the missing woman and assures them they are all looking for her and will soon find her or land a clue. But seems like all including her family members have all started to lose hope. We also get to see a gist of Eun Mi’s character. While it may seem like she is a tough woman but there are her own vulnerabilities lying behind. We also learn more about Jin Hee’s character and the story ends on a note making us inquisitive on what may happen next. 

Not Others Episode 8: Release Date and Streaming Guide
A Still from the drama, Not Others (Credits: Genie TV)

Not Others Episode 8: Release Date

Not Others Episode 8 will release this Tuesday, 8th August 2023. The drama will unveil more segments of its story and will air its 7th and 8th episodes this coming Monday and Tuesday on its original network Genie TV. The drama will also Stream on TVING in it’s scheduled time slot.

Where to Watch Not Others Episode 8:

Not Others Episode 8 will stream on its original network Genie TV and will also stream on TVING at 22:00 KST (Korean Standard Time). The drama will also be available to watch on Viki in its selected regions. While the airing slot of the drama may differ from region to region a few of them are mentioned below.

  • South Korea- 10:00 pm Korean Standard Time (8 August 2023)
  • Japan- 10:00 pm Japan Standard Time (8 August 2023)
  • India- 6:30 pm Indian Standard Time (8 August 2023)
  • Thailand- 8:00 pm Thailand Standard Time (8 August 2023)
  • Pakistan – 6:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time (8 August 2023)

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